Garbage dream meanings

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In ancient dream dictionaries garbage symbolizes the dreamer will have an energy crisis in waking life. 

The message is that one should look for places and things that make your energy leak. The garbage can also refer to unexpected financial success coming your way. If you have a bad feeling about the garbage in your dream, this is not a good sign, and it can refer to broken promises. If you notice garbage in your dream, and you have either positive, or no feelings about it, you will escape difficulties and unpleasant moments. As a population, Americans have more waste than any other country. In fact, the average American throws about 4 pounds of waste a day. The most notable state where most people throw away the most garbage is Nevada. So if you’re from Nevada, it might not be uncommon to dream of waste. I am Flo and I will now take you through the dream of garbage and hope this gives you some clarity.

What is the dream interpretation of a garbage dump?

Waste appearing in dreams in various ways is common. The dream meaning of garbage disposal is associated with removing a problem in your life. The “garbage” as I have already said is like a problem in your life.  the garbage may symbolize the self, your total integrated psyche with all the elements of the dream and to be in a dump can indicate that you feel overcome with problems in life. 

What does a garbage bag mean in a dream?

Seeing a black garbage bag symbolizes the unconscious mind. Because the bag was dark it can suggest that maybe banishing an important problem from your life, the garbage bag can also represent as a symbolism feeling guilty or the fact that you just need time in order to think clearly. A white garbage bag in dreams can also indicate the need to express yourself better. Often, these types of dreams appear when you are guarding something. To see your own garbage bag (that you use at home) can suggest problems or issues in your home life. The dream itself could be condensed or compressed into a number of different elements the purpose of this according to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud it is to make an impact on the conscious mind. A garbage bag might be quite unusual symbolism to see in a dream but as I’ve already outlined it’s a reflection for the fact that you are finding it difficult to communicate with somebody at the moment.

What does it mean to eat garbage in a dream?

Eating garbage in a dream can be connected to feeling homeless or that you don’t have the comforts around you. To see others eating garbage could be a symbolism of sexual pursuit. I know this might sound a bit crazy but after reading the dream psychology symbols of both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud it seems that eating it associated with our connection to comfort and also sexual pleasures. 

What does it mean to throw away garbage in a dream?

To throw away garbage in a dream indicates releasing feelings, emotions, and problems in waking life, throwing anything away dream indicates that he may have been feeling overburdened. This symbol indicates the release of any problems encountered lately. Perhaps you need to get better acquainted with how you’re feeling at the moment and integrate this into your conscious life.

What does a garbage truck mean in a dream?

The garbage truck as a “symbol” is connected to control. Perhaps you want to control a relationship? As the garbage truck is also a mode of transport it can indicate a part of your ego and that you are considering certain steps in life. I am sorry to say that the garbage truck in a dream indicates the move you are considering may not go well. Garbage in a dream means that one is wasting resources. The garbage symbolizes the information that needs to be processed in the waking life.

The message can also refer to mental garbage rather than to a real one. It means you should give yourself more time for spiritual matters, and deal with your own personality.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of your own garbage means that your wealth will increase. Finding garbage suggests that you will make an important and valuable discovery in waking life. Collecting garbage in a dream means whatever you do at the moment is meaningless to you, and therefore you will not obtain any success with it.

If you trip over garbage, it means you should replace some of your older thoughts with new and fresh ones. Good feelings about the garbage in your dream means your possessions will increase, while bad feelings about the garbage means you will be accused wrongly and you will have to deal with envy coming from different directions. Another important message of garbage appearing in your dream is that it is a good time to get rid of your spiritual garbage. Piles of garbage suggest that you will have to deal with social conflicts that will be unfavorable to you.

Garbage seen in a dream can also suggest temporary poverty. Loading garbage in a dream means dishonor. Seeing garbage deriving from animals suggests abundance. Piles of garbage featured in your dream indicate that you will receive money, while if you see yourself walking through garbage, you will experience discontent.

Piles of garbage in your dream means a big danger on a social and professional level, but if the garbage is well organized, you will progress well and you will have abundance in life. To dream of a garbage tip or dumper truck means you will have to assume responsibility for other people. A landfill in a dream foretells unpleasant relations with the opposite sex.

The dream of some smelly garbage can also mean you are feeling rather adverse at the moment. If you have such a dream, you should sort through your feelings, clean up and throw away whatever is unnecessary. If in your dream you puck up garbage, it suggests that you are after wrong assumptions. Seeing a garbage truck in your dream suggests that soon something will happen that will allow you get rid of things you wanted to escape from a long time.

In summary, the quantity of waste generated in the world increases, notably households disposes of waste as the most usage - followed by commercial and recreational businesses. Waste garbage seen in dreams as I’ve already said it is about dumping spiritual issues or a problem. I would also consider it is a shifting of responsibilities. In society, we have a uniform system of waste bins and collections which could transfer into our dream state.  To see an open dump site indicates clearing the air in regards to a problem in life.

What does it mean to dream of recycling?

Recycling is all about spiritual development and renewal. Recycling is about acceptance, love, encouragement and also forgiveness all the conscious things running through one's mind. Recycling is focused on regeneration. In fact, it could signify that you are deprived of spiritual nourishment. Perhaps you have been controlled by somebody in waking life. The recycling dream indicates that you need to temporarily regenerate. As most landfills have a large amount of lead in them recycling has been popular recently as well as saving the environment. There are many different TV programmes dedicated to recycling and what I call being greener. And, according to Sigmund Freud, these “images” can affect the way you dream so that the pictures enter your mind while you sleep.

In your dream, you may have 

Garbage in the house. Loading the garbage. Animal garbage. A pile of garbage. Passing through garbage. You see a lot of garbage. Tossing the garbage. A garbage truck. You find garbage. Collecting garbage. You trip over garbage. You drive a garbage truck.

Lessons from the dream 

Give yourself more time for spiritual matters. Deal with your own personality. Replace older thoughts with fresh ones. Decontaminate your spiritual garbage.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of garbage

Disgusted. Concerned. Surprised. Discontent. Amazed. Curious. Anxious. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012