Falling dream meanings

Falling Dream Meaning

I like to turn to scripture when looking at the dream meanings as we can see in Prov. 11:14 states that people fall when they lack guidance. Often, a dream of falling can imply (due to the biblical meaning) that you need more control over your life. It is common to see other people fall in dreams, especially people you know. This symbolizes an awareness of the dangers in others' lives.

Just before you retire to sleep you have the sensation that you are falling? like your standing on the edge of a cliff. Do you feel or see your body dropping into the unknown? Alternatively, you may be watching somebody else fall from a cliff edge or other high places such as bridges or mountains. You could also see yourself flying, and then falling. Dreaming of falling can be classified as a nightmare. This is considered a common dream.

Falling, in summary, is connected to our "control" over a situation in life. To dream of falling suggests you have lost control over your life. The actual feeling in the pit of one's stomach at the sensation of falling indicates that control has been passed to another. This could be in a work context or even a relationship.

A feeling of losing control is often reflected in dreams of falling. I am sorry to say, this is about change and transformation, you may lose your job, or have a busy day filled with appointments. These dreams can be a sign of tension that we have kept tightly wrapped and let loose at night. This dream is shared by both men and women. It is often indicative of stress and confusion, rather than a recurring theme throughout life.

We don't always notice when we are getting overwhelmed by the challenges and stress of life. Sometimes, dreams of falling can be triggered by physical demands such as downhill skiing or hiking but at other times more of a mental strain. There is a focus on feeling too worried about "performing" well in a job or relationship. There may seem to be many situations around the dreamer that has caused this dream. Maybe too much to do in waking life and not enough time to relax. Even though in life, one can master the art of juggling ten different situations simultaneously, those who do so, and are super busy often at night dream of falling down.

There may be situations that present inherent dangers or pressures. We can adapt to most situations to a certain extent. However, abrupt changes in challenges or setbacks can affect our ability to keep up.

Falling dreams can indicate that you are already operating at your maximum capacity and that you should take a break to get acclimated. Balance is an important part of your strategy to succeed if you are determined in your climb and will not consider reducing your efforts. We can all make adjustments to reduce the pressure on ourselves or alternate high-pressure situations with times of calm so that the impact on your life is reduced. My advice is that we can all naturally do little things to improve our health, make friends, family and renew our sense of purpose and faith whenever we can.

The causes of a falling dream

A dream of falling can have a number of explanations. Most likely you have experienced changes in your body, for example, a drop in blood pressure or a muscle spasm. People generally experience the falling sensation prior to falling asleep, as it signifies a detachment of the physical body to the dreaming body. You should not look for a meaning of a dream if you encountered falling when you actually went to sleep.

If however, you dream of falling in your actual dream, then this takes on a new meaning. The falling sensation generally indicates the fear of losing security or a relationship. If you see yourself falling, but do not have the sensation, then it demonstrates a fear of failure. Most people experience this dream if they are focused on their career, with a strong indication of wanting security around what they do.

Dream of falling from a plane

The ancient meaning of this dream is that if you fall and you are scared, then you are going to undergo some important endeavors that could be a great struggle. However, it is likely that the struggle will eventually lead to material possessions. The dream of falling from a plane is quite negative. If you are injured during the fall in this instance you are likely to encounter hardships and loss of friendship. Additional meaning is connected with sexual surrender, and that you need to feel more in control of your life. 

Falling in a dream can leave an unforgettable experience, at times if the dream is vivid it can feel although the fall is occurring in real life! Don't panic. While the dream of falling can awake you with a cold sweat and eventually lead to anxiety, this is a common dream.

When you wake up from a dream of falling from the plane you do feel a sensation? You may suddenly feel a sudden urge to raise quickly. Sometimes you can either find yourself soaked in a cold sweat after such a dream.

Dreams about falling in water

When we sleep we rest, our emotions are quiet. Water in dreams represents our own emotions. Our bodies need sleep, normally REM sleep. Our internal physical nature when it comes to falling dreams is significant. There is a vibrational shift doing the dream process and to dream of falling in the water is that you are going to be “caught out by emotions.” Our very existence is multidimensional and when we sleep the nightly dream of water indicates our emotions are not settled. Perhaps you have been wondering why you feel so tired recently or you have been thinking about your daily experiences. Two things are certain to happen: The crisis will end in waking life or level out and you will grow. Or your hopes, fears, and desires will suddenly emerge. The advice here, is to be patient with yourself, others, and you will find your groove and your feet. While you go on your day, make sure you are busy and unwaveringly positive, but also keep your pace. The dream of falling in the water is about how your conscious mind rests, using the symbols of water as your emotions to build spiritual growth.

Dream of falling with a safe landing

To see yourself falling from a height and landing on the floor means that times will change shortly. To dream of falling over in a dream suggests your sub-consciousness mind playing tricks on you. As we have already established "falling" can be rather common in a dream state.

Dream of having the sensation of falling

How can we link this falling sensation to real life? Why have a dream of falling? Many questions like these begin to play in one's mind. You cannot overlook those dreams as they certainly have an impact on real life. In fact, they are a complete representation of your life.

Dream of seeing other people falling

Falling is connected to losing control in life and over a situation. Seeing others fall in a dream does not always mean negative associations in life. Some "falling" situations are a sign of blessings. To fall from the sky indicates that you will have a fresh start and find new ways that are not seen in life. Likewise, a fall in a dream can be a source of courage and self-belief, which helps you rise again from a depressed state of mind. This means your moving towards a bright shining light.

Dream of falling from a cliff, roof or a height

Falling from a cliff, falling from a roof, or even falling from an unknown height; can all lead to in anxiety and depression of mind. But the nightmare is only restricted to your dreams. Interpreting these situations in a dream holds different meanings. If you fall or jolt before you actually sleep can be frightening, this is fairly common and indicates that you are loosing blood sugar, there have been many studies on this falling sensation before sleep occurs. To fall from a tower or building in one's dream is a negative omen, in ancient dream dictionaries it can denote difficult times ahead, rather much like the tower card in the tarot cards

Dreams of falling from the sky

Falling from the sky may be due to misbalancing a problem in life, falling is not only the representation of unbalancing, rather, but it is also much more than that. It interprets that you have lost control of yourself. It means that you are losing hope and faith and the reason that you are not in control is that you might be afraid of losing a job, person, relation, or precious thing.

Falling from a building in a dream

If you dream that you have slipped from a high building, this can eventually lead to your death, which represents that you are going to experience a problem. Maybe you are emotional at the moment? It can also suggest a setback in life and you need to reconsider the possibilities and options, so that, you can respond in the correct way. To fall from a plane is a positive dream and indicates a new start in life. If you dream of falling with other people that are acquainted with you foretells that they are having some troubles and insecurities as you do.

Dreams of falling inside the ground

Picture this. Relaxing and walking along a sidewalk in a light rush. Then you accidentally put your foot down incorrectly and the ground beneath you slips away. You are falling through the air and you feel it. We have all had these types of crazy dreams. This dream is about being somewhat objective in the present and do what you believe is right, even if your knees start to wobble. You may be rushing into superhero mode, managing everything at lightning speed. But consider the possibility that other people might have been able to help you. You'll need to manage if you are on your own.

Dream of falling in an elevator

Dreaming of falling in an elevator denotes work troubles. You will need to be able to control your reactions to any challenge or work situation right now. It could be that your current challenge is triggering alarms from possibly losing your security - which can cause you to feel extremely shaken.  People who have elevator dreams tend to go beyond their family, friends, and coworkers ho. They are often able to help without asking for help. Realism will help you to manage your emotions and make it easier for others. This will help you to be more resilient and able to face whatever lies ahead.

Landing at the bottom or end of something

If you hit the end of your fall, this dream indicates deep concern, and that you are losing out on a relationship. It suggests that the relationship will work much better if you can express your feelings towards this person. The key of this dream is to actually understand and think about the feelings you encounter, as this will allow you to interpret and acknowledge which area of your life the dream refers to.

Dreams of others falling

If you are helpless while other people fall into your dream, this indicates that there is nothing to do rather than let go of your old life and move forward. If you dream that you are falling from a window or a plane, this refers to your fear of being out of control, and you need to discover ways to allow yourself to reach high places.

Are you on the edge of a cliff?

If you find yourself on the edge of a cliff, this is associated with making sure that you give yourself an overview of your own life, status, and situation, especially connected to your career. A dream of a cliff edge is generally associated with intensity, which means you have to have clarity and examine how your life could develop within the next twelve months. During this time it is important to decide what you actually want out of life because new challenges and new approaches are likely to occur. What is interesting to understand is what exactly do you find at the bottom of the cliff? What are you actually falling into? If you are in a lift or elevator, what floor do you plan to get off? Is it time to let go and allow natural things in your life to occur?

Old dream theory - including the C. J. Jung dream meaning

Jung has suggested that this dream could be a warning in regard to your everyday life, because you are acting in a high-handed fashion, which is disproportionate to your real capabilities. In a nutshell, you are living above yourself. If you find that your dream is such a warning, it is likely to encounter some obstacles in the future. Falling is also associated with loss, most notably a loss of self-control and judgment.

If you are gradually falling, it means that you may need to comfort yourself in connection with a decision that you do not know if it was the right one. When a well-known person falls in your dream, it indicates there are times that this person makes you feel out of control in your waking life. If the person is famous, but you do not actually know them personally, this tells you that you are going to let other people take control of the situation in your home life.

If you fall out of bed in your dream, this may represent an unconscious desire to succeed in whatever you are doing. Some dream interpretations suggest that falling refers to re-entering the physical body from the state of dreaming.

In connection with your love life, to dream of falling can be interpreted as a failure of not being in the relationship that you desire. You may feel that you are threatened by a lack of commitment in your love life, and the fear of falling means you need to feel that you are falling in love again.

Overcoming experiences

Such a dream arising during the hypnogogic state indicates that you may need grounding, and it could be in the spiritual sense. It generally means you need to make sure that you have the ability to take care of your own situations. A useful meditation that you can practice is to close your eyes for 15 minutes and visualize there are tree roots growing from your feet and gaping right into the ground to the Earth's core.

If you have experienced this dream, the best method to overcome your inner insecurities is to imagine you are immersing yourself in a hot, bright, and lovely rainbow, and you are taking all the energies from the rainbow and putting them into your life, wrapping them around you to make sure that you will not be fearful in the future.

In your dream, you may have

  • Visualized that you are standing on the edge of a cliff crumbling into the sea, and you subsequently fall off the edge.
  • Encountered the sensation that you are falling just before you actually go to sleep.
  • Felt your stomach hurt as you fell from great heights.
  • Been scared of falling in your dream.
  • Felt that you are going to fall from a plane.
  • Seen somebody else who is falling.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You experience any positive feelings during this dream.
  • You feel a sense of achievement by standing on the edge of a cliff.
  • You land safely from a fall.
  • You enjoy falling and the experience brought by it.
  • You have seen somebody else falling rather than yourself.

It is time to re-evaluate life circumstances if

  • At the conclusion of the dream, you are scared.
  • You suddenly wake up feeling disturbed in the dream.
  • You are carrying the feeling of falling and the fear associated with this dream with you in your waking life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • If you are trying to hang on to a situation at work, to dream of falling in this instance means that there will be changes in your career that you resist.
  • You find it difficult to express your feelings or release your talent and creativity.
  • You are trying to control other people that are close to you in your life. To dream of falling may indicate that it is time for you to allow others to have their hopes and plans for the future.
  • You do not want to let go of a social position in your life at the moment, which may result in financial hardship.
  • Have you been acting childish recently? This is connected to expectations. People may find that you have been acting in accordance with your beliefs and wishes.

In your dream you may have

  • Dreamed about falling from the sky.
  • Unbalancing makes you fall.
  • Someone pushed you and you fell.
  • Falling and plummeting death.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You fell from a rooftop.
  • Falling from a cliff or mountain.
  • Seeing someone else in falling into a dig.

Interpretations of experiences of Fall in a dream

  • Darkness and gloominess.
  • Loss and troubles in life.
  • Difficulties and misfortune while starting a new task.
  • Dissatisfaction in dealing with things.
  • Lose control.
  • Unbalanced life.
  • Broken relation.
  • Rebirth of your abilities.
  • The ignorance is shown by others.
  • Anxiety and anger in yourself.
  • Stubbornness when doing things in wrong way.
  • Failure due to bad luck.
  • Afraid of losing someone or something.
  • Insecure with your relations.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of falling

Sinking heart. Worried. Scared. Unsafe. Out-of-control. Confused. Powerful. Threatened. Shocked. Angry. Concerned. Fearful.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012