Parcel Dream

Parcel Dream

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A parcel in a dream is associated with a gift from above.

When you receive a parcel in your dream, it is symbolic of an experience which you have not explored. You will need to explore your potential. It could be that you are seeking to learn new tasks - which are going to help you at work. If you are expecting a parcel in your dream it could mean that you doubt your ability to do things around you. In the case the parcel you receive is empty, it foretells of a recent loss or one that you are expecting shortly.

To see that you packaged something into a parcel in your dream could suggest that you are going to gain more money by working for yourself. If the parcel is well sealed, then it means that the business move will be permanent and there will be no financial worries in your life. If the parcel is loosely packaged, then it denotes that, you will always have to face challenges in your life and at times, it is going to be profitable.

Seeing yourself receiving a parcel is a manifestation of your internal desire. If the parcel is at the post office in your dream it indicates other people are going to look to you for advice. To see a parcel on the floor in your dream is a suggestion that you have an inner gift. To give a parcel to another in your dream denotes great relationships with friends.

Parcels in dreams can represent the assistant and gifts which you receive from others. If you see yourself giving a parcel to someone, it could denote that you feel that you are doing “most of the giving” in your life while other people are relaxed. The dream of a parcel all depends on your feelings and the setting in the dream. The reaction of the recipient to the parcel call also give an insight as to the analysis of the dream.

A situation where you see a parcel which is torn and dirty in your dream signifies that the protection of your status will be challenged. A parcel that is bright, smooth and well-decorated can represent the community to which you take charge; people will respect you. If it is a large parcel, it denotes superiority and sovereignty and great friendships.

Carrying a parcel in your dream could represent that you are going to make an effort to establish yourself in society. If the parcel is easy to carry, it means that you are going to have the upper hand through your mind. If it seems heavy and hard to carry, it means that you will have your way through your power. If the parcel is wrapped in brown paper indicate that wealth and prosperity will need to be earned.

A parcel that is empty in your dream implies that you have been deceived. If it is clean and smooth, it denotes that, the deceit will come from a close family member. If the empty parcel is dirty, then it means that you have bought a time which is defective. If you see a white parcel in your dream, it is a sign of marriage.

A parcel being received via post in your dream is a sign that, you are going to lead your society without deriving any pleasure from it. A parcel in your dream could mean ruling over, capturing and obeying.

Receiving a parcel which you did not order is an indication of being undecided on what to do in your life and you are seeking guidance from those around you. You could be trying to get rid of old habits which are not positive.

Parcels being received in your dream are an indication that you are holding onto some negative resentment or feelings towards a close friend or relative. You are subconsciously projecting your feelings onto your friend. It could mean that you want them to feel negative about a distant relationship or you might be having some lingering feelings about someone from your past.

In your dream

  • You opened a parcel.
  • You were given a parcel.
  • You collected a parcel.
  • You delivered a parcel.
  • The parcel had something “bad” inside.
  • You were wrapping a parcel in brown paper.
  • You missed a parcel delivery.
  • You posted a gift in a parcel.
  • You saw a package from others.
  • Sending a parcel abroad.
  • A parcel is given to someone you know.
  • A parcel contained a bomb.

Detailed dream interpretation

To open a parcel in your dream can represent that you are going to get a surprise offer. If you do not open the parcel in your dream it means you cannot predict your future. You are confused. If you look forward to opening a parcel in your dream could denote that you will get a valuable gift or antique from one of your family members who are elderly.

To be given a parcel in your dream, represents your acknowledgment from some areas of your life that you have been waiting for a long time. It could be that you are seeing some expectations or results being actualized as planned.

A situation or a person is doing exactly what you thought they would i the parcel is large. You have a feeling that, it is time to start handling something new. On the negative side, when you are given a parcel in your dream, it might reflect unpleasant feelings or conflicts which you do not expect to happen. Legal problems could surface if you could not open the parcel in the dream. You are having this feeling that other people do not recognize that you deserve that something in life: a job or a new love. You could be feeling that life is becoming more difficult or unpleasant than you first thought would be. Alternatively, dreaming of a parcel being delivered to your door means that, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by something that will be returned to you after being absent for some time. If you carry a parcel, it means that others will turn to you for advice.

If you collected a parcel in your dream is indicative of a message that the spirit has for you. It can also signify that there is something which is missing that you feel that something is not right in your life. Collecting a parcel in any form is a positive sign unless it contains a bomb. Receiving a parcel in your dream could also mean that, you are trying to acknowledge an area in your life which you have previously discounted.

If you delivered a parcel in your dream; it could represent that you are carrying through on promises or what was expected of you. It refers to a gift which will come from a distant place, and it will be a surprise to you. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are trying to send out positive energies to others. It could be that; you are trying to fulfill the promises you made instead of dealing with them head on. You could be suspecting that there are some surprises which are on the way whereby a secret is about to be unveiled to you and a new life to start.

If the parcel has something “bad” inside it can denote that, you are dreading of facing something new in your life as you might have realized that, it is not as pleasant as you wanted it to be. Take heart and face it head on. It could alternatively imply that you have some creativity, skill or energy which you haven’t tapped and reached your full potential.

To wrap a parcel in brown paper in your dream means you are trying to express your own feelings in waking life. If you wrap something awkward which is not carefully packaged this denotes conflict.

If you posted a gift in a parcel, and it is a large one, it is an indication that there is something positive in your future to happen. If you are posting a parcel that has stamps affixed on it is a suggestion of details which are required for the completion of a project. If you see yourself paying for the postage in your dream, it could represent your fear for a relationship due to difficulties in communication with others

If the parcel is received but not to the intended recipient in the dream it is a representation of opportunities which are knocking on your door, and you need to take advantage of these chances in life - and make sure they work to your advantage. Seeing yourself posting a parcel that is covered with duct tape symbolizes a flailing around your life an attempt to get your ideas across.

Seeing expensive gifts inside the parcel is a representation of your goals in life; you are trying to give the world around you the best you can. It is an indicator that, very soon, you are going to be blessed. Stamps missing on a parcel is a suggestion that you need to focus on improving your work - maybe retrain. Antiquity stamps which have not been used is a sign that, you have unique and conventional style. Moldy postage stamps is a suggestion that, you will receive gifts of money shortly. Torn stamps are a sign of obstacles which are hindering you from progressing in your life.

To see a package delivered by a courier is a bad sign which indicates feelings of disappointments or regrets due to loss of contact with a friend you once were so close to. You could have recently been reminded of this person, and that is why they are in your subconscious mind during your dream.

For a parcel to be sent to someone you know in the dream denotes that, you don’t have a strong will power and you are a confident person. It shows that you easily yield to other people’s influences and can do anything they ask you to. It is a sign that you are kind hearted, a virtue that you possess. It depicts you as a hardworking, attentive and sympathetic person to people who are around you. Take caution so that, people don’t abuse your kindness as it might cause you to suffer in the long run.

A parcel that explodes is a sign that, you are feeling terrorized by something or someone in your life. It could represent a need to protect yourself from someone’s explosive and angry outbursts. You are keeping your unexpressed emotions protected or repressed due to the fear of not having enough self-control. You could be harboring a secret which you are keeping to yourself and this can cause someone or even yourself anguish.

You could be undergoing a major life change or a transition from the inner self, and this is making you feel afraid. You fear that your life is going to be wasted. It could be in an emotionally or physically explosive situation or environment. Be ready to receive shocking or unexpected news. Failing to have control over an aspect of your life can cause this to happen.

In conclusion, a parcel in a dream can indicate a range of different interpretations depending on context in the dream.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Understanding. Stress. Compassion. Clarity. Nurturing. Professionalism. Needs. Uncertainty. Communication. Satisfied. Confused. Happy. Granted

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017