Extension Chord

Extension Chord

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Dreaming of an extension chord is a sign of good business and successes in the work place. The extension chord connects to electricity, which in turn is directly connected to your energy and vitality.

This dream suggests that you have to pay attention to your energy and inner qualities, to discover which trait needs to be recharged. Maybe it is a sign that you need to study towards something in life.

Because of its connection to electricity, an extension chord is the symbol of strength and power. The circumstances of the dream in regards to the extension chord reveal reinforcement and strength.

One interpretation of this dream is that the extension chord suggests a trip in the future.

In your dream

  • You see an extension chord.
  • A broken extension chord.
  • A very long extension chord.
  • Lots of tangled extension chords.
  • You are electrocuted by an extension chord.
  • An extension chord electrocutes you.
  • A broken extension chord.
  • You cannot find an extension chord when you need one.
  • You buy an extension chord.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Improve your communication and self-control skills.
  • Express your strengths and talents.
  • You did not get hurt by the extension chord in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you see an extension chord lost somewhere outside, say in the grass, this is a sign that you will get involved in a conflict with someone. Dreaming of tossing an extension chord in an inappropriate place means that you will be rewarded with money and recognition at your work place.

To see a broken extension chord indicates is considered good luck. The dream of an extension chord is mostly positive, unless you are somehow hurt by the extension chord in your dream.

Dreaming of electric wires, including an extension chord is a symbol of your communication skills and self control. This dream could also refer to a source of power or energy in your life that you have unconsciously ignored. You should try to be more energetic with your daily life - get out for a run or join a gym. But if the extension chord is not properly isolated and it electrocutes you or others in the dream, this could be the omen of a danger, and that you should take measures to avoid adverse conditions in waking life - be warned!

The dream of an extension chord is most of the time a positive one, as it refers to energy flowing. If the extension chord is broken and it does not work properly in the dream, this is however the omen of psychic disturbances. It is a warning.

Dreaming of many extension chords can be a reference to your sexuality and spiritual energy, or it could symbolizes your spiritual enlightenment and self knowledge.

Any reference to electricity in a dream, including an extension chord in your dream could be a warning from the universe - so watch yourself, and avoid being put in a situation that could endanger your well being.

If in your dream you see an extension chord catching fire, this can represent a higher spiritual being using the extension chord to contact you through the dream medium.

Electric extension chords in your dream are also the omen of disappointment following a passionate love affair. An electric short circuit created by an extension chord in your dream is a sign that you need to take care of yourself.

In the Eastern tradition, dreaming of electric objects, including extension chords means that you will receive important information that will clarify a dilemma you had for a while.

Being electrocuted by an extension chord in the same tradition suggests that you will have an unexpected surprise and excitement soon.

The Western dream tradition says that if you are electrocuted in your dream by an electric cable such as an extension chord, this means you will experience some unexpected events in your love life.

Visiting a store to buy an extension chord suggests you will have some important meetings. If in your dream you work at the store and deal with lots of tangled extension chords, you will soon receive a big and important responsibility at work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of electric chord

Surprised. Scared. Puzzled. Electrocuted. Content. Amazed. Busy. Insecure. Tired. Afraid. Worried. Curious. Enjoying.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017