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To see a bum in a dream portends forthcoming huge changes in life.

In the case a dreamer sees a naked bum, it is associated with change and a new phase of life. If poop was coming out of one's bum in a dream this is associated with a new start. Poop is all about renewal. Most importantly, you may meet somebody, who will force you to experience a whole lot of happy moments and moments. If anything else was coming out of the bum such as a snake in a dream indicates that a new start will come in the future.

In your dream

  • You dreamed of a naked bum.
  • Things were coming out your bum in the dream.
  • Poop was coming out your bum.
  • You had anal sex in the dream.
  • Other people were showing their bums.
  • You had bum implants in the dream. (Buttock augmentation)
  • You saw a tramp (bum)

To have anal sex in the dream indicates an aggression in the relationship it could be that you find out how a partner feels about you. Bum implants / cosmetic surgery in a dream implies you wish to change someone close to you.

Experts concur that the interpretation of a bum in a dreaming is an optimistic omen. To see a bum is similar to finding a four-leaf clover; should you find a naked bum in a dream, you'll be blessed in all of your endeavors. You will benefit from luck in the future. If somebody dreams of a bum of a prostitute means love is on its way. To see a bum that is of substantial size suggests you will try to do everything possible to make your life better. Try to take a chance on someone - it may bring you great advantages.

However, a dream of your own bum, portends shame and disgrace in waking life. Should you dream about a bum covered with scratches and blood or any violence in the dream this portends monetary disappointment and someone trying to destroy your reputation. But if you yourself reveal a bare bum in your dream watch out for hidden enemies, it is a message that in life you will need to protect yourself.

If your bum was hurt in the dream this can be interpreted as “you're making an arse of yourself” in real life. The bum (in terms of a tramp) in the dream is associated with, that a part of you that needs others and emotional support to be proud of what you have done in life. Treasure the times you have with your children.

To fall on your bum in the dream is common. In fact falling itself is among all of the common dreams we encounter in our life. Researchers say that the average person will dream of falling on at least ten different occasions in their lifetime. To fall on your bum in a dream can be extremely frightening and colorful, this will lasts until you hit the floor. Dreams of this type have a propensity to wake you up until you hit the floor.

To fall on your bum implies that you might have lost control in a specific situation in your lifetime. This can often be connected to relationships, working in the office, college exams or your home life. Falling can indicate both external or internal problems which you have been neglecting. Determined by the context of this dream one can conclude that you feel out of touch in waking life if you fall on your bum. For a tramp or bum to appear in the dream equals suffering and poverty.

To observe bums implies people your socialize with may act in a poor manner. For a tramp (bum) to attack you means anxiety and nervousness for the future. To observe a tramp signifies changes. To truly feel sorry for a bum means dis-information.

If a tramp (bum) assaulted you it means you will encounter a number of challenges. For a tramp to look up to you in a dream is a fantastic sign.

Feelings Associated with the dream of a bum

Appreciation. Release. Strange. Tears. Happy. Anxiety. Shocked. Inability to cope. Concerned.

By Flo Saul
Jul 14, 2017