what does it mean when you dream about fire

Fire Dream Meanings

Fire in dreams is power, you have the power to seek revenge, you have the power to destroy, you have the power to cut people off, you have the power of passion in life, and you have the power to be who you want to do. Turning to the bible fire is a symbol of guidance by God, fire is power, protection over people, and a metaphor for when you are shaken, upset, and uneasy but you can purify yourself as - boy this is a time to get you out of anything that brings you wisdom and knowledge. You have an opportunity right now to do something as just as the fire raged in the dream it is time for you to rage that passion you have inside. 

Why is your dream important? Remember, fire in life is practiced in every type of ceremony. From church candles, cremation, and keeping us warm in the wintertime. Fire also gives us a sense of annihilation that things will “burn” or go away without a trace. Fire can destroy and obliterate our possessions and in dreams, fire can take on many different forms. This dream generally warns that you need to be aware of a problem in the future. It is time to focus on your approach to others.


When two people meet there is fire, they are locked in a room, and fire and fire are there when we have passion. The question is also how you behave when the fire goes out. The California fire burned trees, and houses, the wind was sweeping, it kept burning on. Crops and property were demolished. Every fire goes out, you cannot stay on fire for long. But when you are on fire that is when the work starts and that you get everything you want. You have the power right now to get what you want. Things will change. 

What does it mean when you dream about fire?

Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist analyzed fire dreams. He concluded that fires are often in dreams when a transformation is predicted. This dream is also connected to the end of a spiritual journey and finding the truth of the soul. The first this I am going to say is that this dream is positive in nature. The fire indicates hidden understanding and wisdom in life. There is an association with being rather aggressive if a fire is featured in a dream. Fire can also be connected to external life and damnation. Many people who have had dreams of fire later report new beginnings. Fire in dreams implies that you need to be yourself.

Obviously, each dream is very different and subsequently, the fire can be featured in various ways. Go to briefly look at some specific fires and provide you with an overview of what these mean. To see a forest fire is a warning that you are sexually frustrated. If you see a fire in a home, a log burner, or a traditional fire then this dream indicates that you will have passion and your libido will return. To dream of setting something on fire indicates that you need self-appreciation and self-worth in order to manifest money.

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What is the spiritual dream meaning of the fire?

Here I am just going to detail all the spiritual dream meanings I have found in my research. Some are short interpretations of various dreams. I think it is important to just pack them all in together so you can scroll down. Some of these dreams I have expanded on later in this article. Fire is an important element in life. There's something amazing that is about to happen to you, starting next month. This could be quite a remarkable new start. There is energy being moved to the area of your life, as well as uncovering your destiny. Quite simply this dream indicates that you have been feeling too close to a negative situation.

An open fire is a positive omen. The dream is negative if the fire burned you. There is good news if the fire failed to burn your body. To see a house or building burning in your dream often suggests you will help a friend. To build a fire is a positive omen, and suggests a loved one will visit you. If you poked the fire (with a poker) this indicates that cheerful times ahead. If you jumped over a fire, this indicates a new birth or self-regeneration in life. This dream can sometimes suggest that things in your working life are going to be better soon. To see a campfire suggests negative problems and denotes anger and resentment towards others. This has recently surfaced. The interpretation of seeing around fire ring (for example in a circus) shows you have passion for someone close.

To see a fire, start a fire or see a fireplace in your dream is positive

If you see yourself sat by a fire this indicates that you want your home comforts. To dream of a person on fire then is associated with our own inner anger. It denotes issues and problems in life. It can also suggest that you need to work hard in life. To put out a fire that is on someone or to jump into a body of water suggests that you need to focus on your desires in life. To dream of a fire ring indicates a spiritual connection.

To eat fire or dream of a fire eater suggests emotions are going to be strong. Especially in love. To see yourself on fire can indicate your anger in life. To see yourself use fire in a dream, or light a fire suggests that you will find the love of your life. If you are feeling any pain from the fire or are badly burned in the dream this denotes gossip in waking life. A fireplace in a dream is connected to new beginnings and to see a dog or a cat sat by a fireplace in a dream indicates passion from a past lover.

To dream of a house fire can be worrying, it denotes that at times you are feeling freaked out. A fireman in a dream is connected to security from a loved on. To see an airplane on fire denotes difficulty traveling. If the airplane caught fire then other people will gossip. If you managed to put out the fire, or the fire was put out by a fire brigade then this denotes a new start in life. If you saw a blue fire in a dream this indicates a cold-hearted female. If the flame was gas this can suggest that the situation will end in conflict with a female. To hear a fire alarm in a dream indicates a warning. Someone is trying to make you do something that you are not happy with. A gas fire represents that you want to be cosy in life, but something is stopping you! If you notice a fireplace in your dream, this indicates content domestic bliss. If the fireplace fire was out of control, this indicates dangerous or uncontrollable emotions at home.

You are on fire in your dream

To dream of being on fire can indicate that you have the passion in life to accomplish your dreams it represents that your perspective will change. There is true power in life and we know what we want. We have needs such as love, safety, or deep connection with others. Being on fire in a dream can indicate transforming our inner conflicts by fulfilling new objectives in creative ways. The more you are aware of the aspects of yourself, the more you can choose how to meet your goals. Many people become stuck because they need to fully identify what role they play in life. We often keep asking ourselves if we are good enough. Are we? We all have multiple personalities that help us function we adjust ourselves to the situation. We are passionate about our lovers but act differently at work. We become different. These sub-personalities that are operating in our conscious mind are in our polar nature. Being on fire in a dream can indicate being spontaneous in different situations but above all indicates you have the power to change who you are. 

Dreams about starting a fire

Dreams of starting a fire mean you hold the passion. It can indicate in times of great worry, anxiety, and depression you can focus on this and direct the energy. Starting a fire in a dream can symbolize that you will fight any conflict with passion. You may face a journey and this will require your willpower. It is a sacred quest and you are open to spiritual support and guidance. Dreams of starting a fire mean that your heart is open and the outcome is positive. You will gain through mental and spiritual experiences. Moving forward with balance and passion will be yours. To start a fire with a machine indicates your intended path will be drawn and you will meet your desired goals. To start a fire with matches indicates the outcome of your desires will be achieved. In regards to relationships, starting a fire in a dream could suggest that passion will be yours. Starting a fire to a building indicates that you will not feel afraid, you will conquer fear. 

Dreams about your workplace on fire

Fire at a workplace indicates the possibility of starting over in a career. These can be “significant moments” referring to times where you want to focus on your career for the greater good. Being outed, getting fired, getting rejected, and quitting can all be feelings that are with you if you have seen your office or workplace on fire. The good news is the dream is about regeneration, the new landscape is here. There is space for change and something new. Spiritually this is a time you will learn some important lessons. In the rubble of the fire comes a new start. There is a gentle side to this dream. Follow your passion. This is what the dream means. This is spirit putting something in your mind. Yes, things are tough but it’s ok to be knocked it will help you. Don’t fear change is the message.

What does it mean to dream of a fire brigade?

If you dream of a fire brigade, you are likely to consult somebody close to you in order to obtain a passion for a project, and you don’t seem to have the heart to say no. These passions have become obsessive, and this is important that you can control your temperament in the future.

What does a house fire in a dream mean?

A house fire in a dream can be rather worrying. What does a house fire mean? This dream indicates that you are unable to control your emotions, it can also suggest a loss at work or a financial loss. To see the fire consume a house indicates hot tempers and change. If your own house was on fire then this can be associated with difficult relationships in life. As the house indicates our own comfort the house fire in dreams denotes change. If you dream of someone burning your house down, this can suggest you do not feel you belong. To dream of more than one house fire can be associated with a difficult time in life.

What did the dream psychologist Carl Jung say about dreaming of fire?

Generally “fire” is connected to our emotions. Carl Jung believed that the fire is representative to our psychological transformation. The flame represents the light that is needed to guide us in life. Jung also thought that the fire signifies a bad temper or an argument between others. The dream of a fire is often a significant omen related to an important event in your subconscious mind, either about security or passion. The meaning of this dream varies between: 1. A negative omen (a situation will burn you). 2. The omen for action. If we review the dream in detail, this is normally connected to a carefully correlated event in your life. The flames in the dream may signify the barriers to overcome in regards to your emotions. If you dream of a small or a weak fire, this dream indicates that you are going to experience happiness in your life. To dream of not being able to start a fire indicates that a work situation should be approached in a diplomatic matter.

To dream the fire was cozy is a positive omen showing that you are happy with your life. To see a roaring fire behind a grate shows new hopes after a difficult time are on their way. A dream of a bushfire indicates that your emotions are likely to get out of control. As a bushfire generally moves very quickly, you may find that gossip is likely, and it will spread to all lengths before being stopped by others. If you dream of putting out a fire with water, this signifies that you are going to stop a family fraud. To dream of hiding from a fire foretells that important luck in coming your way, which will help you be self-sufficient for some time (money is on the way). To dream of a candle flame indicates that your hopes of a bright tomorrow are warranted.

If you dream of fire in hell, it shows that you are going to encounter a potentially destructive person in the near future. If you dream that the fire is spreading, this shows that arguments are likely in the future. You are going to have to control explosive personalities and passionate feelings, including the emotions of others.

To see fire and smoke in a dream is connected to problems in life. To dream of a fire burning a house denotes that you will develop as a person. To see smoke, as well as fire in a dream, signifies that you need to rest from situations and people for a while. Seeing “fire flames” in a dream indicates that your temper is raging. Someone is trying to annoy you in life. If you witness a fire explosion in a dream it can indicate someone's temper is out of control. To dream of items on fire (such as chairs, furniture or possessions) indicates that you have recently been connected to inner trauma. To dream of a raging fire in the dream suggests that people will try to destroy you in life. A city on fire in your dream indicates your passion for hard work. You have been somewhat distant recently in your goals of life. To see small children or babies trapped in a fire in a dream suggests your anxiety in life. It is connected to the inner child. You need to meditate.

To see a tall building on fire and people trapped inside can be a worrying dream. It suggests you have emotional connections with another. In terms of spiritual meaning, the fire in a dream indicates determination and power. Fire is not only an indication of creativity but a motivation life. The fire element from a spiritual context indicates you need to be realistic in life. The fire element comes under the rule of Venus which is connected to our passions in life.

Many people who carry out spells use the fire energy in order to gain personal power. Therefore, fire is associated with not only passion but a new start, and spiritual enlightenment. If in your dream you see a fire in the kitchen and this indicates that other people are going to offer advice, especially in relation to your diet. If we look at the fire from a different context, in the tarot cards the suit of wands is connected to fire which represents work and ambition in life. In the tarot deck, a wand or baton generally denotes fire. Thus, the fire in a dream is also connected to work.

What does it mean to dream of a fire escape?

To dream of standing on a fire escape or using a fire escape is a spiritual warning in order to guard you against taking a financial risk that may threaten your home and financial freedom. It is important for you to recognize that you must be more organized with your money so that you can catch things before they get out of control. Running down a smoke-filled corridor in a dream can represent that you have lost your way in life. To dream of running down the stairs of a fire escape - can reflect your own feelings or this dream is a warning sign that you need to focus on yourself going forward.

What does it mean to see a fire in a bedroom?

Interestingly one of the most common causes of fire in the bedroom is an improper use of candles, smoking in bed and electrics. Sometimes in dreams, we see a fire in our bedrooms, or in our bed! But what does it mean? As fire is connected to passion to see the fire in our bedroom denotes that you will encounter a happy and content time in life.

What does a fire engine mean in a dream?

A fire engine is extremely positive and shows luck is coming your way. If you could see the fire engine returning from a fire you are going to be disappointed with a salary rise or an amount of money given to you in the near future (this is a very 1930s dream meaning). If you are traveling in the fire engine, you will have to be more protective of somebody in the future.

What is a dream interpretation of a fire alarm?

Surprisingly, there are many different smoke alarms on the market and these can be featured in different ways in our dreams. When we think of a smoke alarm we often think of the small white circle shaped alarm that we find on our ceilings at home. Alternatively, you could have dreamed of commercial alarm that goes off in a public place. Alternatively an automatic sprinkler system.

A fire alarm is connected to an unwanted situation in waking life where we need to define what the problem is. To dream of hearing a smoke alarm in a dream indicates that you need to focus on how you are communicating in life. To see a fire alarm drill - and line up in the dream indicates that you need to be careful on how you respond to others. If you are pulling the fire alarm or smashing the alarm then this represents that there are situations in life that are getting out of control. If you activate a smoke detector and the alarm “goes off” this can represent on alarming event in waking life.

What does the dream of fire mean according to Sigmund Freud?

Freud believed that this dream indicates that the “fire” represents a symbol of the libido and the passions which are connected to how we are frustrated sexually. Additionally, the fire dream can be connected to our “fiery” temper. The fire of course not only destroys but also cleanses and creates a fresh start.

What does it mean to dream of cremation?

In many different cultures, we encountered cremation. In dreams this means: clearing away the old, focusing on the new and moving forward with a new beginning. Sometimes cremations featured in our dream, it is important to understand what the fire element represents such a dream. The fire itself is purification in that it burns away our sins. This is what the Hindus believe. Sometimes in dreams, we can encounter being burned but still be alive. This can be somewhat worrying and denotes that you are worried about how other people will perceive you in the future.

The cremation itself has been used as a form of death rituals for nearly 20k years. In fact, it was first developed by the Egyptians. Especially in world war two the use of cremation was widespread. To dream of an electric cremator can suggest that you wish for something to “go away” that you wish for a new start. In Rome, cremation was connected to ones status and indicates that whoever was cremated would be given happiness at the gates of heaven.

What does it mean if you enjoy sitting by the fire in your dream?

My memories in life are touched by the warmth of an open fire. When I was a little girl I use to help my grandmother make up the fire in the living room in her old Victorian terrace in London. What does it mean to dream of fires? There is the smell of the scented air when the fire is on, however as the saying states “fire makes a good servant but a bad master” so things may go wrong. Especially in the dream. Open fires are popular, and many people are discovering how cosy they are. Spiritually fire is connected to power, passion, control and living up to expectations. To dream of sitting by the fire and enjoying the heart represents a great future filled with enjoyment and blessings. Now, this dream also delivers a message. You will experience pleasant moments with your friends and family. Maybe it’s time you organize a family dinner or a night out with some important friends. Sitting by a log fire in a log cabin during a dream indicates a new focus in life. I will now move onto other fire-related dream meanings.

What is the dream interpretation of lighting a fire in order to protect you from predators?

To dream of lighting a fire to protect yourself from predators in the wild has a transparent interpretation. Are you are worried about your safety in waking life? Maybe you’re feeling endangered by an enemy from the past. Yet, your dream also represents your skills and ability to take care of yourself. If you are feeling cold and lonely in this world then this dream can signal a new start. Like you’re living amongst predators and you seek someone you can trust and rely on. There is something you should be aware of if you were lighting a fire in the open - always rely on yourself first when you need help.

What is a dream interpretation of walking on fire?

To dream of walking on fire indicates your endurance and strength will be tested. Once you pass the test, you will mature and grow spiritually. Although you’re not living exactly how you imagined you will, your time will come. Walking on hot coals during a dream indicates a new start, oh and the best is yet to come. Walking on fire can also indicate the risks that you may take in regards to your progress.

To see others walk on fire during a dream means that you need to watch your health and safety. To “enjoy” walking on fire indicates that you need to achieve what you can on a professional level. Your dream is a representation of your character and decisive nature. And, you will do whatever it takes to build the life you want to live. However, don’t forget about the real values in life.

What is the dream interpretation of “catching” on fire?

This can be an unsettling dream, especially if you could see someone hurt by fire. As I have already said in previous paragraphs “fire is a destroyer.” Fire in a dream is a symbol of many great and powerful things such as; passion, destruction, enlightenment, purification, anger, transformation, and magic. To dream of an object catching fire denotes that you wish to express your hidden anger and this dream highlights your unique skills. For a building to catch fire indicates that you want to prove yourself, and others about how independent and strong you can be on your own. To dream of seeing others that catch fire denotes your determination in everything you do. The message here is to think what you have to get what you always wanted in life and go from there.

What does it mean when you dream of seeing others on fire?

I have briefly mentioned this above but will expand further, and cover what it means to witness “spontaneous human combustion.” To see other people catch fire in a dream implies that you will have your relationship with the people in waking life. Your dream represents your connection with the person who is on fire. Are you holding anger against the person? Or the people on fire in your dream? Maybe you want to watch them burn in waking life? Your dream can also foretell your care of those around you. Are you acting protective around these people? Are you worried about their safety? Answering these questions will interpret your dream. However, if the people on fire in your dream are unknown, and you have never seen them before in waking life this can predict struggles or difficult events in the future. Many people will get hurt by your actions and you will have to focus on protecting yourself in the future. To dream of someone suddenly catching fire, with no reason is known as spontaneous human combustion (SHC) this could be an object or a person in a dream. This is when there is no sign of a fire and has long been a mystery. There have been many incidents reported since 1613. However, cigarettes were often seen as something that has caused the fire. So, in a dream to witness spontaneous human combustion indicates an inner feeling of anger about a frustration in life. Try to work out what it is then you can focus on correcting the areas of life that you need to.

What is the dream interpretation of seeing a forest fire?

The scary fact is that in the USA around 8 million acres are lost each year due to forest fires. Wildfire is a term that involves any type of fire in the outdoors such as: bushfires, countryside fires or wood fires. Most things that cause these fires in real life are cigarettes, lights, hot wind and campfires. But what does it mean in your dream? To dream of a forest on fire indicates a spiritual warning. The thing you need to be aware of is that you should try to control your temper. Otherwise, you will need to prepare yourself for a serious consequence! This comes about as a result of possible “self-destructive behaviors.” Are you overreacting? It’s time you work with your inner peace. The world is not against you. Often these types of dreams indicate that you need to focus on YOU. A wise man once said that we are our own worst enemies. It’s probably true. Think about it. Your dream delivers a positive message filled with hope. Try to focus on your positive traits and this will result in success in life.

What is a dream interpretation of building a fire?

If you are building a fire in your dream, it implies that you’re a skillful person. If we scratch the surface of humankind fires are at the heart of it. Our relationship with fires has revealed that they have transformed our diet, allowed us to cleanse and purify. Fire was also used to scare animals away also encourage social interactions. Fire has taken on many different avenues over the years. It could be that this dream is an omen that you can take good care of yourself. Look at it like this: you don’t need anyone else to keep you warm because you know how to build your own fire e.g your own protection ring. Building a fire can signify that you wish to be a loner. However, you’re never really lonely. This is because you enjoy your own company. To build a fire in your dream also denotes an action you’re about to take. Think twice before you do anything because this move can either make your life and career better for you. There is a focus on acting wisely as before.

What does it mean to see kindling for a fire?

To dream of gathering kindling for a fire represents the monotony of your life. The kindling helps us start the fire and it also denotes our comfort levels. Are you feeling comfortable? To chop kindling in a dream can imply that everything is going fine in your life. However, you may feel empty, like something’s missing. You feel incomplete and you don’t even know why. Remember your wild side? Who killed your adventurous spirit? The thing that is missing in your life is called adventure. This dream may also reveal that you will fall out with someone going forward, but it is for the best. To dream of putting kindling on an open fire is a positive omen. This dream urges you to step out of your comfort zone and try to focus on completing the things you need to do, instead of doing what you believe is right for you and the people around you. Your dream also denotes a spark in your love life. It does not matter if you’re single, in a relationship or married; you will meet someone and feel the butterflies in your tummy again. Allow yourself to be free.

Dreams about a tall building on fire

Dreams of tall buildings on fire can represent the start of something in business. You are powered up. You can meet your passions, you can achieve anything. Nothing will give you fear. It is a time for rejoicing. Life is a puzzle, understanding life with its patterns and rules can help us truly prosper. Unlocking the prosperity of life can now be yours. 

What does it mean to chop wood in a dream, in order to build a fire?

To chop wood in a dream represents your hard-working nature, great skills and ability to provide resources for yourself and people care about you. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty in order to achieve in life. However, if you were chopping wood to build a fire in the dream, it can suggest that you’re sharpening your current skills to form a precise plan. Chopping wood in many older dream dictionaries denote that you will achieve great success. Can’t you remember the plan you had on ensuring career progress? It’s time you focus on your ideas in life. Try to work on improving your future. Success is inevitable. Chopping wood to build a fire also reveals that you are showing creative thinking and artistic nature. When was the last time you used your talents to create something beautiful? If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to do something creative and bring creativity to your life. Your dream predicts happiness.

What is the dream interpretation of fire which is uncontrollable?

To dream of seeing an uncontrollable fire denotes the dreamer’s suppressed anger and other hidden emotions that will soon erupt like lava and destroy everything around you. To prevent this from happening, talk openly about your problems in life. Your dream also symbolizes your wish to prove to the world what you can do anything. Maybe you believe that you’re capable of doing great things. And soon, all your qualities will come to the forefront. You need to keep working on yourself and your dreams. This dream can imply that things seem “out of control” and it is time to focus on how you can control them again.

What does it mean to dream of seeing someone worship a fire?

In history, fire is worshiped in many religions. It’s been an important part of human culture for many years, ever since the Lower Paleolithic. Fire is a symbol of power, strength, magic, and destruction. To see someone worshiping fire in your dream, foretells a powerful moment. You will experience something unusual and magical, this dream urges us to start believing in a better tomorrow. To worship fire in the dream indicates that you are born to do great things, and before you start doubting your worth again, remind yourself of your uniqueness. To see someone worship fire and a candle in your dream also signifies improvement, enlightenment but someone may extinguish your inner fire. In other words – it means finding your inner peace.

What is the dream interpretation of a campfire?

To see or start a campfire in a dream denotes your need for love, understanding, and companionship. This dream can indicate that you wish to share your emotions and opinions with people, however, you can’t always find a good match with an open mind and heart. If we turn to the phase “relight my fire” it can mean you are looking for a spark in a relationship that is close. If you are single the message of such a dream is to keep looking - because there’s someone out there who’s willing to share experiences and love with you. In order to attract the right kind of partner, you must know “who you are” first. Open yourself to being hurt. In my view, the campfire in a dream indicates socially you need to share the love. Try to start analyzing everything you do. Look at your life, perspective, beliefs, opinions and your own heart. Once you get to know yourself better, you will start attracting people in your life again, but this time, you will attract the right ones, focus on what people are willing to say to you.

What is the dream interpretation of seeing a fire in the distance?

To see a fire from a distance in your dream - or somewhere far away from you implies a cold attitude, limited perspective, and fear of getting close to people. These dreams sometimes occur when we don’t trust people and that people are often two-faced, or hold hidden intentions. This is an ancient dream meaning. Try to be honest and trustworthy. This dream can mean that you desperately want to find someone who will help you in life. To dream of an army who are burning fires indicates that you are looking for a way out of a complex situation. In order to find it, you must be honest and trustworthy and have no hidden intentions. Seeing a burning fire in the distance can imply that you need to talk openly. To see a bonfire in your dream indicates emotions will run wild. If you could see one during November then the dream is based on the stimuli that you see due to Guy Fawkes night. To see a bonfire any other time as I have already stated means you will become emotional going forward.

What is the dream interpretation of seeing both fire and water at the same time?

In life, we often think about raging infernos or fiery buildings. It is not uncommon to see water putting out fires in our dreams but what does this mean? To see both fire and water at the same time in your dream is a representation of a divided personality. Everyone has two sides of their personality. These two elements contradict themselves – it can mean in waking life you are in a complicated situation that requires you to ensure that things are completed successfully. Are you sure you want to get things complete quickly? To see both fire and water at the same time in a dream also denotes the need to keep your balance in life. To see one put out a fire with water in you dream can indicate that you should focus on your future.

What is the dream interpretation of fireworks?

In November the search on Google for dreaming of fireworks intensifies. This is due to what Freud mentioned of symbols appearing in daily life affect our dreams. If you hear a popping firework in your sleep then maybe this affected your dream state. Anyhow, fireworks in your dream are a symbol of celebration, happiness, unexpected news, wealth, and sparks of love. In ancient dream books dreaming of a firework implies that you will be invited to celebrate a happy event, and you will receive some unexpected, but satisfying news. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, you will experience a beautiful and exciting period in a relationship. And, if you are single such a dream can mean meeting a lover. This dream also signifies inspiration and creativity. You will receive recognition for your achievements and many talents. So, expect a positive life change.

What does it signify to see a building on fire in a dream?

There is a good chance you are here for answers of that burning building dream! I have some good news for you! If you could see a building on fire in your dream according to old folklore - it symbolizes a new start in life. To dream of being caught in a burning building in a dream indicates that you are underestimating the power of a new start. You will soon realize that the only way to improve your life is to “focus.” To dream of being rescued from a burning building indicates that you will go through a major transformation. And in the end, it will have positive results. The fire represents positivity in this dream and the gist of feeling alive again. Additionally, this dream can also imply that you will question everything you once believed in, and it will change your perspective and set up new life goals. Remember that fire can often symbolize destruction, death, anger, and worry in our dreams. Our relationship with burning buildings and the worry and problems it causes can transfer into our dream state.

What does it mean to dream of a log burner?

Cosying up by a log burner in your dream is positive. To dream of sitting next to a log burner foretells that you’re experiencing some insignificant problems but they are soon to be resolved or often struggle with something that’s not worth your time and attention. Your dream also represents your great organization skills and dedication. However, you should pay extra attention to what you focus on. According to Carl Jung, if you’re dreaming of a log burner, fire flames, or a traditional fire, it indicates that you’re passionate about something. Your libido will return and you will experience some unexpected transformations. Don’t be surprised. People are born to change. And so are you. Your dream is also connected to your old habits, beliefs and old opinions. It’s time to let them burn.

What is a dream interpretation of an open fire?

To dream of an open fire is a great sign. It denotes successful romance, passion and moments of enlightenment. You will be open to meeting new people and sharing opinions. You may want to learn something new and exciting. This dream can imply that you want to approach a new task in life. You will face a complicated situation, and the only way to get out will be by being who you are and talk openly about your feelings, desires, and future plans. Your dream symbolizes spiritual growth.

What does it mean to dream of a sacred fire?

To dream of a sacred fire represents your deepest feelings, beliefs, hope, and fears. It’s also a representation of your higher self. You have a strong intuition. To be near an altar and seeing a candle burn represents your eternal spirit and absolute freedom.

What does it mean to see rain extinguish a fire?

To dream of rain extinguishing a fire is a common dream. It has a transparent interpretation that’s related to the dreamer’s mental state. Are you feeling confused and helpless? You feel like the world beneath your feet is on fire. However, your fate is stronger than ever. You hope for a miracle to happen and save you from your pain and long-term agony. The miracle lives inside you. It’s your beating heart and sharp intuition. Ask for their advice and watch how everything falls into place.

What does it mean to dream of escaping the fire?

To escape a fire in your dream indicates a warning. Pay more attention to your surroundings and avoid falling into common scams. People don’t always offer to help because they’re sorry for you, but to take advantage of your pain, ignorance, and confusion. Stay away from suspicious people.

What is the dream interpretation of rescuing someone from fire?

To rescue someone from fire in a dream represents your compassion, goodness, and naivety. To see firemen in a dream indicates you are always there to help, motivate and lift people up. However, when you need help and a shoulder to cry, you find it hard to communicate with others. To see multiple firemen or women in a dream can also predict help in some context in waking life. Someone may ask for your help at an inconvenient time. Learn how to say “NO” when you feel like you’re not ready or willing to do something in other people’s favor be bold and confident. After much research, helping or rescuing someone from a house fire indicates that you need to value and love yourself more. Seeing smoke or walking through an inferno looking for people can indicate that you need more compassion.

What is the biblical meaning of the fire in a dream?

Fire has taken a symbolic meaning in biblical history. There is the fire of the Phoenix in Greek mythology which symbolizes health and rebirth, additionally, the Roman fire goddess is connected to our home. The flames of the fire are associated with the greater good and the fire can also be used to express our own desire and love in life. After all, we do say we want someone to “relight our own fire” The biblical meaning of fire in a dream is associated with our greater self, hope, and punishment. Although the fire is worshiped as an amazing phenomenon, it’s also a symbol of hell and demonic power – I know sounds scary right! To dream of fire represents our inner passion, but also the demonic side of our personality. You’re unable to resist temptations. You’re only human after all. Fire represents our compulsion, creativity, passions, motivation, and great potential from a spiritual perspective. The element of fire has power over our determination and wish to dominate in society. It also has the power for forging a will. It represents the fire that burns inside your soul. To define the interpretation of fire in dreams, you must understand your own fears, passions, and potential. To dream of fire in any context from a biblical perspective means you’re either too much or too little focused on what makes you happy in life.

What does it mean to see fire flames in a dream?

To dream of fire flames denotes new beginnings and a brainstorm of creative ideas. You will find your muse in the most unexpected place. Older dream books denote great things are coming on your way. Are you ready to handle the pressure that comes with success? Are you ready to accomplish your wildest dreams? Fire flames in a fire can predict a new opportunity but to see fire flames crackling can predict a new fresh start.

What is the dream interpretation of a fiery explosion?

To dream, a fire explosion is connected to problems in waking life. The “explosion” basically means that something will happen quickly and may cause issues in life, this dream can mean being transparent. As I have already noted above, fire represents passion, anger, illumination, destruction, unstoppable power, suppressed emotions, purification, transformation, a way of survival and enlightenment. To dream of fire exploding indicates that you’re feeling worried or anguish in you. So, if you dream of a fiery explosion, it denotes an explosion of your inner, deepest feelings. Maybe anger. Maybe passion. Or love. How are you feeling recently? Do you have something you want to tell the world? Or to someone who you see as your whole world? Do you feel worried? But be careful not to hurt innocent people, or disturb someone else who didn’t deserve your ‘explosion.’ A dream of an “explosion” denotes a dangerous situation you will encounter. Maybe someone will try to take advantage of you, and you will have enough of their attitude and self-win in an argument. There is something that will materialize or come to the surface and this will be an explosive situation.

What does it mean to dream of seeing an airplane on fire?

I have covered this in another dream meaning about planes by click here - but I will expand here. To see an airplane on fire in your dream represents a goal that you will accomplish. Remember that your dreams are possible to reach, however, you’re not paying close attention to the details of your plan. As they say, the devil’s in the details. To see a plane on fire falling from the sky is associated with your actions. This dream indicates that you should try to make a new, precise plan to achieve all your wildest dreams. Things will work out one by one. To dream of an airplane landing safely, represents a safe victory. This dream also denotes possible suppressed anger.

What does it mean to see a small fire in a dream?

To see a fire in your dream represents the deepest feelings that you’ve been hiding for so long. The good news is that it is like rising ashes like a Phoenix. A fire in a dream can indicate that someone will take advantage of you, financially and emotionally. There are possible emotional manipulators and manipulations of all kinds. And yet, somehow, you’re feeling manipulated by many people recently. Your dream denotes your patience that has come to an end. Any suppressed anger will swim to the surface and your inner fire will fight anything.

What does it mean to dream of being a firefighter?

To dream of being a firefighter implies the many abilities you use to help people. You enjoy saving others from trouble. Not because of the gratefulness after but the adrenaline that makes you feel alive again. Saving others makes you feel good about yourself, helping others when you feel down is what lifts you up. Having such a dream can indicate that you feel that you want to help others.

What does it mean to dream of a fire eater?

Fire-eaters are considered a circus or show act, however in India fire eating is traditionally a spiritual practice. To dream of a fire eater or seeing yourself as one implies you will encounter gossip – as the fire predicts someone will be talking! This dream could possibly indicate that you will encounter a dangerous, complicated situation in the future. You may feel like being trapped and stuck because you need the chance to prove your strength. The dream I believe also brings a warning to just think before you speak.

The fire-eater in your dream also symbolizes your power to keep anger and other negative emotions under control. Like fire, you may smell something’s burning (such as gossip) and react in time to extinguish the fire and bring everything back to order. According to Freud the fire-eater also denotes your suppressed sexual feelings.

What is the dream interpretation of a chair or sofa catching fire?

I had this very strange dream a few years ago and still think of it now. But what does it mean? To dream of a chair or sofa catching fire denotes an aspect of your life needs to close so you can move forward in life with confidence. You will realize that the place you where you were sitting for so long is no longer good for your progress in life. You will exit your comfort zone and start a new chapter in your life.

What does it mean to dream of being burnt by fire?

To suffer burns as a result of a fire in a dream indicates that you’re experiencing intense emotions. Maybe you are hiding passion? Or some sexual feelings that must come to the surface soon. This dream can also imply sexuality and wild sexual desires. Express everything you feel is the message of this dream. This dream can also be used as an adaptive tool to help us understand situations in waking life. Being burned in a dream can be associated with setting high ambitions.

In your dream, you may have

Been scared about and worried that the fire may hurt you. Been unable to communicate with others, or warn others about the fire.

Positive changes are afoot if

You build a fire from scratch. The dream involved putting out the fire or escaping from one.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a fire

Strange. Scared. Creepy. Worried. Frightened. Hurt. Negative. Energetic. Respectful. Emotional. Inescapable. Trapped. Unfulfilled. Contentment.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012