Dreaming and meanings Dividends

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A dividend is a payment made by a corporation because the “shareholder” is given a fixed amount per share, with shareholders they get a dividend in proportion to their share holding. Many people have a share scheme at work or are given dividend's based upon one's shareholding.

Well that is just a simplistic interpretation. Just like any other dreams, dreaming of dividends can mean many things, but we can segment this dream into wealth and possible financial gain in waking life. To see a board of directors indicates that others will be interested in helping you improve your wealth. To dream of a liquidating distribution indicates that you are ready-to accept the positive aspects of yourself.

To dream of company dividends may either serve as an inspiration or a challenge. Either way, both contains a moral lesson that needs to be taken to consideration. Whenever we talk about dividends, the first thing that comes in to our minds for the most of us is the word REWARD. As we all know, rewards are EARNED. Thus, this dream is a message to you as follows: work hard for rewards.

In your dream you may have

  • Collected dividends.
  • Given away dividends.
  • Gambled dividends on the stock market.
  • Dividends are stolen.
  • The dividends suddenly disappears and you can’t find them.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were rewarded through dividends.
  • You became rich because of being allocated dividends.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of dividends is a rather positive dream. It is associated with gaining wealth through hard work. If you dream of failure in obtaining dividends due to bad management this dream is associated with difficult times ahead.

If you dream of receiving dividends but then you find you are financial unstable, this serves as a warning that you must take proper precaution in life. Someone will be taking advantage of you and your hard earned profits will be benefited by others. So be vigilant at all times!

If in your dreams you doubt the value of the dividends that you receive, then you need to reassess yourself thoroughly. Are you on the right path?

To dream of the stock market have numerous variations, but the one constant theme is the business of something materialistic. The psychological interpretation of such a dream urges you to seek out what is important in your life, perhaps in the ordinary things you've been taking for granted.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of dividends

An individual needs to be focused, vigilant, intelligent, reasonable, and skillful in dealing such hard works. And since for every action there is an equal and opposite attraction entailed, an individual who has a dream of having dividends needs to be more cautious, be more aware and be more reasonable.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013