Ship Sinking In The Dream

ship sinking dream meaning

Sinking Ship Dream Meaning

As the ship sinks in your dream, it is taking on water at an alarming rate. There is a scramble to prepare the lifeboats, but not everyone is going to survive. A palpable sense of panic and dread pervades the room. As the ship goes down, those onboard realize that they can only hope for the best by abandoning ship.

A boat is a symbol of life thus a sinking boat or ship suggests you may feel like you are sinking. The saying goes that life is like a ship or boat. As we sail through rough waters, we are all in the same boat. There are times when the waves are so big that they threaten to swamp the boat and sink it. It is possible to keep the boat afloat if we work together. Yes, this dream really hits us when we wake. We wonder if this is for real. Why was water coming into the ship? I'm here to help you uncover this meaning and I'm excited to share this with you.

Why did you have a dream about a sinking ship or boat?

No matter how hard we try, sometimes the boat will sink, regardless of how hard we try to keep it afloat. Life can be compared to a boat when this happens. The tough times require us to work together. I'm sure you agree that you need to get to the other side for safely --- and this requires us to help each other out.

Dreams of a sinking boat or ship can be associated with a situation that is simply “out of control.” Watching a sinking ship represents how you navigate through your emotions. If you dream of a ship is sinking, it suggests that you are in a difficult situation. Ships are in most cases, used to demonstrate emotional tones. A ship sinking in your dream denotes that, you are having troubles, impending disaster, or failure in your life.

The sinking ship in your dream represents your current emotional response to situations in life. When people mail me about dreaming of a sinking ship I tend to feel that for some reason they are feeling vulnerable or things are “sinking in their life.” However, if in your dream you actually “escaped” the ship this symbolizes your great desire to continue fighting and “finding a way out” of your problems. This is according to the ancient dream lore I reviewed. The sinking ship, if submerged could also have a positive meaning. What I am trying to say, is that you may discover something new and not focus on the burdens in life. If this dream accompanied the feeling of drowning then this can be connected to your own anxieties. I find the whole concept of this dream interesting. My point is theoretical in that trauma in dreams can also indicate the pain of losing objects in life, such as material possessions. The one thing I will say is that we are all strong people - and it doesn’t take much for any of us - to find a reasonable solution. All you have to do following this dream is ask your intuition for guidance and let your brilliant mind take over the situation. I am going to go over what a sinking ship in a dream means in a question-and-answer format as that seems to work quite well. Please scroll down to find your dream.

What does dreaming of surviving a sinking ship symbolize?

To dream of surviving a sinking ship symbolizes in life “your survival instinct and fighting spirit.” You’re the person who never gives up and shows people how things are done properly. However, if you are feeling down then this could have caused this dream. It’s probably because you’re focusing your energy on other people and their problems while neglecting your own inner issues. If the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean this can imply losing your touch but that’s nothing more than a feeling. What you’re actually losing is precious time on the wrong people. In dream psychology having such a dream indicates delaying events for a while until you can get “things” back in order. By surviving the sinking ship in the dream symbolizes overcoming everything that comes on your way in the future, starting today.

What does dreaming of cruise ship sinking represent?

To dream of cruise ship sinking foretells troubled times coming according to older dream books. We can relate this to real life. It could be that you are peacefully cruising right now in life challenges - but expect some turbulence. It could imply you are not afraid of storms, and you’ve been through many problems successfully in your life. Don’t get scared of little storms like the one coming. Remember that the peaceful sea does not make one an experienced sailor.

What do dreaming about a cruise ship flipping over mean?

There are so many ways of looking at this dream. If you got into onto the cruise ship then this can imply you will encounter a shared experience, the feeling of worry or even puzzlement is connected to the cruise ship flipping over. This dream on a more primitive level can indicate that you will fight against depression and overcome difficulties. If the cruise ship flipped over in your dream and you watched this from afar - it means that some situations won’t have the outcome you expected. Be prepared for helping someone through their disappointments and learn from their mistakes. To be on a cruise ship that flips can denote that you will rise from any problems.

What’s the significance of a boat tipping over in a dream?

If a boat tipped over in your dream it represents your current state of mind. Do you feel like you can’t keep your head above water? You can do more than you can even imagine. And you’re capable of doing great things in life, no matter who tells you the opposite. Believe in yourself more, and trust the words of others less. The formula for success we must remember is hard work always pays off at the end.

What does the sinking of water represent in a dream?

To dream of sinking in water represents your emotional state. You’re feeling lost because of other people’s feelings for you. Often, these primitive dreams occur when someone didn’t turn as you expected. Or that you are too attached to others and how they feel about you. How about worrying only about how you feel instead?

To dream of sinking in water reveals that you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. You also think you’re unable to stop a negative situation from escalating. Do you fear failure? Such a dream happens when we are anxious and basically fear everything. In life, we often meet people who are dragging us down. Some dream psychologists (Carl Jung) compare sinking in water with sinking financially in waking life. This is their interpretation of sinking in water in a dream. But according to scientific research, (Harvard University 2006) this dream has more to do with how you feel, instead of having anything to do with your financial state.

What do dreams about ships and water symbolize?

As you might assume, water is one of the most common symbols in dreams and many people contact me about such dreams. It represents purity, the connection with your Higher Self, and your emotional state. The water might reveal that you’re in over your head emotionally. And what other symbol goes hand in hand with water if not the ship? The ship symbolizes your wondrous spirit, the wish to explore unknown parts of your personality. But when you’re dreaming of both water and ship, it represents your current emotional state and preparedness. This in my view, indicates that over your past and ready for the future. It’s time to set your sails and point your ship in the long-wanted direction.

What do old dream dictionaries say about a sinking ship in a dream?

A situation where you see an old and destroyed ship in your dream suggests there are some negative situations coming up in your life and you have to take precautions. You could be harboring aspirations and hopes to improve your life and that of those around you, but it is in vain. You need the intervention of someone else from the community to make it happen. Otherwise, you will never know peace or happiness now and shortly. External help is the determinant for the realization of your collective and individual success. If you watch a ship depart in your dream, could mean that you are financially secure and stable. You might be considering acquiring more wealth or making investments that will generate wealth. It could also be revealed that there is an important person in your life with whom you are very intimate and mutually cherish and respect. It is important that you continue respecting your relationship for you have a long future together.

Seeing a ship with a red light in your dream could be an indicator that you will have a conflict shortly. It could be that the community to which you belong is going to clash and cause unrest which could involve bloodshed. In the end, it could pave the way for more prosperous and happier times ahead. If you are on a ship in your dream, you should listen to your instinct when you wake up as it will help you deal with day-to-day problems. A ship sinking in your dream could alternatively mean that you are feeling emotionally out of control and thus, expressing your fear or uncertainty in your emotional state. You might be afraid of losing something which is too close to you due to some unavoidable difficulties.

A ship engulfed in flames in your dream is an indicator that, you are going to have catastrophes in your life. You might suffer from a devastating event that nobody around you would be in a position to bail you out. It could include events like an earthquake and other natural disasters. If you abandon a ship in your dream because you have a feeling that it is going to sink, it means that you need to move on and let go. It could be that you want to move on, but your emotions are holding you back. Or it could indicate that you are changing sides to a better place than you are currently.

A ship exploding in your dream could be a sign of an overwhelming disaster that could affect an entire community, such as a fire or a natural related disaster. If you see yourself traveling by ship, it could be a symbol of change. You might be undergoing a major change shortly, which will have a big impact on your life. The changes could affect the places that you deal with on a daily basis, such as work and home. It could be that you are going to relocate due to professional reasons, get a new home and start working for a different employer or perform your activities from a different locality. A ship traveling in the sea without sinking is an indication that you are going to incur a great loss which could be psychological or material and cause a negative impact on your life. The loss will make you feel abandoned and lost, making it impossible for you to figure out the way you can come out of the current situation. It is especially true if you see yourself observing the ship from a distance.

If you are watching everything sinking in your dream, it denotes that, you are having frustrations and loss of self-reassurance in life. If you see yourself sinking in water, it could mean that you are having serious emotional problems which need to be tackled before they bring calamity in your life. If you see yourself sinking in the sand, it could be that your self-esteem is low. When you have such a dream, take precautions and watch out on your finances and avoid entering into risky schemes. Alternatively, a sinking dream could symbolize the lack of support in your waking life. Because water signifies your emotions, sinking is normally caused by lack of financial, personal, or emotional support. Emotionally, you are unable to maintain happiness, and you feel that you are no longer in control and thus, unable to maintain forward movement.

If you see in your dream that you are on a sinking ship, it reflects overwhelming emotions about a waking life goal or objective that is not working as per your plans. You will need to struggle to remain positive because that is the only way you are going to achieve your goal. To be sinking in a ship denotes a situation where you are getting into a situation where you are unable to perceive or see the best course of action to take. The sensation of sinking is symbolic of dying, trouble, or disaster. This dream is a warning, and you have to take it seriously and make sure that, all things work for your good.

Seeing the Titanic ship in your dream is an indicator that, you have high expectations which are now causing conflicts in your subconsciousness. At the end of the day, you are going to feel disappointed by those you least expected. A dream of Titanic can also be brought about when in your waking life, you so much expect to get something, but end up not getting it at all thus leaving you disappointed and feeling awkward. Experiencing stress during the day could lead you to also dream about the Titanic as it triggers the worries that you are harboring inside your subconscious. Titanic is a simple symbol of a sinking ship that reflects your intuitive thoughts and emotional state.

Seeing a leaking ship and water coming in denotes leaking emotions or that you are losing out on power. If you cannot stop the leak, it means that you are having an emotional situation in your waking life which is out of control. It could represent an area in your life where you are losing energy or power and could even be related to your health. There could be leaks in your plan for a situation or life. At times a leak in a ship is a positive sign as it could denote an upcoming financial improvement, You could be heading to making some profitable decisions which will make you wealthier. At the same time, you could be headed to becoming a more prominent, powerful and influential person in your society.

Drowning in your dream due to a ship sinking could denote failure. In your waking life, you could be lacking efficiency, competence, self-esteem, or confidence and thus, they are negatively affecting those around you. You could be acting as if you have failed due to the fear of failure and the attitude could be the cause of your lack of winning chances. Alternatively, your subconscious has a fear of drowning because you don’t have swimming skills. The good thing about this type of dream that, the circumstances are temporal and you can work around them.

Seeing a ship that was cruising and then sank in your dream is a negative sign as it could foretell that your plans, aspirations, wishes, projects or hopes could fail, fall apart or be undermined. You could also feel disappointed and gloomy due to all this happening in your life. On the other hand, a sinking ship could suggest that you are going to be unable to fulfill your desire or accomplish your objectives.

Being rescued from a sinking ship could foretell troubled times in your household. The waters in which you are being rescued from drowning could represent the difficult times, which could cause a lot of emotional tension among your family members, thus resulting in major disagreements or confrontations. The hostility could be raised further by the stress of different problems which require your attention. Being rescued could mean the end of this phase in your life for you and those around you, as long as you could keep your emotions in check and be able to balance your emotional outbursts. To be the captain of the sinking ship suggests that you have a decision that you need to make. You will need time to make the correct decision.

In your dream

  • Everything is sinking in the dream.
  • You are on a sinking ship.
  • The ship is the Titanic.
  • The ship is leaking, and water is coming in.
  • You drowned in your dream due to a sinking ship.
  • The ship was a cruise that sank.
  • You were rescued from a sinking ship.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Emotional. Excited. Disgusted. Tensed. Disappointed. Overwhelmed. In control. Happy. Successful. Moody. Controlled. Disagreements. Confrontational

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017