Naked Woman

Naked Woman

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A disrobed women in a dream is quite an interesting dream symbol.

This dream is about being vulnerable, possibilities and also our own hidden goals and objective in life. Nudity rhetorically can also represent the stage of the life cycle.

All women who live on this planet have something in common, that is the human body. Our bodies are remarkable in both form and structure. Certainly, in many dreams, nudity is often presented when we are unsure about aspects of waking life. We are all naked underneath clothing. In Western society exposure of the body is often seen as an embarrassment. If we look at the history of statues, textures and ancient artwork they generally include mean and women without attire.

I will now focus on the dream interpretations of seeing women naked. It could relate to feeling vulnerable which I have already mentioned but could also represent our inner knowledge and also how we connect with others. If you see a woman without clothes in a dream then it can also mean you must accept changes in your life and become more caring. We all remove our clothes when taking a shower or bath. The context in which you saw the naked women in a dream is important. Sometimes the context of the dream can be everything. An unclothed body can also mean we are exploring all possibilities in life. Rather like a veil being removed.

What does this dream symbol mean?

It could be that you are entering a new era, starting a job or having children. I do feel that seeing naked women indicates the need to care for others. This is a powerful dream and it is important to pay attention to the details in the dream. There are many different interpretations of history and it can indicate that there is a part of your life which is seen to change. Especially if you felt the woman was either happy to be exposed or not. I do find this dream extremely interesting and if we look at the theory behind nudity can also understand there is a distinction between the natural state of being and our own inner emotions or desires.

Nudity itself is often employed as a means to change society and our own perceptions. The unclothed body has been used in protests for many years. Even looking back ancient folklore there is a legend of Lady Godiva riding through the streets of Coventry in England in response to persecuting Leofric, Earl of Mercia to stop the tax that he was oppressively gaining. Therefore, she decided to ride through the streets of Coventry naked own a horse in order to protest. This is quite interesting in regards to how nudity is expanded throughout the generations. The result of lady Godiva's efforts was that Coventry was indeed freed from the tax burden. The history itself nudity goes much further back.

If we look at how naked women were perceived in ancient Greece the leader of the Cynics was often presented nude. Nudity itself was associated with a public effort for behaviors to be accepted. During these times, it was less scandalous to be moved and is in our modern world. A very famous dream psychologist known as Sigmund Freud believed there are dreams are distant connections to the media and material that we are exposed to in daily life. It is also true to say that there has been an explosion of nudity in both political and protesting actions throughout the world. For example, the feminist group in the Ukraine known as FEMEN has often protested without clothes. My point here is that your dream could have materialized because you were exposed to nudity through the media.

Seeing a women you know naked indicates a good chance for a relationship with this person, if they are not related to you. Also, as with all nudity dreams, the feelings that are felt about the nakedness are important.

Dream meaning for men:

Seeing a naked woman that you want a relationship with is a good sign if she is positive in some way. It can indicate that there is a good chance for a relationship and you should pursue this. If the woman was someone you are already with and she was having an affair with someone else (male or female) it reflects insecurities that you have in your relationship that need to be addressed.

Dream meaning for women:

If you are judging yourself against another woman who is naked it shows that this woman has power over you that you cannot control. If the other woman is undressing in front of you it is a sign that you may have an enemy (especially if you know her) or that this woman is trying to challenge you in some way.

For all:

Seeing a relative without clothes (such as an aunt, sister, mother or grandmother) is a subconscious message that you need to be taking better care of your family in waking life. Maybe they need you right now? This dream can indicate a decline in health if it turns into a nightmare. Seeing a pregnant woman having a baby can indicate fertility as a positive for either the male or female dreamer. Dreaming about a strange woman can refer to the mortality of the person, however, it can indicate a loss in some aspect of your life. The overall aspect of dreaming about a naked woman as a general rule is that you are feeling a need to take care of others or that you need help in your life – especially if the woman you see in your dream is older.

To disrobe a woman during a dream indicates there may be different points of view between yourself and your partner. When a woman takes her clothes off there is a feeling of freedom and also a choice. When we look at how we are clothed on the beach or in swimming pools women typically wear very little. If you dream of somebody sunbathing without clothes this could indicate that through a situation you will find happiness and contentment - this is due to the fact that the sun represents warmth. There is a question on my mind while writing this dream meaning. In some cultures, public nudity is accepted, in societies such as Africa or tribes. Why? They don’t have the taboo that we hold in Western culture. I would guess that those dreaming of nudity don’t feel the embarrassment of the dream like we do. From a dream perspective, we are our most vulnerable when we are naked, which is interesting why people decide to protest by using their own bodies as a symbolic object. After such a dream of a naked woman this is not to say that there is any protest in your life right now, merely the changing and the different valences of nudity in a social context that may affect your dream state. I wish to make this point as well if you have been to a nightclub or swimming bath (where you have seen women in little clothes) then having a dream of this nature could just be a reflection of what has happened in the landscape of the day. For females, in particular, the body can be used to attract males but also a powerful cultural tool which I have already discussed. If you are women and dream of seeing naked women it can indicate that you are feeling exposed.

I want to touch on the fact that many of you have contacted me about seeing a naked woman breastfeed. There are many different contexts is to this type of dream that I briefly would like to cover. First of all breastfeeding itself is obviously the ultimate food for infants. Breastfeeding has been promoted in recent years in that it prevents diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease, SIDS, higher IQ and also respiratory infections. The reason I mention this is that breastfeeding in dreams is a confusing subject and could mean that you have simply heard something before bed about lactivism. If you dream of a naked woman breastfeeding a baby then this indicates that you are looking to infuse care and nurture into your life. The dream itself is focused on protection and also how you are “seen” in the community. There are many different cultural obstacles that have been associated with breastfeeding due to the fact that women “do” have to do to expose themselves. If you dream of seeing a woman publicly breastfeeding it could be a need to be more caring to others.

To conclude, it is important to consider how the body was presented in the dream and also understand if you are feeling vulnerable in any part of your life. There are many different communicative strategies that are often employed when we notice somebody is disrobing during our dream, it could just be harmless or that you are feeling power in a relationship. As I have covered above there is much narrative regarding how historically nudity has changed. In society, there has been a direct connection between protesters and nudity. Many people take part in protests to attract attention, in dreams of seeing women in this way could relate to mental imagery such as influences on the television or internet that may affect your dream state.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Aging – stages of life.
  • Fertility and having a child.
  • Starting a relationship.
  • Feeling insecure and needing to take control.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen a woman feeding a baby.
  • Seen a woman undressing.
  • Seen your mother or another relative.
  • Been chased by a woman.
  • Helped a woman.
  • Been afraid of a woman.
  • Walked in on a woman dressing. (or undressing)
  • Seen many naked women out in public (shopping, the beach, at work…)
  • Hugging or kissing a naked woman.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a naked woman:

Desire. Want. Hope. Curiosity. Aggression. Fear. Disgust. Uncomfortable. Anger. Yearning. Helpful. Helpless. In Need.

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By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012