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Ships or Boats

Ships or Boats.

To see ships or boats in one's dream has a range of meanings.

;In a nutshell, any dream in which these symbols are featured provides a greater insight into your subconscious mind. The other important area is to consider all elements of the dream from looking at the condition of the boat, and whether there is any crew on board, or whether the boat was at sea.


In your dream…

  • You see a ship.
  • You are on a ship.
  • You say good bye.
  • Someone says good bye to you.
  • Sailing in a boat.
  • Sailing in a motor boat.
  • A ship on calm waters.
  • A yacht.
  • A ship on the sea.
  • A ship on an agitated sea.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Feel happiness while being in the ship or boat in your dream.
  • You follow a clear path of action in the dream.
  • The sea was not rough.

Detailed dream interpretation...

A boat often refers to a spiritual journey, and this dream can show that you have an excellent mixture of new possibilities going forward.  If you are relaxing on the boat, then this indicates safety, and that in the near future you will have good times with your family or friends.

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This dream can also symbolize how you cope with the emotions in your life. It is important that you make sure you attract favorable energies in the future. The only way that you are able to do this is if you think more positively about what has been given to you on this earth.

If you are in a ship and you encounter stormy waters, this shows that things are going to be difficult and tough going forward. If you have a large boat with a crew in your dream, this shows that you need to be tough in something related to work.

The dream about a ship means that it is in your power to make a long trip. The dream is a premonition that you will actually make a long journey. Whatever ship or boat in your dream, it usually suggests you can solve problems that seemed unsolvable.

Sailing in a boat suggests that you are an open person, sociable, and with lots of initiatives. If you are sailing in a motor boat it means that your mind is sharp, and you have a great capacity for understanding. The same dream can suggest that a letter will soon arrive, determining you to go on a trip abroad.


Dreaming of a canoe on calm waters is the omen of happiness, as well as good business. A yacht means that you are confident in regard to your future and your talents. If in your dream you are on a ship at sea, this indicates that you will have more initiative. Being in a ship or boat on a rough sea foretells dangerous business ahead. Navigation or sailing tools of a boat in your dream portend that you might need help and understanding after a mistake you have recently done at work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ships or boats...

Having fun. Surprised. Happy. Content. Afraid. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Fearful. Worried.

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