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A mule is a hybrid animal that is the result of a horse and a donkey.

When you dream about a mule this can be a positive omen because it represents hard work and getting help when needed. Mules can be stubborn and sometimes you will be challenged by the help you receive. When you see a mule in your dream it is often better to accept the help you are getting and to not complain. Be happy that help is on its way.

In this dream you may have

  • Taken a long journey with a mule
  • Used a mule to pack your belongings and move
  • Ridden a mule
  • Eaten a mule
  • Had sex with a mule
  • Ploughed your fields

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Went on a long journey with a mule – especially if it was a prosperous journey or one that made you money
  • Ploughed fields that fertile or that you knew would provide for your family

Detailed dream meaning

When you dream of a mule and you are seeing the mule as the actual object in the dream, this can be a sign of many things. The first two instances that are the likely meaning are progress on a hard time in your life. This can be working through difficulties in a relationship or at work. The mule itself represents hard work and strife but that it will pay off in the end, especially if the mule is working without having to be goaded.

The saying comes to mind when dreaming about a mule, “being stubborn as a mule”. This can be a personal saying and if you are familiar with this it may be something that you think about. If you do relate mules to being stubborn then this can have its own meaning in your dream which represents people in your life that are being inflexible. It can also represent a standstill in your life where you feel like you are pushing and exerting effort with no reward. The context of the dream and where the mule is can help you figure out the deeper meaning.

Taking a journey with a mule but having to push and pull it can represent needing a break but having aspects of your life blocking you. Sometimes the best way to clear your palette is to take a step back and just allow things to happen in their own time. Your dream time is trying to tell you that you are trying to force something. Especially in dreams where you are alone with a mule it will represent a person that you are trying to change. It can be a call to you to remember that you can’t change people. You are responsible for yourself and you can change your own actions. In the dream, for example, did you try to make the mule move and it did? Did the mule stay and you left it behind? Take heed about how you treated the mule and spend time pondering on how you can apply that advice from your psyche to your own life.

Harvesting or ploughing a field is a good sign for financial gain. If you are tilling a plot of land and working it for food for your family or a cash crop and a mule is present then it shows that you will be aided by someone and that they will help you get money. Take the advice of others and be willing to be flexible with your money. This can also symbolize a time of needing to work with someone for financial gain – often someone you are not fond of. It can also be a sign of needing money and needing to be willing to ask for help when you are reluctant to. Help is available to you but you have to work for it.

Sexual dreams involving animals are often primitive in nature and express hidden desires sexually. Dreaming of sex with a mule indicates that you are not satisfied with your own love life and often that it is dull or boring. You are longing for a deeper connection and often are feeling ignored romantically. It is usually a sign that you need something more than to just spice things up. You need to express yourself sexually. If you are with someone and you have a steady sexual partner, the best way to get out of this rut is through communication.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling stuck in a rut.
  • Having to work with someone that you don’t like.
  • Asking for money but feeling pride or embarrassment about it.
  • Being sexually unfulfilled.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a mule

Tired. Stuck. Pushed. Challenged. Frustrated. Cranky. Worried. Happy. Sure. Determined. Strong. Purposeful. Needed. Working.

By Florance Saul
Dec 17, 2012