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When one receives pardon over an offense that they have made, there is a level of relief.

Having been forgiven for transgressions Is normally a positive sign. if in the dream you conducted a criminal act and was pardoned by the government this suggests that you are unable to control the influence of others. When one has wronged there is a deep desire to be forgiven, even if it cannot be made into a reality. The dream is trying to provide the subconscious mind with undertone pleasure in being found not guilty of a crime. Allow yourself to relax even though in real life/waking world you may feel stressed. This dream can also be a reversal. Perhaps somebody has done you wrong and it is time to forgive them. If you don't have a desire to forgive this dream can be quite complex in nature.

To dream of the one giving the pardon suggests you require somebody to apologize for their behavior towards you. When people become adults it is difficult to morally control each other. With children it is easy to ensure that they act in an appropriate manner. However, you cannot control adults and some will act with no morals.

If one dreams of forgiving someone the universe will give you a pat on the back, maybe by rewarding the dreamer. If you did not commit the crime (by which you are receiving a pardon) illustrates trouble at work as well as with others in a relationship - because your affairs are not in order and you cannot secure your innocence. This means that you are spending time attempting to justify your actions to those who will not see it from your perspective.

In this dream you may have

  • Received pardon from a loved one to whom you feel guilty about wrong doing.
  • Received pardon even though you were innocent showing that you feel victimized in life.
  • Giving the pardon to others.
  • Found yourself relaxed while receiving a pardon.

The pardon indicates that this is playing on your mind. Maybe you've fallen out with somebody you wish them to apologize. Unfortunately to have such a dream means that that an apology may never come. It is up to you whether you continue a relationship with them. It is hard in life when you have to face conflict in an adult to adult situation. The subconscious mind will begin to wonder and try to make up for the injustice in waking life in the dream state.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are comfortable with being accused because you do not have an attachment to blame.
  • You felt all grief and guilt leave your body when you received your pardon.
  • Your thrilled to be pardoned because now you can let go of old baggage.
  • You experienced a level of clarity unlike any other when you received your pardon.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream that you are gaining a pardon for an offense which you never committed, denotes that you will be troubled. To receive pardon denotes you will prosper after a series of misfortunes. Pardon in a dream is associated with forgiveness working life. One normally has such a dream when there has been some kind of injustice.

The pardon element of the dream is associated with uncertainty. In the dream may have experienced a level of understanding or clarity in why people behave the way they do however, it is important to understand that we need to embrace change and forgiveness. If a pardon was given by the judge this indicates new possibilities. If the pardon was given by the president or in England Prime Minister this suggests one must be vigilant in regards to upsetting others.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Uncertainty in love.
  • Guilt over having wronged a loved one.
  • Frustration over being accused of something you didn’t do.
  • Someone wronging you in some large way.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Pardon

Relief. Forgiveness. Understanding. Anger. Frustration. Uncertainty. Guilt. Innocence. Freedom. Laughter. Joy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012