Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Junk in a dream is akin to having your life in a mess or having things in your life which you don’t need.

Seeing a lot of junk can show life in disarray and be a representation of your own personal, material, or emotional baggage that is hanging around. Normally junk in a dream is not a positive indication, rather, a warning that you have some cleaning up to do!

In this dream you may have

  • Thrown away trash.
  • Found a room or storage full of junk.
  • Went to a junk or antique store.
  • Bought a car that turned out to be junk.
  • Dropped something off at a dump.
  • Had junk flood out of an area such as a house, room, or car.
  • Found a chest of junk.
  • Thought you found treasure but it turned out to be junk.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Throw away or clear out junk.
  • Turn junk into something valuable.

Detailed dream meaning

When you are dreaming of junk you want to be clear about what areas you are wanting to clear out in your life. You may think that you are fine and that you don’t have areas of your life that are needing your focus but the dream of junk indicates that you do need to focus and that you need to get your life in order. Consider areas of your own life where you are needing to focus and sort out. Also think about areas where you are feeling cluttered, claustrophobic, or like you are needing more focus.

Dreaming of junk is a bit vague and it indicates that your mind is lacking in clarity to be able to focus. These kinds of dreams can indicate many different aspects of your life or just one area. Other contexts of your dream are what is needed to get to the bottom and find the true meaning within your dream.

If the junk in your dream is taking over an area, spilling out of an area, or is in your way then this is a more serious calling that you need to focus on aspects of your life that are overwhelming you and you need to do something now. It is likely that your own overwhelming behavior or exhaustion is going to take a toll on your life and that you are headed in a direction of being let down in some way. These kinds of dreams are a call to action that you need to make something happen before you are swept away or completely overridden.

Focusing on cleaning in a dream is a good sign but still calls you to do something. Focus on what you are doing right and what in your life is holding you back. When you are clearing out junk in a dream understand that things will fall away from your life but you will be rewarded for your efforts and that your future is going to get easier in the near future.

Now is a time in your life to focus on making your own life simpler and easier. Consider ways in which you can ease yourself into a new transition into your life and avoid taking on too much right now.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Taking on too much.
  • Being overburdened or overwhelmed.
  • Having many influences which are negative in your life.
  • Having others or outside forces bringing you down.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of junk

Confused. Weird. Shocked. Sad. Disappointed. Dismay. Concern. Frustrated. Angry. Happy. Clean. Motivated. Powerful. In Charge. Duty. Respect.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012