Mother in dreams

What it means to see your mother in your dream?

The mother in a dream suggests a new possibility in life and the nurturing nature of the mother is a reflection of your own parental instincts.

The Jungian theory of a dream of a “mother” is associated with contextual images. The mother is associated with our background direction and material instincts in life according to his theory. Personal analysis of the details of “how a mother was featured is important.” As we have already concluded a dream about your mother is important, it is associated with the nurturing side of your nature.

The mother symbol will suggest that you need some internal guidance and nurturing. Seeing a mother who is dead in real life during your dream reflects your own current emotional perspective. In order to carry out a thorough dream interpretation, we need to understand the maternal significance of seeing your mother in the dream. In many dream books, a mother in a dream indicates you are looking for help in real life. In addition, somebody will come to your rescue especially if there are unexpected events in your dream.

What is the detailed dream of your mother or being a mother?

Here I will address what seeing your mother in your dream means. In general, this dream is connected to your everyday life and reflects the nurturing characteristics that we need in order to “function.” As a symbol the mother is associated with keeping the peace, passion in everyday living and supporting you - no matter what! The mother as a symbol is nurturing and also “taking care of your inner child.”

Mothers as a symbol represent the backbone of the person. The Mother is the person that makes them strong, cares and protects you in daily life. Now, society, in general, is very much focused on the idyllic mother. We need to even look at the hype of “Mother's day” to know that it is common for sons and daughters to idolize their own mother. Even if we look back to cavemen times children used to carry a little wooden statue of their mother so they could worship her. To have a dream where your mother is not ideal, who doesn’t protect you, argues with you or challenges your thinking - can be a difficult and worrying experience.

Not all mothers in life are perfect. In regards to the dream state, it can suggest your relationship with your mother if she is still alive. Also, a relationship that you had when she was alive. Did you get on? How is the relationship reflected in the dream? The dream itself is associated with the relationship of your mother or motherly figure - many things could be compressed into the relationship with your mother and also the caring vibrations in the dream state that reflects this dream.

What does it mean when your mother dies in a dream?

To dream that your mother dies could simply be an anxiety dream. It is important to note that it is not generally a prediction but associated with fear. We need to look at ourselves when we are focused on the death of our mother in a dream. It could suggest that you are lacking the nurturing skills that are needed in a new relationship or not “nurturing” your family the way you wish. If you are dreaming about the death of your mother, this can suggest that you need to significantly shift your thinking in life. Try to be more positive about your goals and ambitions!

What does it mean to see mother’s body in a dream?

To see your mother’s dead body in a dream (according to Freud) can suggest you are shutting down sexually if you are female. This could be because you are not with a compatible lover all that you are trying to use it as a bargaining chip.

What does it mean if my mother is dead in waking life but I dream she is alive?

If your mother is deceased in waking life - but alive in a dream then this means that need to be kind and considerate in waking life. It is a common dream when you are missing your mother. In some very rare cases seeing the mother in the dream is associated with crossing over to another spiritual plane. It is important that you listen to your mother’s words of advice in the dream. If your mother does not talk in the dream then this is associated with being kinder and more considerate in waking life. Maybe you need to have that nurturing care in daily life because you feel you are struggling? Nevertheless, most dreams that involve a deceased mother is a suggestion that you need to make an important decision in life. The key here is to surrender and make a decision - but understand that nobody is perfect in life.

What does my mother dying in a dream mean?

Your mother dying in a dream can be connected to our insecurities in life. The advice here is you need to put situations back on track. You need to have more self-confidence. If you dream of attending your mother’s funeral in a dream then something needs to end or change - maybe a relationship?

What does dreaming of being a child mean?

There are many conflicting attitudes about money and nurturing if you dream of being back at home as a child in your dream. It is basically your subconscious mind giving you a voice and how you need to take care of people moving forward. It can also imply that you need to do a lot in order to keep your relationship healthy. Try to express gratitude and don’t take people’s kindnesses for granted this could have a negative effect on relationships.

A child in a dream is connected to a possible new project or start in life. A child is represented as new experiences and possibilities in life. A child can denote happiness, fun and joy in life. If we look at the child in a dream context it can also represent our “inner child” and how we live in life. If you yourself are a child in the dream and reliving your childhood then this is connected to your own inner challenges and goals.

What does it mean to talk to your mother in a dream?

To talk to your mother in a dream is a suggestion that you need to make a decision in life. It could be that someone wants you to carry out a task and you are unsure whether to take on that new job or risk that money on a horse! To hear your dead mother speaking to you in the dream means you must watch what comes out of your mouth - especially if your mother is shouting in your dream. This could be connected to arguing with someone in real life. You need to ask yourself whether it is worth fighting over. To be in conflict with your mother in a dream indicates an argument is likely to be provoked. If you feel that your mother doesn’t always tell you what they are feeling in real life then dreaming of your mother communicating and talking is quite common.

What does it mean to dream of your mother if you are female?

To have a dream of your mother when you are female is connected to your nurturing environment.  It can suggest your parental skills are being challenged and you need to think about learning in life. For example, if your home is messy and this is not normal tidy - it tells you that something is troubling you. It could simply be that your mother appeared because you need to clean up your mess or you need to make a choice in life. If you dream of being a mother yourself and this can also be a sign of fertility. If you already have a settled life of children it indicates you will thrive in life. Sometimes, to dream of your mother indicates that you will feel as though the family with all its wants and needs is depriving you of time for yourself. You enjoy being a mother but you may feel trapped by marriage and family.

To dream that your dead mother is speaking to you in a dream suggests that you feel unhappy about an aspect in life and you are trying to constantly change directions that you do not know which way you are going. The key here is that you need to regain balance.

What does it mean for a male to dream of his mother?

In many theories, especially Freud, dreaming of the mother when you are male suggests the feminine part of your character. It can indicate that you are looking or have been married, settled down in life with children and are thriving. Sometimes you require the much-needed space to think. Dreaming of the mother can also suggest independence for yourself. It can imply that you do not really want a partner for life and are worried about commitment. Your home environment matters a great deal to you. If your mother is communicating with during the dream or “talking to you” then this can suggest you strive to be successful.

The dream indicates that you need to connect with your more feminine side in order to determine what really matters in life. If you are in conflict with your mother during the dream state it can imply that you need to work hard but understand and know the most important aspects in life our family and love. You do feel drawn to your family and you want to make a difference in life in a profound way. In ancient dream dictionaries to dream of your mother suggest that you would have an air of confidence be successful in love if you are a man.

What does Incest with your mother in your dream mean?

After reading many books on what your mother means in the dream state, having sex with your mother in a dream suggests that it is simply an archetypal dream. If we look at ancient Egypt and how the Royal siblings connected it is not uncommon for incest to happen. In our modern world, this could be an exceptionally disturbing dream. This dream indicates you need to look at your own qualities in life, on a more negative note it suggests that your maternal or paternal instincts are complex. They are not balanced which is why you had such imagery within the dream state. This dream often happens when a male has many difficulties with his love life.

What does a controlling mother mean in a dream?

If you dream of a mother that is trying to control you, or seems to be overbearing and this can suggests that you shouldn’t look to others for help in order to succeed. You should focus on your own endeavors. It can also signify that you need to be spontaneous and an excellent multitasker. The “overbearing” mother in this aspect indicates that you feel control over you. You do not need to prove yourself to others is the key message of this dream. If your mother is narcissistic or has borderline personality disorder in waking life and you will find it difficult or struggle to have a relationship with her then this dream could be that you are trying to find happy medium in order to have a better relationship in life. To see your mother trying to control you in a dream indicates that you may have trouble with the relationship in waking life. It is not uncommon for you to dream of your mother’s control when you feel trapped in life.

If you notice your mother was having a baby during the dream state can indicate a new start is on the horizon. To see yourself as a child then this dream is connected to energy that is required in order to conduct the goals and waking life. To see yourself back at home with your mother is a suggestion that there are many different lessons that you need to learn in life. We all focus on different path’s in life and if your mother is in your dream guiding you and this can suggest that you need to understand your inner intentions. When you see your mother in your dream it also suggests that someone needs to help you, guide you and give you nurturing care. If you do not have this person in your life then perhaps it is important to look within for the advice needed. Your mother in your dream (as we’ve already mentioned) can represent not only your mother but also your nurturing characteristics. Often, dreams of a mother are connected to your own wisdom and the need to be more in touch with your feminine influences.

What does dreaming of your mother-in-law mean?

To see your mother-in-law in your dream is not much different to seeing your own mother. Make a note to yourself whether the mother in law is opinionated or strong. The mother-in-law in dreams often appears when they believe this situation is wrong in any given circumstances and offer ways in order to fix it. The relationship that you have with your mother-in-law in real life can also reflect what the dream means. In some ancient dream dictionaries, the mother-in-law is associated with how you are feeling inside. It could be a warning that you need to try to guide people in the right direction. Ultimately your be very glad that you did so if you listen to your mother-in-law in the dream. Most dreams of an Ex partner’s mother suggest that you need to take note of any opinionated people around you. It could be that you are just dreaming about your mother-in-law in order to understand what makes them tick. To dream about a mother-in-law dying in your dream is a suggestion that your happiness will be challenged in the future. Your feelings during the dream state also important. If you don’t like your mother in waking life she is present in your dream and you’re not concerned then this indicates that you and your partner need to work together in order to make the relationship last. We will touch on the significant meaning of a mother dying in the next part of the dream interpretation, but for now, you must compromise. This is key if you dream that your mother-in-law dies in a dream. To kill your mother-in-law in the dream state suggest that you need to respond quickly to events in the future.

What does it mean to dream that your mother is abusive?

The dream meaning of an abusive mother is associated with our own lifestyle. It can suggest that you’re going to be “insensitive” to the feelings of others. This will not be tolerated for long and in order to avoid conflict then it is important to compromise with others. To see your mother shouting at you during the dream indicates that you may be in an argument in the future. You will, however, find a good means to compromise because the positives will outweigh the negatives in a relationship in real life. If your mother is still alive in real life then this dream can suggest complexity with your relationship either now or in the future. If your mother is deceased in real life and you dream of her being abusive then this could just be a dream reflecting the past. It could also suggest rejection. If your mother is abusive or shouting or not caring in dream then this indicates you do not feel you belong in waking life. The advice here is that you need to give yourself time and also meditate.

Mother and money in dreams:

Specifically, money and mother in dreams can be interconnected. It may be that you are ripping off your mother or she is holding onto financial concerns in the dream state. The mother indicates the value in life. We all leave this world with nothing and start with nothing. Dreaming about your mother and any money matters such as: Your mother buying your own home. Selling mother’s home in a dream. Gaining inheritance during the dream. Gaining money during the dream of your mother. Stealing from your mother in a dream. Is a suggestion that you are going to undertake an important financial task in the future. It can also be a suggestion you are a workaholic and sometimes you forget to relax. Remember, money is great but it is not the be all and end all of life. The symbolism of your mother and material gain in the same dream indicates that you need to be aware that relationships are more important than any material possessions.

What does it mean to kill your mother in a dream?

This could be a harrowing nightmare. Killing your mother in the dream indicates that you are killing the closeness that others will offer you. It can suggest you are in tune with your emotions, but it also indicates you are feeling vulnerable or depressed. It is symbolic in that you are killing your nurturing and caring side of your character, perhaps you need to maybe you need to deal with somebody that very difficult in life. The key message here is if you dream of killing your mother then you need to respect other people’s feelings no matter how unusual or different they are from your own. It can also suggest that you need to give other people space so that they can do their own healing.

If your mother was alive in real life you dream of killing her it can suggest that you are going to encounter some emotional whirlwinds in the relationship you have with her. If you no longer talk to your mother and you kill your mother can be quite a common dream, it is just a reflection on how you are feeling - hurt and pain. To dream that your father killed your mother in a dream is a suggestion that you are going to do things differently in the future. To see another relative kill a mother and a dream, such as a sister, brother, aunt, niece, uncle or stepbrothers and sisters is very much the same meaning. It does not really matter who kills the mother in a dream - it is more about what that symbolically means in the dream state. That your emotions will be challenged going forward.

What if you are a mother in the dream?

To be the mother in the dream is associated with appreciation. It can also suggest a considered challenge in life. There will be relationship in waking life that require some work on both sides. This is due to the fact that the two people are very expressive and creative and they seek to become the domineering person on some level. As you are the mother figure in your dream it can imply that you are responsible very loyal but you need to work and compromise in the relationships you have in waking life. On another note, if you are the mother the dream it could just be a symbolism of your own paternal desires. If you want children and dreaming of being a mother in a dream is a positive omen and can foretell fertility.

What it means to see your mother die in a dream?

Seeing your mother die in a dream is connected to feeling that something is being lost in waking. It can suggest that you are responsible and very loyal but may be lacking in some nurturing or caring skills. You must learn in waking life to appreciate the wonderful qualities that different relationships can bring you. It can indicate that there is plenty of fun but you must not neglect your own approach to relationships. To see your mother die in a hospital you dream is a suggestion that you will have a breakthrough in life. To wake up crying that your mother has died in a dream indicates that you were worried about losing something important. It can indicate that you believe that you can be successful you can never seem to catch that break that is required. To see your mother dying in an accident during the dream state indicates the need for balance. If you dreamed that both your mother and father have died then this is associated with the guidance that is required in order to maintain financial scalability in life. For your mother to be murdered in a dream indicates a feeling of being emotionally lost in real life.

What it means to see your dead mother in a dream?

It can be very worrying when you see your dead mother in a dream it can also be quite intriguing. The truth is that this could be a message sent from spirit above or can indicate that you feel that you need more support in waking life. If you talk to your dead mother in a dream then this is connected to relationships in waking life. If you have children and try to enjoy their moments of offspring you must focus on the present and on your current family life. If it upset you seeing your dead mother in the dream then this can indicate that you need to express your thoughts directly in life. I would suggest that you pursue knowledge if you met your dead mother in a dream. If the dream is a nightmare and you are shocked to see your dead mother and this can indicate that you have much love to give.

If you are married or dating someone at the moment then this can indicate that you need to be willing to make the effort. If you are single then you need to keep any negativity to yourself and offer love to others. Being abused by your mother in your dream can also be worrying and denotes difficult times ahead. If you are locked out of the house in a dream weather is inside then this suggests that you are trying to move forward in life. More dream meaning on a Mother follow this click here

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Feelings connected to a dream of a mother:

Worry. Worried about your mother. Surprised that she is alive. Nurturing. Caring. Dreams of your childhood.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013