Tall High Steep Vertical Bridge Dream Meaning

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Vertical Steep Bridge Dream Meaning

Now, when I was smaller I would dream of a long, tall bridge and this bridge would be recurring (like a city building) but vertical so it looked like if you drove up this building you would fall off. A bit of a freaky dream. It was not until I saw the bridge in Japan called Eshima Ohashi Bridge (see below image) that I realized that it was what I had dreamed of over the years. It didn’t look like a bridge in my dream, more like a rollercoaster in a theme park. If you have not seen this bridge before then brace yourself as it's the dream come to life!


What does it mean to dream of a long tall steep bridge?

A bridge in dreams usually represents change or transition, the steeper the bridge the more change is on it’s way. It is the physical manifestation of the path between two states - a stage of life and a set of feelings. I often feel this is about a journey into new experiences. If you see a steep bridge in a dream this may represent moving on or facing challenges in your life such as a change or hurdle to be overcome.

What does it mean to have this dream in childhood?

The bridge can be a metaphor for youth to old age, one life phase to another or one situation to another. A bridge crossing in dreams may represent a major life change or a shift in your identity, or life. This is why when we are a child we sometimes have this dream because it is just showing us that we are moving through the stages into adulthood. It can also be that you are “fearing” something in life. 

Why is the bridge so steep in a dream?

When the dream involves a bridge that is particularly long, steep, and vertical, much like the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan, it amplifies the symbolism. Such a daunting structure may represent a perceived difficulty or hurdle in waking life. The steepness and severity the bridge evokes may be a metaphor for how intense and potentially terrifying change or decision can be.

The shape of a bridge suggests some deliberate passage over obstacles like rivers or other roads. In dreams, the vertical bridge represents growth or transformation. The crossing of a bridge would therefore represent progress or improvement in some way in your life. On the other hand, avoiding or fearing the bridge might indicate reluctance towards change.

A broken steep bridge might represent lost connections, chances or failed relationships. If you see a steep vertical bridge being built in a dream this might suggest “proactive action” toward resolving problems - a constructive response to problems. A drawbridge that could retract might indicate options or ways in life that might be closed off, especially if you get trapped on this bridge or it parts when you are on the bridge itself. Falling or jumping off of a steep bridge usually indicates avoidance of change or escape from overwhelming responsibilities.

Standing on a vertical bridge (or falling off) gives a vantage point from which to observe life more generally, in my view, this is a call to take stock of oneself from a larger perspective.

The Vertical Dimension

A vertical bridge in... a dream could represent reaching for high goals or, conversely, fear of falling or failing. It may also include feelings about an impossible obstacle that requires a lot of work and determination. If you have had this dream when you were a child it often represents “phases” in life from one phase to another. What emotions do you associate with the bridge within the dream? How do you feel about crossing such a bridge? Is there something right now that makes you feel as fearful as crossing a steep, vertical bridge?

Is the dream of driving up a steep bridge good or bad?

To answer this question I feel that driving up a steep bridge can show how you climb to achieving goals despite fears or doubts. It could represent tackling challenges head-on and confronting any anxieties about the future. Such a dream may also represent your upward march toward new realizations or accomplishments. The steepness of the bridge reflects the effort to reach these new heights - perhaps a time of hard work or diligence during your daily existence.

The steepness of the bridge may suggest vulnerability or uncertainty - like situations where the path is not clear or intimidating. This kind of dream makes you push through the instability to your destination.

What does it mean to dream of crossing a steep bridge in a car?

Dreaming of crossing this steep, vertical bridge in a car (particularly one like the Eshima Ohashi in Japan) can represent a session of subconscious reflection on the daunting challenges and transitions in life. Interpreting these dreams is a powerful introspective tool - one that reveals our waking struggle and our own personal growth. Dreams of crossing such bridges are frightening but also inspiring because they show we can overcome life's obstacles and move toward our Goals.

What does it mean to dream of falling off a steep/high bridge?

Dreams involving falling off this steep bridge is about your subconscious mind letting you know that sometimes you have to let go in life. As I have already said above, steep bridges in dreams are metaphorical symbols for life transitions, relationships and growth. Bridges that are high in a dream may represent a relationship, bringing new opportunities or changes in life with others. Your dream could indicate exactly where you are in your relationships or even the place you're ready to make new connections, and falling off the bridge could mean that something has to change. It can mean that you need to work to move things forward. Think about how life itself is right now. You might know what you need to do. When the right things are applied in life you might see through the fog. When I first started having dreams about bridges I had no idea that this was about moving from one state to another, it is a dream where you have to trust the process, without gratification. Falling off of a bridge into water (which I have experienced many times), can represent disruption or avoidance of change in life.

What does it mean to dream of driving up a steep bridge on a motorcycle?

Bridges allow passage over obstacles releasing blockages. If you are driving up a steep bridge on a motorcycle or bike, it may be that fears or obstacles are preventing you from being creative, loving, or growing. Dreams of driving up a steep bridge fast (maybe you were even with someone in the dream) coincide with major life changes - either personally or professionally, or even relationally. The dream may remind you to be patient and adaptable.

Closing thoughts

Interpret your bridge dream by considering the obstacles or problems you faced, what lies across the bridge, and what emotions you experience while being on either side. These dreams may reveal much about your inner challenges and the paths you are navigating in your waking hours.

Dreams involving vertical bridges - especially bridges that must drive up a steep slope - are complex and nuanced. They invite you to explore emotions associated with life transitions, and your inner strength to face challenges and changes you are going through. Having these dreams is a call to self-reflection and a reminder that any obstacle is a chance for discovery and growth. Those bridges traveled in dreams or reality, can unroll the map of a more self-conscious and meaningful life path.

What feelings or themes came to you in your dream and exactly how do they relate with your present life? Did any difficulties impede your bridge crossing, and how might they represent real-life challenges? Just how did you feel on both sides of the bridge and just what does this say about your life situations? Remember that discovering your meaning of dreams may open up doors to self-knowledge and a doorway to better awareness of your existence and feelings.

By Florance Saul
Mar 5, 2024