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Asters are enchanted flowers that are purple in color and their perfume was used to drive away serpents in ancient times.

When you see asters in your dream, it symbolizes your hopes, intentions, and wishes. In the modern world, asters are considered to be a symbol of patience. Seeing asters in your dream is a symbol of something about your nature and personality. Those around you portray you as a humble and simple person and who is very romantic.

In this dream

  • You picked asters in your dream.
  • You could see the Aster growing.
  • Someone gave you Asters.
  • You gave someone Asters.

Detailed dream interpretation

A situation where you see yourself picking asters in your dream in a field or garden indicates that you are being associated or are befriending people who seem to take life in a simple way; they are not aggressive in anyway. Thus, it is turning out to be beneficial to you because of your aggressiveness. You tend to take all the opportunities coming your way and the key message of this dream is to make sure that you utilize chances in life - to benefit yourself.

If you see an aster growing, it means that there is love in the air and you might be starting a new relationship sooner than you expect.

If someone gave you asters in your dream, it foretells suffering and despair in your life. There is some false information that is making you feel uncomfortable, but you feel desperate.

If you gave someone asters in your dream, it denotes that, you are a person who likes having meaningful meetings with people in authority to enable you to have a promotion. These meetings are important because it is through them that you can succeed.

A case where you see yourself stepping on aster flowers in your dream symbolizes that you are going to come across several obstacles in your quest to make ends meet in your life, but at the end of the day, you will be successful. You will become one of the strongest and most successful people in the society.

Asters are found in different colors in dreams, and each color symbolizes something different. If you happen to see an aster which is wilted red, it is a sign to warn you that, you are about to be depressed and you need to change your life. A bright red aster suggests you will be affected by the outcome of some of your scheduled tasks - you may also be depressed. The good thing is that they depression will be temporal. A situation where you see black asters in your dream, it denotes that, you have a prolonged illness. It could be you or someone who is close to you that is suffering from a sickness that is going to take a long time to heal or even a terminal one for that matter.

To avoid being affected by the disease, it is good to live a careful life where you tread carefully. Try to warn those close to you to be careful with their health. White asters in you dream is an indication that, you are about to receive bad news, which will upset you and make you disappointed because it will be lies. It will psychologically affect you for some time before you realize that, it was all lies. Two white aster flowers shown in your dream is an indication that, there are pain and sorrow in your life. Someone who is close to you is about to be lost. It is a vision that, you are about to attend a funeral. An aster with a strange color that you cannot picture foretells admiration and appreciation from people around you due to the effort you are putting in your work.

When you happen to see asters which are wilted, it denotes that, you are going to be disappointed by your trusted friends and relatives; those whom you value in high esteem. It could be that others are causing you unnecessary frustration without intending to which they will realize later on and make it up to you. They will come to your rescue, apologize and make it up to you for the pain they caused.

When you create a bouquet of asters in your dream, it implies that you are your own enemy when it comes to problem-solving. The cause is how you view things in life. Make sure you ask those around you, whom you trust about their opinions on certain issues and utilize them in sorting out your problems, and it will save you a lot of agonies.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Agonized. Sick. Depressed. Opinionated. Relaxed. Successful. Determined

By Flo Saul
Jun 28, 2017