Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Thorns philosophically have always been associated with the stinging emotions like a sting to the consciousness.

A thorn when comes in contact to our body causes pain, similarly when we dream of it symbolizes our personal grieves. When we dream of thorns, and not just it but barbwires, splinters etc, we are experiencing our mental miseries which have not yet been expressed. Sometimes we dream of flowers turning to thorns, it means we might be having sexual problems in our lives.

Thorns are also a sign of mental illness. To some with high IQs it may appear as the stubbornness surrounding them. Thorns are the direct imprint of our difficulties in life. Just in our dreams it we are able to keep our calm in front of all those stinging thorns, in our actual lives also we can overcome difficulties and walk towards a better future, only if we acknowledge this. Sometimes we need oversee our sufferings to help others, these thorns can be mere image of those selfish thoughts.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen thorns sprouting blood.
  • Seen thorns weaving it around the person you admire.
  • Seen thorns ripping your body parts.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Even after getting stung by thorns, you are able to rise and walk the same life, it means you have gone through the hardships and now it’s time to endeavour good things.
  • You scratch yourself with a thorn, which means you’ll get lucky.

Detailed dream description

To dream of thorns means you are searching for spirituality, in a larger context. Jesus was forced to wear a crown of thorns, but after that he rose to divinity. Likewise, you fight for your faith and rights when you see thorns in your dream. To dream a thorny tree bearing fruit means, all your hard work will someday yield favourable fruits. It’s about how you handle the matters of your life with strength and dignity. To dream that it is surrounding the person you admire, means that you might be having wrong sexual feelings for that person, may be a feeling of forced sexual intercourse is urging you.

If you dream that a thorn is stuck into your body then your love life is in crisis and you need to distance yourself from your lover. A thorn in dream especially of young girls is a sign of urging sexual needs. If they see that they pick a thorn and sting themselves and blood flows freely, it means defloration. To dream that the thorns are clasping you means, you will suffer immense annoyance and misery. To dream that your clothes get caught in thorns means, you will get stuck in sudden dangers and pitfalls. To dream that you are walking barefoot on thorns and you feel no pain means you might be person with high spiritual values and these low worldly matters hardly bothers you. Although if you feel pain it means you will face failures and will get easily annoyed.

To dream of a prickled shrub means you have to go a long mile full of difficulties before actually achieving the greatness. To see that someone is injured by thorns (especially of a date palm) means a woman of high authority will create difficulties in our life. Sometimes if you see more than one person in the same condition, it may mean that your suffering will rise to point of distress.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of thorns

Pain, failure, helplessness, discomfort, annoyance, distress, lucky, feeling of accomplishment, feeling to fight till death.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013