USA Soldiers

USA Soldiers

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The soldier in a dream is one of the most powerful and most beautiful symbols of life because it signifies our everyday struggle to survive, to maintain our life, to develop our potential and grow mentally and spiritually.

However, there are two main meanings of dreaming a soldier.

The first is related to your inner conflicts with your own values or beliefs which can make you feel like you want to defend yourself better. This battle with yourself may be the reason why you’re dreaming soldiers or any other military service. USA soldiers in a dream suggests that you need to fight for something in life.

The second is related to your relationship and communication with other people. Are you going through a rough period and experience a trouble in communication with your closest ones? Or perhaps you’re trying to import your own beliefs and point of view in other people’s lives and you face rejection? This may be the reason you dream of soldiers because we all know that soldiers are a symbol of braveness and strong beliefs.

In the dream state

  • You dreamed of USA soldiers.
  • The USA soldiers were fighting.
  • USA soldiers were in tanks.
  • The USA soldiers were defending the country.
  • You dreamed of USA soldiers fighting the taliban.
  • USA soldiers were occupying a country in your dream.
  • You were a USA soldier in your dream.
  • USA soldiers were dead in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of USA soldiers

A USA soldier carrying out a conflict in a dream also represents good behaviour. If the USA soldier is ruled by a prophet, a king, a president, or even a man of understanding in your dream state, it means success for you. If a person sees the military entering a city in a dream, it could signify misfortune.

Additionally your willingness to fight might be challenged in such a dream - since you're battle-ready, trained to guard, fight, take cities, harm, kill means you are ready for a fight in life. Whatever is in your way in life you will be able to shield yourself or your own targets.

To dream of seeing the army in tanks or with guns usually implies some type of battle in waking life. You could be challenged with urges to form your own path. There may be a need for personal development, to confront old hurts, but you're shying away from pain, and therefore the conflict.

The soldier in a dream state is just one of the wonderful symbols of life and our personal battle to live. Even if we need to manage the issues of being born and living the challenges of existence, this dream shows we can truly fight in life. It's a excellent struggle we face, to keep life, to raise and express ourselves, to have a partner and have offspring, and also to pass on to our children exactly what we have empowered to endur real life. To see USA soldiers kill each other implies that you haven't faced a conflict or difficulty in your lifetime. If you are seeing soldiers taking over a city or country in the dream then you're feeling a battle with; your inner conflicts and participation with all the 'wars' or injury you've experienced problems in the past.

To see yourself as a soldier or troops means your willingness or capacity to confront internal battles and hurts; daring to face the issues of life. But of course most of your dream state will be about what you're confronting as a soldier, or that what you expect to happen in life.

For a woman to dream of being a solider it suggests internal conflicts; feeling endangered regarding relationship with a man. To see dead USA soldiers in a dream indicates studying strengths and self discipline to fulfill internal conflicts.

The soldier is a good instance of a component of you not scared of battle or death. He's the greater part of you. If you are a soldier in real life this dream may not have a spiritual meaning and just be associated with your subconscious mind trying to sort out daily impressions and situations.

Quick USA soldier meaning

  • You are a USA soldier: If you see yourself as a USA soldier who’s got the control over everything, then the meaning of your dream is probably the opposite and you should learn how to take control over your life and be more independent.

  • You see USA soldiers fighting: Are you being intolerant or self-judgmental about your past and mistake recently? Then you should probably try to overcome this and accept your past instead of letting your former mistakes ruin your life. Seeing soldiers fighting in your dreams is actually your past fighting with your future.

Feelings that occur during a dream of USA soldiers

Fear. Strong. Power. Empowered. Scared. Terrified. Anger.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017