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A face reveals a person’s character, emotionality, health and their personality. A face can show you if a person is happy or sad, friendly or hostile, healthy or sick.

Any dream where you see a face, (if your own or someone else’s) refers to your tendency to hide from a normal life. The face symbolizes the waking life. We rarely see our own face in a dream, but rather someone else’s face. The expression on the face shows our true reflection in life - and our perception of the way that others see us. If you have not seen the person's body, just the face, this shows that you may encounter difficulties in waking life.

Each face is different. Therefore, this dream is focused on different situations entering your life. Dreaming of seeing a face generally means you are analyzing your own identity. What does it mean if you dream of a monster with an unusual face? This means you are having trouble understanding yourself in waking life. To see many faces in one stream suggests that there will be a number of people who give advice. It is important to follow this advice. To see a face injured in a dream is a negative omen. Any type of injury denotes bad luck. In ancient dream dictionaries, the face symbolized identity of the dreamer. Therefore, it is associated with the difficulty understanding our own identity and purpose within the universe.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you are confronted by an accusing look of the expression of the face, you can be sure that you are hiding away hidden feelings of disapproval. To see some a dirty or scary face in your dream suggests that you hold shame for a situation. Happy smiling faces suggest that you are inwardly content and have good reason to be optimistic in life. A face represents your own level of honesty. If the face is smiling, this is a sign of friendship and joy. Unknown faces indicate that you will change your house or your job. A beautiful face means a restless mind and soul. The face of a monkey in your dream is a sign that you are capable of giving a lot of love. To see a Demon's face in one stream suggests that there are problems in waking life. It is important faces problems with optimism as it is likely you are able to resolve any issues.

A furious face is a symbol of integrity. A face covered with a veil means that your family is hiding something from you. Washing your face suggests that you will be sorry and have regrets in regard to a relationship in waking life. Seeing your own face in a mirror is a good sign which is connected to consideration and honor from your boss. However, if you see your face reflected in water it is a bad omen, predicting hate and disagreement. Dreaming of a face wearing makeup means you will lose money.

A dream about a man without a face is a sign of mystery that reveals a possible threat, such as the dishonesty of somebody close to you. But the man without a face can represent the dreamer if the appearance is of the same sex. If you have been humiliated in waking life seeing a faceless person is common. It could be your subconscious’ way of expressing the loss of identity. No face can mean that you have to deal with an important issue in life, and you are hesitant about it. This could refer to a past situation that keeps coming back to haunt you. A man without a face could suggest your fear of facing the situation, but it can also indicate that someone has betrayed you.

What does it mean to see a white face?

I had a really strange three a few months ago whereby when I looked in the mirror I see my face but it was painted white. Sigmund Freud says during the dream state you are reflecting part of your life and if you have been stressed recently and notice people faces then emotions will run high.

What does it mean to see your face painted with makeup or face paint?

To see your face painted it is an indication that you need to move away from fears and face the truth if you notice other people staring at you because your face is hidden. To see your face disfigured or it does not look correct is a suggestion's there will be many difficulties - put bluntly!

To dream of faces can sometimes leave us wondering what an earth is going on. Faces, spiritually have a range of interpretations and meanings. Faces I feel spiritually connect to our soul. The general or Biblical meaning, are similar, they represent important symbols in dreams. Today, I’m going to talk about faces from a bible perspective, this is to help us understand the dream. Seeing faces in your dream has many different interpretations, which solely depends on the context and other details in the dream.

What’s the Biblical meaning of faces in a dream?

To dream of face symbolizes “presence” according to the Bible. For example, when Adam and Eve were trying to hide from the “face of God” it was described as hiding from his “presence”. But a face in dreams might also symbolize severity, justice, and anger as presented in the Bible. To provoke the face of God means to sin against him openly. It’s what’s written in the Bible. It’s also written that to see his face you have to access him and enjoy his favor. It’s a privilege that holy angels have.

The face of the Son of God is the person and office of Jesus Christ. This too is written in the Bible and you can notice that the term “face” is mentioned many times as you flick through the text. I do feel, that due to the frequency of how much “faces” are mentioned, this must have important meaning in dreams too. Let’s find out what’s the Biblical meaning of faces in a dream and reveal the hidden message.

Seeing a face in a dream

It represents your higher self and presence on this earth. If you noticed your own face in a dream (either looking at you or seeing yourself via the third person), it might also symbolize the face of God as he’s the one who gave you life and created humanity. It also represents your reputation and how people view at you. However, to reveal how people look at you, you have to remember the look on your face in a dream.

Unseen face in a dream

It signifies a spiritual being. If the face is missing or has a mask on it, it means that you’re hiding your true self, scared of rejection. Or you have darkness inside of you that you want to get rid off but don’t know how. Your dream is trying to help you find your inner peace and feel free again.

Unremembered face

If you can’t remember the face in your dream but you’re pretty sure it was someone’s face, it might reveal that you’ve gained too much insight into someone’s psyche or life, in general. Perhaps you should point your focus on something that really matters and can help you improve your own life.

Biblical Meaning Of Face Areas

  • If you could see your own eyes in a dream (yeah! A bit odd!), it reflects your perceptiveness and insight. However, if you saw someone else’s eyes, it foreshadows the person’s attitude and character. If the eyes seemed sad, the person is probably depressed. Or angry if you saw angry, red glowing eyes. It might be a symbol of Satan as well.
  • If you could see your own nose in a dream, it’s a warning sign for something bad that will happen very soon. If you “smell something” follow your gut and find a way to stop it from happening. However, if you saw someone else’s nose, it means that someone’s trying to mess with your head and tries to gain insight into your mind.
  • If you noticed your own lips, mouth, or tongue, you should ask yourself if someone is trying to communicate with you. Or he/she’s really trying to connect. If you could see an unknown tongue, lips or mouth, it reveals a hidden passion for someone.

Other face symbols in dreams and their interpretation

To see an unknown face in a dream can be scary but, it reveals your lack of socialization. Often, it can mean that you need to make more friends. If you have been hiding away, your dream reveals that you want to socialize with people again. Perhaps, you’ve met an unknown person you want to know better. Or you want to ignore an unknown aspect of yourself. Don’t let your ego get in your way of making friends or entering a relationship.

Biblical meaning of a happy face

To see a sincere, open, happy and sweet face in a dream, means that you will achieve a success very soon. Perhaps you will close a big business deal or achieve one of your most wanted dreams. Or you will finally notice a change in your private life. And by private, I mean love life. If you’re single, maybe you’ve seen the face of a new lover in the dream.

If you could see an angry, gloomy and ugly face, it has the opposite meaning of the sweet one I was just talking about. Perhaps an old enemy will visit you and remind you of your past. However, your past mistakes don’t define you as a person. Remember this. Your current and future actions do. It’s never too late to build a new life for yourself and your loved ones. Alternatively, you’ll experience a failure and the angry face you saw was your own.

Good dream

If you see your own face or the beautiful and fresh face of someone you know in your dream, it means that you should pay more attention to your overall health and take care of your own look for instance. You neglect yourself, your appearance and needs in order to please and look after someone else. It’s time you look after yourself for instance. You might experience a small breakdown. But it’s nothing that you can’t recover from.

Washing face

If you were washing your face in a dream, it reveals your regret and depression. I do think the “washing” is removing an aspect of yourself, it can mean that you probably feel sad about something you did in the past. Do you feel ashamed of yourself or your past actions? Everyone, deserves a second chance like everyone else and you have to forget about your past if you want to start over.

Face is covered

To cover your face with your hands in your dream predicts bad and unfavorable news. It also foreshadows the shame you feel for something you’ve done. In order to prevent this from happening, you should find a way to make it right if it’s possible and let it go.

If you saw somebody else’s reflection in the mirror instead of your own, it’s a negative sign. You may experience some health issues. However, nothing serious. It will serve you as a reminder to take better care of your health in the future. If you saw your reflection in the water, it foretells that you will live a happy, fulfilled and long life as you deserve.

What’s the general meaning of faces in dreams?

We all have a unique face on this planet (except for twins but they’re not completely same if you take a better look), and it’s the first thing other people notice when they see us, or approach us, or pass us by on the streets. Meaning, to see this feature in a dream must have a special message to deliver. It’s more than just an appearance. It’s a hidden message that you can discover by analyzing all the details you could remember and of course, the expression of the face. The expression of the face you saw can help you interpret your dream too. It can also reveal a person’s behavior or attitude towards others. Thus, if you see a content face it represents a person who wants to establish some sort of a relationship with you. But, if you see an angry face, it’s a representation of someone who’s mad at you or frustrated by something you’ve done in waking life.

A beautiful face in a dream

It’s a representation of emotions, kind character, elegance, beauty, and expressing feelings. If it was your face, you’re probably content at the moment.

Your own reflection

It means you’re improving in waking life. You’re probably trying to become a better person if you saw yourself much prettier that you consider yourself to be. However, if you saw an shocking (awful) reflection of your current face, it means it is to re-evaluate. Seeing a blurry reflection of yourself means that your life is chaotic.

Cunning face

This symbolizes a person with cruel intentions toward you in reality (this is the meaning from 1930s dream dictionary)

Large face

If you saw a large person’s face or your own face is suddenly large in a dream, it means that you need to pay attention to what you eat or help someone in life.

Sad face

If you saw a sad face in a dream, perhaps the person in your dream needs your help and support in waking life. It’s recommended that you reach to the person and check how he or she’s doing. Seeing your own sad face means you’re going against your will. Stop it.

Evil face

It symbolizes an enemy you probably don’t know you have. Maybe it’s a person who’s pretending to care for you? So, if your intuition is telling you to stay away from a specific person, listen to it and stay away from odd people. If you saw your own angry face in a dream, it’s a product of the suppressed anger and emotions you keep inside. Our dreams are often reflections of our own state of mind!

Deformed face

If you could see a own deformed face, it means you have turned into a person you don’t recognize. It’s time for a BIG change. How about you change your living place, your so-called “friends” who put you in trouble and your old job that’s making you feel unhappy? It’s time you give your heart a change and allow it to lead your way this time. Seeing someone’s deformed face means that the person needs your advice. To see your OWN face looking odd in the dream can imply the the wrong path and you need to get back on track.

Beaten face

If you noticed your face bleeding or beaten up, perhaps your dream is trying to warn you of a potential danger or trouble before you get involved. Stay away from shady people. But if you saw someone else’s beaten face, it means that you should keep someone you know out of trouble.

Swollen face

A dream about a swollen face can indicate new times are ahead. The swollen face indicates something is coming to an end.

Pimple face dream

A pimple or spots on your face during a dream indicates that you need to care about someone better. It could be a friend going through a hard and difficult time. It is time to focus on what is important. Right now!

Bloody face

If you saw blood on your face in a dream, it means you will have to make a sacrifice to get the things you want in life. Also, you might experience loss and feel like trash. However, if you saw a persons bloody face, you should probably reach out to the person and ask if he or she needs your help. The person needs your support and backup.

Dead face

If you saw the face of a deceased person you knew in a dream, it can be rather worrying, if you knew this person it could be part of the grieving process. In life, we all think about those we love that we have lost. To see your own dead face can mean you fear transformation.  To see a ghost face in a dream, it reveals your fear of death. I don’t know what happens in all our stages of life, but I often think (as I get older) how precious this life is. There is nothing worse than death before our time. However, to live your life to the fullest and don’t worry about it as you should keep on enjoying life. It’s actually a natural process that every living being is going through for once in their life.

I hope you find my article about faces in a dream helpful when you try to interpret a face you saw in your dream.

In your dream you may have

Seen your face. Seen somebody else’s face. Seen a familiar face. Seen an unknown face. Encountered a man or woman with no face. Seen a very scary face. Seen your face reflected in the water. Seen a friendly face. Seen a veiled or covered face. Seen a monkey face. Seen a very beautiful face. Washed your face. Seen your face in a mirror. Encountered another face wearing make-up. If you see a man or women without a face in your dream is trying to hurt you, this means that your past is affecting your future, and it is time to stop living in the past and begin enjoying the present.

Positive changes are afoot if

The face was smiling in the dream. The face revealed your own emotions. The face revealed your joy and happiness.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a face

Curious. Interested. Happy. Sad. Humiliated. Terrified. Optimistic. Hesitant.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012