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An artifact is a cultural or historical object made by a human being.

If you dream of an artifact, it denotes that, there is an aspect of your former self which you have not completely let go. So although you are growing and expanding, you are not forgetting the past. It could also represent a former relationship which you still fondly remember and cherish.

To carry out archaeology in your dream it is a symbol of past desires and wants.

If you found stone tools and this indicates new beginning on the horizon if you dreamed of finding any type of pottery vessels in your dream then this is associated with the need to learn more about yourself.

To find old metal objects, especially through a metal detector is associated with your health. You will have a positive healthy lifestyle.

To find an old weapon indicates you need to distinguish how people influence your life.

To find old bones indicates that other people are going to provide you with advice. To find or dig up an old body is a suggestion that there are many things in the past that still haunt you. Perhaps you had a negative childhood. An archaeological artifact found imagery means you need to push forward in a career.

In this dream

  • A historical object is seen in your dream.
  • You find an artifact in the ground.
  • You found stone tools in the dream.
  • You found metal objects in the dream.
  • You found an old body in the dream.
  • You saw Egyptian artifacts in the dream.
  • You see an old artifact.
  • An artifact has magical powers.
  • You visit a museum and see artifacts

Detailed dream interpretation

If a historical object is seen in your dream this denotes that significant emotions will come to light. There are problems and changes which will happen in your waking life. It signifies that you may encounter a situation that will affect your emotions. This dream is a warning to you to take care.

If you find an artifact in the ground in your dream, depending on what the artifact is - can mean something positive or negative.  It could mean that you are trying to dig up something from your past because it seems to be important to your current situation. It could be that you are going through a challenging time and this dream was due to something that happened in the past. It could be that there is something in your past which is negatively affecting your present because it keeps recurring and tampering with your development agenda.

Egyptian hieroglyphics seen in a dream suggests that you will prevent an attack on yourself. This attack will be emotional. The good news is that you will divert this attack away from you. Seeing an old artifact implies that your past is on your mind. Depending on how the artifacts are portrayed in the dream they can be either good or bad. If you see an artifact of a statue it is related to a relationship. It denotes that your feeling a need for someone to come back into your life.

An artifact that has magical powers that appear in your dream means that there is something which has happened in the past, which, although you do not value it, keeps disturbing you in your present. Someone controls your life. It could include outdated behaviors, beliefs, or the way you view life in general. It could denote that you are relieved that people are not acting ignorantly, dangerous, or primitive. Alternatively, it could reflect your awareness of how in your past, a situation is dangerous. You have just discovered how unsafe, ignorant, or incompetent something is in the past. You are gaining progress and wisdom in your life.

To visit a museum and see old artifacts in your dream implies that you look back to your past in order to help you to stabilize in your future. Your present state of mind seems unstable, and this is why you have hidden inner feelings since your past is stable. All you need is to do is work hard and make sure that things have to be streamlined and stop over relying on the past.

To see an Egyptian artifact is connected to your emotions in waking life. It is associated with how you view your life. This dream may appear indifferent and not have a huge significance. An amulet indicates that you need to move forward with confidence. An ankh symbol in the dream is connected to how other people see you. It indicates that he will gain knowledge from another. A Benben stone suggests that you are going to have the power over a situation.

To see a mummy is a suggestion that you will need assurance in life from another. If the mummy is chasing you in the dream then this suggests that other people will try to interfere your personal affairs. If you feel you have visited a place before in your dream and this can indeed be connected to your certainty that the situation will result positively. If the dream included any type of fear or violence then this can be connected to how you are feeling inside.

Feelings associated with the dream

Strong. Intimidated. Scared. Good. Happy. Old.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017