Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Truth is a trust of conformity of the reality and actuality of someone often based on moral values.

It does not matter that the person is an ordinary guy or some delegate – the truth remains the same for everyone. The belief that you have on that person is known as truth.

The quick questions that come in the mind are that how to know that the dream has any interpretation in real world? Does it has any effect on your personal life or it’s just a dream that has no meaning at all? What decisions you took had been as effective as they normally are when you take them in reality or it is completely opposite scenario? These are some most common question that hit your mind in first position. Luckily, there are answers to them as interpretations of your dream about truth.

Below are some scenarios that are concerned with the interpretation of truth. You can choose it on the basis of the incident, particular person that was involved in such incident and through your inner ability of differentiating between truth or lie and right or wrong.

In your dream you may have

  • Hearing a true story about someone in a dream.
  • Finding truth on the basis of scenario.
  • Truth in love or friendship.
  • Exploring the true value of life in a dream.
  • Choosing a true person for yourself as your life partner.
  • Revealing the truth behind a secret or mystery.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Truly fell in love with someone close to you.
  • Playing with truth of someone who blindly believe on you.
  • Someone is seen taking advantage by manipulating the truth.
  • Share a truth with close friend or relative.

Interpretations of experiences of truth or truthfulness in a dream

  • Patience in holding true secret.
  • Pleasant while speaking the truth.
  • Happiness on gladness on recognizing the true value of life.
  • Cultural harmony and joy by the company of true people.
  • Success gained being true.
  • Inner satisfaction while confessing the truth.
  • Firm belief on a person and on his truthfulness.
  • Supporting a true person or community.

Detailed dream interpretation of truth

To see a dream about truth represents that it’s time for you to make yourself out of the darkness and into the light – the light that will shine on you like a sun and guide you throughout your way to your destination. You have to realize the difference between good and bad, and make yourself clean out of the dirt of lies. It also represents that if are having something in your mind nagging you about something that you did wrong and eventually lied, now it’s time for you to confess your mistake and speak up what is fact; no matter how much bad it is for you to endure.

To see yourself speaking truth in a dream means that you have realize the guilt and now you are repaying it by confessing your mistake in order to regain your inner peace that you might have lost by hiding that misdeed.

Seeing yourself making someone speak the truth foretells that you have a dominating nature and a quality to be a good and just leader.

Feelings that you could experience during a dream about truth

Happiness, moral support, serenity, reliability, responsibility, success, calmness, peace and joy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013