Biblical meaning of birds in dreams

Biblical meaning of birds in dreams

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Biblical interpretations of bird dreams are connected to the glorious parts and mystery of ourselves.

I just love birds and I will briefly explore what they mean from a biblical point of view. Every bird fly's above us, this is a glorious association between the land and sky. Biblically the bird is connected to being a messenger of God. As they are creatures of the air the bird can represent our daily grind in life, connecting the land (grounding) and our hopes (sky). In dreams, we subconsciously think about what bothers us, our worries and hopes. The bird can be a message from God to say that we are cared for, looked after and protected. In waking life birds are often kept in cages, as pets - in order to bring joy and beauty to their songs and chirping. There is a deep mystical association with birds and often people feel drawn to them in waking life. Perhaps in your dream you saw a hawk soaring through the sky alternatively a sparrow on the garden lawn. It is important that we interpret the signs from a biblical viewpoint in order to define and discover the inner secrets hidden in this dream. I'm Flo and scroll down to understand your dream.

From a biblical perspective, the dream of birds can indicate an explosion of blessings upon you. The Bible provides us with amazing insight into the layers of meaning which allows us to understand what things can REALLY mean. In order to research this dream meaning, I analyzed many different Scriptures, some boring and others were insightful. When I read back over the text hidden signs and messages appeared. In regards to the birds found in the Bible most are connected to salvation, sacrifice and above all desire.

Often, I do feel that when we look at the meaning of birds in the Bible we are reflecting on our own inner instincts. I’m inviting you here to try to understand your dream with the teachings of the Bible. Birds are mentioned in many places in the Bible from the beginning to the end. Even taking the simple notion that the birds themselves are messengers.

I have concluded that when we dream it means God is sending a message to our subconscious mind. It may be that you are not feeling as free as you should do in life. If we look at Genesis we read that God hovers over the water - just like a dove. The Raven is released by Noah and birds gorge on the flesh of the beast in Revelation. A pigeon accompanies Jesus on his visit to a temple. In parts of the Bible, birds have been connected to refuge. In my view, birds themselves are often represented as hope and strength of the spirit of God. You and I can identify with birds because we watch them and understand them. As soon as you step outside you will be able to hear birds. If we turn to Genesis 1 God stated “ let birds fly” and “let birds multiply.” Based on this passage if you saw a flock of birds in your dream it can indicate that you are looking for freedom in life. The pigeon or dove was mentioned as a spirit of God. The baptism of Jesus the text outlines that the spirit and heavens open up like a dove. In biblical terms a pigeon seen in a dream indicates innocence. Pigeons were used as spies in wars and also bring with them symbolism of peace and harmony.

Birds are what I call omnipresent, there is much dream lore around them. Many cultures in history believe that birds have been a symbolism of inspiration and also the carriers of a message from god. Biblically they were connected with traveling between land in heaven. In folklore, there was a term known as “augury” which basically means that in ancient times people observed how birds fly and this provided insight into our future. In ancient history, birds were studied in order to give clues to the weather and also predict the future. All in all, birds were used and are still used today for spiritual guidance. In many ancient dream books, the interpretation of "bird" dreams indicates that we are free of restrictions in life. There are many types of superstitions around different types of birds. For example, the crow indicates that you should lock your front door. Alternatively, Robin indicated new ventures. In our modern world, we don’t tend to use these older superstitions. In order to understand a bird symbolism, we can turn to the Bible and uses of the language to understand common messages.

What does it mean biblically if you suffer an attack regarding birds in a dream?

For this, I am going to turn to Ishtar, a sexy goddess from Babylonian. She was connected to a dove and associated with being pure and innocent. This goddess is associated with passion, sex, and war. I won’t go into the story here but basically, in this she broke a birds wing. This for me rustled up the interpretation of attacking birds are connected to how we function in relationships.

Different cultures and religions had various interpretations and meanings of birds, especially evil birds.

Evil birds in dreams

However, who’s to tell if a bird’s evil or not? How can you say that a bird’s evil just because of the dark color it has? Or because it doesn’t sing a happy song as some other birds do? Various birds are associated with different positive and negative things in the Bible. Some birds were even used as symbols of Christianity. And dreaming of one of those birds means that God’s trying to connect with a person through their dream. But according to biblical scripture (which I will look at shortly) a dreamed about evil birds, it meant that Satan wants to visit your dreams. Let’s check out some of the good and evil birds in the Bible.

White Dove

According to the Bible, this bird represents the Holy Spirit. A white dove will usually appear when positive stores are described in the Holy Bible. Their presence is often followed by blessings from the Lord and positive associations.

Robin bird

According to an old tale, this bird got red chest while protecting the Son of God, Jesus Christ from a fire. Meaning, it’s one of the most important bird symbols in Christianity.


The peacock represents immortality and eternity because of an ancient belief that the body of this bird doesn’t even rotten. It’s also one of the few positive bird symbols.


As you can assume by the name of the blackbird, it represents a symbol of temptation, sin, evilness, and darkness. According to the Bible, the blackbird was sent by the Devil.


Surprisingly, this beautiful bird represents a symbol of resurrection and renewal due to an ancient belief that it can regain youth by flying high to the sun and falling fast into the water. Meaning, this one also belongs to the list of good bird symbols in the Bible.


Unlike other birds in the Bible, the Falcon has two meanings. It’s represented as a sign of evil and evil thoughts in one portrayal, while in another, it signifies gentile turned to Catholicism. Meaning, it’s sort of an evil bird but not entirely. It’s both evil and good.

Goldfinch bird

In the Bible, this bird is often presented as the symbol of Passion of God and is often illustrated in photos of Jesus Christ. Meaning, it’s also a Christian positive bird symbol.


Goose is a representation of providence and vigilance in the Bible, while Lark signifies humility. The owl symbolizes the Prince of Darkness or Satan, while Partridge remains a symbol of the truth and the Church. However, it had a dual nature. Meaning, it was also a symbol of Satan and deceit. I don’t have to mention that the raven was a symbol of evilness, wickedness and the devil, do I? Sparrows remained a symbol of incarnation.


This bird represented a symbol of heresy, destruction of the humankind and the Devil, itself, while Stork signifies piety, chastity, and vigilance. However, it was also seen as a bird that announces the arrival of God and spring. As you can notice, the Bible had its own meaning for every bird in the world. Some of them represented both goodness and evilness. However, let’s check out what’s the Biblical meaning of these birds in dreams.

What’s the Biblical meaning of different birds in a dream?

  • If you could see a white dove in your dream, it represents your innocence and purity but also symbolizes a spiritual presence. It might also represent a warning sign about something you want to. You don’t want to do it the right way. Vengeance poisoned your heart with hatred and you’re on the wrong path in life. It’s time for a big change. Let God and Karma do their thing and keep your hands clean. The white dove in your dream is also a representation of clean energy and love.
  • If you saw baby birds in your dream, it can suggest that you are about to experience liberation and transcendence from something that’s been bothering you for too long. Perhaps you will finally realize your ideas and plans that will change the course of your future. You will finally experience big success and make your loved ones proud.
  • If you saw dead birds in your dream, it foretells failure or disappointment. It might mean working hard. Or at home. Your dream is sending a warning. Open your eyes to prevent something bad from happening. Or prepare yourself to overcome a challenge. Perhaps you’re running away from personal issues or trying to ruin someone’s life. Your dream and the Lord are strongly advising you against it.
  • If you were feeding birds in your dream, you’re probably focused on building your career or working on a project that’s of big importance to you. Perhaps you’re trying to realize a small idea in order to realize a bigger one after.
  • If you saw bird eggs in the dream, it represents a symbol of hope, innocence, and realization of goals. Perhaps you’re focused on your future too much that you’re missing the present moment. If the eggs were broken, expect failure.
  • If you saw a flying bird in a dream, it reveals your current mental state. You probably feel free like a bird yourself. What’s been bothering you for a long time is finally gone. Enjoy life.
  • If you saw a bird in a cage in a dream, it reveals how you feel about your own freedom. Is there someone who’s making you feel trapped or manipulated? Perhaps you think you’re followed by your past wherever you go, however, the truth is the opposite. Your past doesn’t have power over you unless you give it. It’s time to let go of it and enjoy the present moment. Don’t let your past mistakes define you. Everyone deserves a second chance. Give it to yourself.
  • To see a bluebird in a dream represents a symbol of calmness and releasing negativity. Perhaps you finally gathered the courage to say ‘goodbye’ to those who acted like they were in charge of your life. Perhaps you realized that the only one in charge of your life is yourself. If not, today is the day you do it.
  • To see a red bird in a dream represents a symbol of passion, freedom but also danger. Meaning, your dream is probably a warning. Perhaps you’re getting in a dangerous relationship with a person who’s not right for you. Something seems off, however, you choose to listen to your passion, instead of your intuition. Now it’s not a good time for another heartbreak. Walk away before it’s too late again.
  • To see a blackbird in a dream suggests that you should find a way to fill up that emptiness you feel inside. The “black” of this bird can represent feeling depressed. It’s time you take destiny in your hands and shape it as you want.
  • If you were cutting a bird’s wings in your dream, then this can be a worrying dream - to say the least! It means that you are feeling stuck in life.That you need to meditate to “spread your wings again.”

Common bird dreams and their interpretation

Dreams of people getting attacked by birds are frequent. However, have you ever wondered what’s the hidden message behind this type of dreams? As you can probably assume, to be attacked by a bird or many birds in your dream represents a warning regarding your waking life. Being attacked by birds or a few birds in your dream is an unpleasant situation. However, birds, in general, are carriers of negative bad feelings.

Meaning, they usually reflect how you actually feel at the moment. So, if you’re being attacked by a bird or many birds in your dream, you probably feel attacked, betrayed or hurt by some people in your life. Perhaps a person you trusted failed your trust and betrayed you. If you feel attacked in your waking life by someone you do or don’t know, you will probably dream of the same uncomfortable situation.

Hawks and parrots in dreams have specific meaning in dreams. As you know, parrots are known for talking and seeing one in your dream might represent a voice trying to reveal hidden things you don’t want to accept about yourself. And if you notice a Hawk in your dream, it might symbolize witchcraft practice. Eagles also have a special symbolism in dreams. If you see one, it means that you should experience an attack from an enemy. Or pay close attention to a person or a situation that seems suspicious to you.

Being attacked by ‘birds’ in a dream doesn’t always need to have a negative meaning because it’s also possible that you’re being warned about something dangerous that you should pay attention to. Aside from the meanings of ‘evil birds’, you can also interpret a bird attack or seeing a blackbird in your dream as a warning signal of potential danger.

I sincerely hope you find this article on the biblical meaning of birds in dreams useful and you found helpful when trying to interpret your bird dream. I’ve discussed the Biblical meaning of evil birds in a dream and mentioned the symbolism of each bird in the Bible. And, like always, I had a lot of fun while writing it.

By Flo Saul
Feb 13, 2018