Theme Park

Theme Park

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are you seeing the image of a theme park in your dreams occasionally?

The theme park in your dreams means that you need a break from your daily activities.

In the dream you may see

  • The open gates of the theme park.
  • The rides in the theme park.
  • The different sections of the theme park.
  • The closed gates of the theme park.
  • A totally dark theme park.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are having a great time in the theme park.
  • You are enjoying the rides in the theme park.
  • You are having good food at the restaurants of the theme park.
  • You are finding the sections of the theme park very interesting.
  • You are able to find in the theme park the amusement you were looking for.

Detailed dream interpretations

The theme park with its myriad forms of amusement, picture galleries depicting the history of the people, thrilling rides and visits to make believe places of fantasy, is the perfect form of escape from the tedious humdrum of real life. The image of a theme park appearing in your dreams means that you want to visit a theme park where you can have a great time or simply that you are desiring excitement, fun, and change in your day to day life.

You may have been working very hard in your real life situation and you feel that you need some rest from your daily activities. The tiredness in your real life work makes you dream of visiting a theme park with your family and enjoying a day out by having rides, visiting the picture galleries, reliving history and fantasy together.

When you are feeling great in real life and you are looking forward to do something which is interesting and entertaining as well as adventurous, you may have a dream of being in a theme park where you are able have a lively day by fulfilling your urge for something which encompasses adventure as well as entertainment.

Sometimes you have a dream where you see yourself engaged in frivolous activities in a theme park. The symbolism means that you are not taking things seriously in your real life and you should change your attitude immediately.

If you find yourself in your dream to be standing in a theme park which is dark and desolate with not a living thing around, then it signifies that there is a definite lack of things in your real life that may give you enjoyment and you have a high level of craving for them. Another meaning of this dream is feeling like you are alone, without a person to share the joys in your life with. It can be a desire to have another person close to you.

If you have visited theme parks earlier and have a fear of the rides offered by it or you have any repulsion about anything there, you may see the theme park which you hate to visit appearing in your dreams. These dreams are often recollection dreams indicating a past feeling rather than something going on currently or in the future. It can also be a way for your psyche to reflect fear, loss, or loneliness in your past and linked with a worry that repeat patterns are happening in your life currently.

You may have a dream where you are having a ride when something breaks down and that you are stuck. The symbolism signifies that you are having a bumpy ride in your real life and everything is not going as smoothly as it should. This can be a sign that blockages in your life right now are not your fault or that you feel helpless in your current situation as well.

A dream of a theme park in front of you with closed doors symbolizes that you are not letting yourself any time or allowance to enjoy the things in real life and the dream is telling you to let go of this adamant attitude and taste the good things life offers you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a theme park dream may be

Curios, tired, overjoyed, interested, adventurous, depressed, frivolous, serious, repulsed, dissatisfied and dejected.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013