Kissing dream meaning

Kissing Dream Meaning

Kissing in dreams is about getting out of pain. Let me explain, now all your neurological pathways are there to help you feel pleasure and avoid pain. These patterns are well-established and can have side effects. However, once you realize that they can help you get out of pain, you will continue to use them because you know there is no better way to feel the emotions you want. What pain do you need to free yourself from? Many people reach a point in their lives where they need to make changes. They link pain and pleasure to their old patterns. Sometimes they even break their patterns. They can't replace the old pattern after that! I am here to share that this dream is exciting, it means that you need to unmask your true calling.

When we kiss someone we form a bond - spiritually. Surprisingly this bond is unbreakable and sometimes the kiss in the dream is sensual or rather urgent. The tempo of the kiss in the dream is important in order to recognize the true meaning. Kissing in dreams is associated with many different things but overall to have a kissing dream is an adversary and a symbol of happiness and contentment. Kissing in a dream can suggest that it is time to think about how you interact with others. If you are kissing someone you should not be then this shows that you are hiding the truth from others. 


We all encounter crazy things happening: destruction, death, trauma and on our road of life we will crash as we run to overcome bumps in the road. If people want to leave your life then the one thing is to let them go you won't even remember them in years to come, dreaming of kissing an ex-partner can indicate that it's time to walk away. We all panic when we feel that time is running out. You know you have the desire and passion and but you get old, when you start running out of time this strongly affects how we succeed. I'm too old to get a new job, I'm too old to do my exams again, I'm too old to have another baby. I'm too old to go through this again, I'm too old to find a new partner so you end up never getting anywhere. The dream is connecting you to others spiritually to let you know that time never runs out if you grasp all the opportunities in life.  Dreaming of kissing can symbolize many things depending on who you kissed and how.

Is the kiss real feelings for someone?

Sometimes in life, we feel an attraction towards someone but it is hard to see. We don't want to be attracted to people who do things we are not happy with or who belong to another, or it just feels so wrong to have an attraction in waking life. Most people don't want to feel attracted to a coworker they will be working with for some time, for instance. There are many situations in which it is not possible to have emotions towards another you know you should not feel. We refuse to even think about it. The dreaming mind is not like that and will gladly give you a taste of forbidden fruit (should I say) every now and again. It is usually easy to see that there are undercurrents toward the dream of kissing someone after such a dream. These types of dreams are also very sensual and real. 

Who did you kiss and how in the dream?

  • Kissing on the lips in a dream indicates you will become involved with a new lover, you should be one of prosperity and good habits
  • Dreams about kissing a friend's partner: dreaming of kissing a friend's husband or boyfriend denotes that you don't necessarily feel attracted to them it is a spiritual message of deceit. That there is a focus on problems in your relationship with a friend
  • Dreams about french kissing: kissing passionately can indicate a new love is coming your way
  • Dreams about kissing a strange man can indicate the immediate future is unpropitious, but there are indications of a better time to follow in love
  • Dreaming about kissing a crush can indicate harmony or love in the relationship.
  • Dream of kissing your boss can suggest that you will prosper at work
  • Dream of kissing a friend indicates a socially content time
  • Dreams of kissing in the dark indicate that you will uncover something important
  • Dreams about kissing your Father indicates that prosperity will be yours and there will be a focus on a new relationship
  • Dreams about kissing your Mother predicts you will have understanding into a situation that you have longed ignored
  • Dreams of kissing a brother or sister suggest that you regard one with suspicion who will shortly seek to become on friendly terms with you, that person is influenced by selfish motives
  • Dreams of kissing children can predict favorable months ahead for your schemes, according to this dream
  • Kissing a strange woman signifies the ensuing year should be one of prosperity and good health

Let’s start with the experts so you can uncover the “official” meaning of kissing in your dream. Sigmund Freud was a famous dream psychologist in the 1920s who decoded many different types of dreams. In Freudian terms the dream of “kissing” is part of our “life force” he believed that our dreams demonstrated our inner repressed desires in waking life. He also believed that dream of kissing was associated with our hidden desires or morals waking life.

Freud analyzed many different “sex” dreams and determined that kissing was associated with the symbolic subconscious mind in our waking life. In particular, his writings were very much focused on sex dreams, he believed that these dreams were somewhat reflective of one’s daily life. But is the kissing dream literal in its sense? I feel that it depends on who you are kissing! 

Dream of kissing someone you know in real life

If you dream of kissing somebody that you fancy or your crush this indicates that great times are planned for the future. If you are kissing someone you do not know, or someone you should not kiss, then this dream indicates possible feelings of guilt. You need to focus on the fact that this dream may symbolize the desire for promotion at work, or even partnership. Let's deal with the physical act of kissing in order to understand the dream interpretation. 

To dream that you passionately kiss someone you know in the dream means that you have a life that cannot possibly make you happy. It is time to review your life! To dream of a kiss given out of hypocrisy indicates that you might have a short illness, but also social disappointments. The dream can also suggest that you will experience some special feelings with someone. The kiss can be defined as “the flowering of passion and lust” in a dream along with the specific details in a dream can answer how such a dream can be a sign of how the dreamer is fulfilling love in the waking world.

Kissing dreams are about the spiritual connection

As I mentioned above about spiritual connection, but more importantly one's emotional state plays a large part in directing your dream, in the same way, a pain in your stomach will direct you in waking life. This may transform into something more serious. The most important part of a dream of kissing - is the actual sensation of the kiss itself. This is generally associated with how you feel in waking life, so if it was soft then you feel calm. If rough or unpleasant then things in life may be difficult to digest.

How you deal with kissing your dream is very much about how you motivate yourself in life. This dream can also be a sign that you have come to terms with a past event in your life. If you see yourself kissing a friend goodbye, then it can be a sign that you have moved on in life to something more challenging for example. If you are feeling emotionally unstable during your dream, then this reveals your discomfort of facing circumstances relating to work. If you dream of kissing a partner of the same sex, then this is not likely to be a homosexual desire, but rather it is more about the fact that you want to feel comfortable in your daily existence. It is clear that there is an area of your life that needs change, in order for you to become who you should be in life. Maybe some area of your life is missing, and the dream of kissing is an indication that you need to find comfort and dignity going forward.

Since, trying to decode this dream, I am assuming that you were who you were in real life. When we “kiss” another we are giving part of ourselves to another. Kissing gives us a spiritual connection with another. In your dream, it could mean that you are kissing someone you know, someone you don’t know, or even an animal or object. Do you remember at school trying to understand the best way to kiss? We even secretly discussed with our friends the good and bad kissers, during those sleepover nights. Well … kissing in dreams can hold many various meanings depending on the setting and the person in the dream. If you dream of making out with someone you know or did not know all means something. That nightly kissing vision in your mind actually paves the way to “mean” something. So, in order to decode this dream, it depends more on who you shared that sneaky kiss with, where they kissed you and more importantly, how you were feeling in the dream.

What does a dream of kissing mean?

Yes, firstly, it is a positive dream that is the first thing we want to tell you is that the kiss itself in important. Did you enjoy the kiss? Did you dislike the kiss? If the kiss was positive it means that you will eventually get what you want from life. To have an unpleasant experience in the dream of kissing suggests that there are many different aspects of yourself that need to be covered. The kiss itself can also suggest nurturing and feeling at ease in life. Sometimes we worry about our work, family or how we are perceived by others. By not enjoying the kiss in the dream can be reflective of our inner anxieties of life. We have decoded many kissing dreams below and given a detailed interpretation so scroll down to uncover your dream now!

What does kissing on the lips in a dream mean?

The lips in spiritual terms suggest connection, love, passion, and also happiness in life. To kiss another person on the lips in a dream indicates that you will encounter better communication in life, it may be that you are waiting for someone to respond to you or that you are looking forward to hearing some important news from work. Kissing dreams are popular and it is thought someone has a dream of “kissing” at least once a year. 

What do types of kisses mean in a dream?

The actual type of “kiss” you encountered in the dream is important.  This is the first thing to decode! There are many different types of kisses and each one symbolizes various things. Firstly, let’s look at the passionate kiss. This is a dream of sharing the moment with somebody we love or you feel that buzz of passion! Alternatively, a French kiss that is passionate and we feel a strong sense of bonding. The more passionate the kiss in the dream, the more significant it is in connection with your relationships and waking life.

So what about that nurturing kiss. The kiss you give somebody to say goodbye alternatively because you give a child or baby? A nurturing kiss in a dream indicates that you are feeling vulnerable at the moment,  it can suggest that you may be worried about your financial circumstances or alternatively are not feeling cared for by your lover, friends, or family.  It can simply mean that you care more for others and they do for yourself.

We need to care deeply about the things in life and sometimes we are preoccupied with all the hustle and bustle of daily life - especially things that need to be completed every day. In this case, if you can feel the gentleness of the kiss in the dream - it is almost spiritual in feeling.  To encounter the nurturing type of kiss indicates you need to feel more love. If you dream of a forced kiss all that you do not want to kiss in the dream then this can indicate there is an external situation that requires your attention. It can symbolize there is something that you do not like in your environment,  it could simply be that you are feeling disorganized and you need to clean up your mess.  This could be your willingness to move forward in life.

What does it mean of being kissed in a dream?

Being kissed in a dream is rather a common dream to have. If your dream involves kissing somebody you know it can indicate romance or passion in regards to that relationship. Also, just that you appreciate that relationship. Try to keep your mind clear while decoding this dream. However, this dream doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be jumping into bed with the actual person that you kissed in your dream. It could be symbolic in that it is associated with your own tenderness in life and can represent messages internally and of self.  this can include that you need to spend time fixing yourself some way. Perhaps you are feeling vulnerable. Naturally, you properly have woken up wondering what on earth that dream was all about! As a dream is very much connected to a story that will build in mind it can also suggest that you are trying to deal with a stressful situation in life and that the kiss itself, being blown at you is a suggestion that calm times will await you!

What kissing your crush or boyfriend/girlfriend in a dream means?

Oh, so you had a dream of kissing your crush? What a wonderful dream to have. But does this mean you will be together in the future? The answer is maybe. When we dream of kissing someone it generally means we have a spiritual connection to that person. Was your crush male or female? Is your crush a gentle giant? This could be a small grain of gold in regards to your future relationship. This dream can signify that you have hidden and deep meaning in this certain relationship. We must look at compatibility if you’re trying to figure out ways to ensure that you have a relationship with a person then it can sometimes materialize in our subconscious mind while we are asleep it is not uncommon to have such dreams. I do believe that if you do dream of the crush that you will eventually either be together all move on to somebody else. This is powerful, nurturing a dream and it could be reciprocal!

What does it mean to kiss your ex-boyfriend in a dream?

To kiss your ex-boyfriend in a passionate kiss during the dream can symbolize a new start in a relationship. If you are a women and you kiss a man in a dream - you tend to be in touch with your masculine side in life. To kiss a man (when you are a man in real life) in a dream is also connected to a new start. The gender is worth mentioning. This type of dream can suggest that you are in tune with the female side in life - there are worries about a relationship.  To enjoy kissing your ex-boyfriend in a dream can also symbolize you may miss them. You may want a partner with a strong intellect who is respectful of you, the fact that you are kissing an ex-boyfriend indicates that there is something missing in your current relationships - what is it you’re looking for? 

Did you find yourself back at school in your dream?

If you are kissing an ex-boyfriend from school or you are going back in time in the dream, this indicates that there are many different feelings that you have your past which is currently making you feel vulnerable. Try to be prepared to listen to other people and not be on the attack or be too defensive. To play kiss chase in a dream indicates you are feeling the need to connect with others. Spin the wheel in a dream involving kissing someone denotes that you will meet someone interesting in the future.

What does it mean to kiss an ex-girlfriend in a dream?

An ex-girlfriend featured in your dream illustrates the “part of you” that misses this person. You need to learn the art of communicating with females around you. There may be a need to find new ways of expressing your thoughts so you do not hurt people’s feelings. There is a willingness also to let go. The fact that you are dreaming of an ex-girlfriend indicates that you may miss this relationship and it is necessary to surrender your passion and work on your own inner desires. The advice is to try to watch what you say to females in the near future. All you want out of life is a good job that provides financial stability.  If you enjoyed kissing your ex-girlfriend in the dream then the question is: are you happy in your current relationship? It could also just be a dream that is connected to the past and actually not mean anything if you are happy and content in waking life.

Did you kiss a stranger in a dream?  

This is a very interesting dream and the gender of the “stranger” is important. If you are kissing a stranger then this stranger can symbolize your determination and willingness in life. The stranger itself can also suggest that you are looking for a change. In a relationship, you like to be with somebody who is secure and knows exactly what they want. To kiss a stranger in the dream means you need to take charge of your life and focus on the direction. To dream of kissing a female stranger indicates that you are looking for adventure, happiness, and joy. There is an actual plan at work. If you dream of kissing a male stranger than the vibration of the dream is actually masculine in nature. The male stranger can symbolize something internally that is stopping you from progressing. Perhaps you’ve been comfortable sitting on the couch or not finding a job, and this dream is a wake-up call that you need to focus on your goals and actually plan on how to attain your desires. To kiss an old person who is a stranger denotes that you should not let others get in your way of your goals. You will need to map them out clearly!

Did you kiss a female friend in a dream?

To kiss a female friend in a dream is rarely “sexual” in nature. It can suggest that the “kiss” you have in your dream is connected to how you view the relationship you have. To know the friend in a dream of kissing illustrates that you will not only encounter a nurturing and caring female but you will also focus on finding a new love relationship or just a friendship that will bring fireworks to your life. The kiss itself is a spiritual base that we must believe in,  therefore to kiss a woman you know indicates that you are looking to expand your curious mind you are constantly looking for new knowledge. 

In the dream you may meet a female that has high energy and enjoys being busy,  in conclusion, to kiss a friend in a dream illustrates you can have many different options in life - and this dream is associated with the actual relationship that you have in waking life with this female friend. Very rarely does this dream actually suggest a sexual connection but more friendship that grows into a relationship. This relationship is filled with not only kindness but also love. The fact that this dream was featured in your subconscious mind means that the relationship is intelligently stimulating.

Did you kiss a male friend in a dream?  

To see yourself kissing a male friend indicates that realistically you have high expectations of that person. To know the person that you kissing the dream overall suggests that you have a great friendship with this male.  If you are male yourself and you see yourself kissing another male then this is not sexual in nature it just signifies that this person is important in your life. It is more of a brother-sister relationship. At times you find this friendship challenging - but it serves you well in waking life. You have a nurturing playful side towards this friendship. If you are female and you dream of kissing a male friend this can suggest that the relationship is important for you but sometimes you become overwhelmed with the feelings that you have in connection with this friendship. The kiss is a vibration of psychic energy and the connection to that friend in waking life.

Did you kiss a family member in a dream?

Kissing a family member in a dream is connected to our creative ways in waking life. Perhaps you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately? Family dreams signify our own nurturing and caring feelings towards others. To kiss your grandparents, either your grandmother or grandfather illustrates that you bring happiness to others in various ways. To kiss a family member in a sexual way is not literal sense, it can suggest that you have a very strong connection with your family and you hope that your family does nurture and care for you the way that you do for them.  To kiss an Uncle in a dream suggests unresolved family issues. To kiss a Stepdad in a dream indicates that you are looking for somebody to care for you in waking life. To kiss a step mother indicates you are yearning for being nurtured in a situation in waking life. If you see yourself kissing your Aunt in your dream then this suggests you are trying to improve a relationship with a female family member. To kiss a cousin in a dream is a direct indication of how you feel about that relationship,  perhaps this cousin needs your help in waking life? Kissing a niece or nephew in a dream can denote happy times in the future.

What does it mean to kiss someone you do not like in a dream?

If you dream that you are kissing somebody that you do not have any desire for, alternatively you do not like this person in waking life or in the dream state can indicate that you are going to put up with a situation that is unfair, demanding, controlling and also manipulating. Generally, this situation is very hard to live with. It can also signify that somebody has shut down sexually in your waking life. It can cause great frustration and worry. To dream that you are kissing somebody that you detest illustrates that you may be working on removing yourself from a relationship. Sometimes you are looking at a relationship that you have with another in waking life wondering if it is worth it. If it is not a love life could possibly be from a work perspective. To dream of kissing a rapist in your dream suggest that you feel controlled in waking life and there is little communication in a relationship. Try not to feel too neglected and ignored you can work things out in the future.  In ancient dream dictionaries kissing somebody you do not like the dream indicates that you feel something is missing in your life.  If you kiss somebody that you do not like waking life, then this dream is associated with how you uncover joy in life. It can be connected to the fact that you need to be more independent.

Did you kiss your brother in your dream?

There are different types of kisses, a passionate kiss, friendly kiss, or a loving kiss. What type of kiss was it? If you are kissing your brother in your dream then this is how you feel connected to the relationship. If kissing your brother is sexual in nature then as we have already concluded in the passage above regarding kissing a family member that this dream is not literal in its sense. It is about having sexual desires.  Kissing a brother in a dream can also suggest in ancient dream dictionaries that there will be a fight or conflict in the future. You will overcome this conflict and everything will work out in the end.

Did you kiss your mother in your dream?

We all at times dream of our mother. The relationship that you have with your mother in waking life is also important to mention. Society always assumes that we have a wonderful relationship with our mother but sometimes it is not the case. If you have any conflict with your mother in waking life and you dream of kissing her, then this can suggest that you want to make up for lost time. To dream of kissing your mother before she dies can be a very sad and emotionally challenging dream.  In this sense,  the dream itself denotes the love that you feel for your mother. If you are a child in the dream and you kiss your mother, this can indicate you just need care and attention at the moment.  To simply kiss your mother in a dream indicates that you enjoy each other’s company. There must be care taken and focus on what actually matters in your life at the moment.

Did you kiss someone randomly in a dream?

To suddenly run up to someone in a dream and give them a big kiss, seeing someone on the street and kissing them or alternatively just be out in a nightclub in the dream and kissing someone - all have different meanings. Basically, kissing someone randomly in the dream is a vibration of our sexual power.  It can suggest that we are feeling rather unloved in life and we need to have more focus on ourselves or others need recognition of our own desires.  To be grasped passionately by some random stranger illustrates that you are feeling rather unloved at the moment. If you see yourself in the dream having a passionate kiss on the lips this can suggest that you need to review your love life going forward.

What do recurring dreams of being kissed mean?

So you have these dreams regularly? I bet you are wondering why and what they are all about. Literally to dream of kissing more than once a month is a reflection of the consistent sense of insecurity and vulnerability in your waking life. It is really an anxiety dream. It can suggest that you feel exposed mentally, physically, or emotionally, and this gives rise to such dreams. Everyone dreams, every night, and yet we tend to not think too much about the dream unless it crops up on more than one occasion. The good news is that a kissing dream is positive. I bet you wake up thinking we control them and if we try to interpret them? Did you know that you don’t just have one dream each night, but instead loads of them, and we may not always remember them? During the night our dreams are every 60-90 minutes. The first dream is normally about 3 minutes long, but some can be around 60 minutes long! So, to have more than one dream of kissing can mean that you should not rely too much on the meaning and it just means that you are emotionally worried in real life!

What does it mean to kiss your baby in a dream?

Babies are wonderful omens to be featured in the dream. They not only denote innocence but kissing your baby can suggest many positive things. Read on!  For those of us that don’t have children or babies is rather strange to have this type of dreaming. If you are kissing the baby on the forehead or nursing your baby in the dream then this suggests that you are feeling nurturing care towards your baby. It is literal in its sense. We all have normal dreams about our own babies or pregnancies. But if the dream is unusual in any way then it is sometimes hard to decode. If you dream of other people holding and nurturing your baby and this indicates you are trying to give away your own responsibility in life. A baby who turns up in a dream can signify many different aspects that notably if you are showing love and kissing the baby in a dream it can indicate happiness, overcoming anxiety, purity and also peace in life. The baby itself can be a symbolism of your own vulnerable state in waking life.  seeing a baby in the dream indicates that you will be looking forward to exciting developments in the future. To kiss a baby on the forehead in a dream can signify new possibilities of life.

Did you kiss with the tongue in a dream?

To kiss with your tongue in a dream can denote good times, to encounter a “french kiss” in your dream is a symbolism of power and control. Try to take good care of yourself and your health as a priority. You should also think about being loyal to others. To kiss with the tongue can also illustrate that you have passion for the future. So let’s look for a moment at ancient dream dictionaries - kissing with the tongue can symbolize that in the past you have been frustrated or discouraged. The French kiss can be defined as sharing a bit of emotional information that is important to others. Maybe you have been operating in the dark for too long. Try to be prepared to listen to others is also the key message of the dream.

Biting the upper or lower lip in the kiss 

To bite while kissing in a dream illustrates dishonesty, laziness, and stinginess. If you are biting somebody when kissing - try to enjoy all the wonders of the world has to offer. To see somebody bite your upper or lower lip while kissing indicates that you do not care about material things but it is important to be realistic in life not have too many illusions. The actual “biting” action when kissing in a dream takes away the spiritual connection meanings and it is a dream of action and control.

What taking control of the kiss in the dream means?  

Do you take control of life? Did somebody else take control of the kiss in a dream? The actual person that took control of the kiss is important. If you kiss someone passionately and you could not wait to rip their clothes off in the dream then you will meet somebody who has a great sense of humor, a great laugh, and his kind in general and generally optimistic in spiritual this does not necessarily need to be a sexual partner but generally somebody in waking life.

Do you pull away from a kiss in a dream?

If you pulled away from a kiss in the dream this indicates that there is somebody that you can count on in life. This person may not be a sexual partner but more a person who provides you with moral support and guidance. The actual action of pulling away from them in a dream indicates that you are creating barriers in waking life. On a more negative note try not to take advantage of other people’s generosity. You may encounter somebody who is very giving and should try to reciprocate even if you are not comfortable with all that they have to give. It can also indicate that you are going to be pretty intuitive in the future so do not hesitate when it comes to giving to others this may not be financial but also emotional.

Were your lips were chapped in a dream of kissing?  

To see chapped lips imagery can suggest that there is a challenge in the future. But wait… what does this mean? To kiss chapped lips could not be a very pleasant experience from a symbolic sense of view means you do not take criticism well to try not to nag nitpick. The most important advice I can give you, having such a dream is to try to understand other people better. If you have chapped lips yourself in the dream then it indicates you are feeling a sense of judgment towards other people in life.  When I reviewed over 50 dream dictionaries on kissing this only one covered chapped lips.  Therefore, this dream is somewhat unusual,  however, the meaning is focused on trying to understand others better.

Did you wear lip gloss when kissing that made your face sticky in a dream?  

Oh...all us ladies love our lip gloss. Lipgloss to some degree has taken over lipstick in modern times.  In order to decode this dream, it was apparent that lipstick needed to be reviewed in conjunction with lip gloss. So what does it mean when you kiss somebody leave a sticky residue? It’s no different in terms of the definition outlined above. However, to leave a “sticky” mark on somebody after kissing them illustrates that you are looking for emotional support that is everlasting. What a lovely dream to have!  The actual person you are kissing is also significant.  To leave a lipstick mark on somebody’s cheek indicates that you don’t want to feel tied down in life, but you want that everlasting support from.

What does kissing your ex-lover in a dream mean?

Oh yes.. the old chestnut of kissing your ex-lover can indicate that you are simply missing them in waking life. Many dreams of kissing your ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, or girlfriend suggest that as the relationship has ended but you are reviewing the relationship in your subconscious mind, in your dream state.  We all have connections with people's life spiritually. These relationships end and new relationships begin.  Having a dream of kissing your ex-lover can sometimes symbolize that you are not feeling happy or content in a relationship that you currently have. It can often indicate that you are yearning for the desire that you felt for the ex-partner. 

The most important thing to realize is that the dream is not literal in its sense, in that you’re not going to get back with this ex-partner.  We all focus and live on a spiritual plane and sometimes people think about us like you are thinking and dreaming of your ex-partner.  If your ex-lover has been thinking about you for a while it is sometimes normal to have dreams of them, such as kissing or having sex with them.  What I’m trying to say is that we will have a spiritual connection with somebody. Think of it as an invisible magnetic pull of energy.  Therefore, if your ex-lover has been thinking about recently it is not uncommon for you to think about them - due to the invisible magnetic pull of spiritual energy. Yes, it is a very popular dream,  it does not mean that you are going to get back with your ex-lover it can simply mean your subconscious mind is decoding past information.  The goal really is to find out why you had such a dream and if you are not happy in life do something about it! Are you struggling with your current relationships? If so, then it is a wake-up call in order to review how you feel about people.  If you are currently single and you dream of kissing an ex-lover it can simply mean that you are feeling somewhat lonely.  If however, you are married to a partner and you are happy then this dream could just be a symbolism of the past. 

What does kissing your best friend in a dream mean?

Kissing your best friend in a dream is associated with how you feel about that friendship. It is literal in its sense. If you dream of kissing a friend of the opposite sex it can mean that you have some hidden desires for that person. If you dream of kissing your best friend who is of the same sex then this is not bisexual in terms of you wanting a relationship with them in real life. From a more “specialist” sexual perspective it can just mean that the friendship itself is very important to you.

We often dream about kissing our friend when we are feeling a sense of loneliness in life, it can suggest that you care deeply about the friendship it is important for you to feel recognition from this person in your life. The key advice after having such a dream is trying to not be too dependent on other people. You will never know deep down other people’s future actions and whether they could hurt you in the future. If you are kissing your best friend passionately in a sexual way then this can indicate sexual frustration or hidden desires

What does french kissing in a dream indicate?

It means passion! Specifically, french kissing is a passionate dream. To press your lips on someone or to use tongues can denote the following: passionate affairs, romance, and attraction. This is an affection dream and expression of love and more importantly lust. We often get an intensive feeling after a french kiss in a dream and it denotes we are loved by another in ancient dream dictionaries. As an expression of love, it is a positive dream to have!

What does it mean to kiss someone you don’t know in a dream?  

We have covered this earlier on in kissing the stranger,  however, kissing someone you don’t know in a dream according to Freud is connected to your own attitude towards yourself. In ancient dream dictionaries kissing somebody, you do not know illustrates that some think is getting too serious in life. You may want to try to lighten things up. Sometimes we meet people that make life more dramatic than it has to be, to dream of kissing somebody you don’t know illustrates that you are feeling somewhat lonely but there are hidden challenges in your life.

What does kissing someone’s head in a dream mean?

Kissing someone’s forehead in a dream is a suggestion that you are feeling vulnerable not nurtured. Generally, the kissing of the forehead indicates that you love and care for somebody rather than from a passion or sexual connotation. Who is the person you are kissing? To kiss a forehead is a warning that you should not let your own inner thoughts destroy a relationship. Do not hesitate to act on an idea, even if not a good one.

What does it mean to kiss someone's breast in a dream?

Kissing somebody’s breast dream is connected to sexual power.  The breast itself is a symbolism of the feminine side of our nature.  If you are a woman and you dream of kissing another woman’s breast then this can suggest that you want to pursue a relationship - but you have to remember that you are the centre of attention.  This relationship is generally of the opposite sex.  In order to define this in a more clearer away,  it can indicate that you are at a crossroads at the moment in terms of your sexual relationships.  If you are a man you dream of kissing a woman’s breast then this indicates sexual frustration.

What does kissing on the cheek in a dream mean?

The cheek kiss indicates either hello or goodbye, or alternatively, if you see yourself kissing a child’s cheek then this dream indicates one's nurturing nature, in regard to spiritual connection. To kiss somebody on the cheek in a dream illustrates that you are looking for nurturing connections with other people. If you leave a mark, such as a lipstick mark on the cheek then this denotes that you really need to think about the people around you and how they can help you in the future.

What does it mean to kiss someone’s neck in a dream?

Many people love to be kissed on the neck. Do you remember when we were all young and used to give love bites to each other? Kissing the neck symbolizes communication.  If we looking at it from a chakra point of view it reveals that we need to communicate in a loving nurturing way with others. To recap what we have learned so far about kissing is that it’s a spiritual connection between two people and if you see somebody kissing your neck or you alternatively are kissing somebody else’s neck it can mean that you are not communicating as well she should be in life.

What does kissing of respect signify in a dream?

To kiss something in respect such as kissing the ground or a statue can suggest that you are feeling that other people around you are not giving you the respect you deserve. You need to try to share your wisdom. This dream means you need to impart your own knowledge to others to help them achieve a state of high consciousness. People can sometimes misinterpret their words and dream of kissing something out of respect indicates you welcome love and friendship in the future.

What does kissing your boss in a dream mean?

In dreams, your boss signifies control, achievement and also a monetary success. To kiss your boss in a dream can indicate that you are feeling a sense of calmness and happiness around your work. If your boss is critical of you in real life then this can be extremely exhausting and sometimes comes out in our dreams. Your boss can also suggest that you were thinking about how you control the people in life stop on the busy working we generally do not question our lives. If you are passionately kissing your boss in the dream it indicates you want to feel more passion at work.  Are you in the right career?

What does kissing your teacher mean?  

To kiss your teacher in a dream signifies that you are looking to learn some new skills. It is not literally a sense. It indicates you are looking to educate yourself.  It can also signify that you are trying to uncover a relationship where somebody understands and respects your creativity. If any strong affection is shown in a dream involving your teacher it can just be your own passion to learn new skills.

What does it mean to kiss and cheat in a dream?

To see someone you are within a real-life relationship - kissing someone else indicates that you may have a sensation that you will passionately be hurt by that person. The dream is not literal in it’s sense, it can just be a dream of “fear” in waking life. To dream of yourself kissing someone and cheating in your dream indicates your worry about your current relationship. Don’t worry is the key message.

What does it mean to kiss your classmate in a dream?

To kiss a classmate in a dream,  especially if you are still at school is a dream of validation.  The classmate represents that you are feeling somewhat pressured into meeting somebody else’s obligations. The most important takeaway of this tree is that it’s not literal. You have in a warmth and intelligence and you do not want other people to shove their opinion down your throat,  it can simply mean that you feel trapped and that you are not allowed to portray what you really feel in life.

What kissing your partner’s friend in a dream means?

Oh dear, are you kissing somebody you shouldn’t?  If you are kissing your partner’s best friend then this can indicate his emotion and connection that you feel with his friend. Are you self-aware of your own feelings? Perhaps this friend makes you feel special and that you dreamed of making out with them because there is something in your current relationship that you are missing. If you are happy in your current relationship then it could just be one of those strange dreams.

What making out with your friend in a dream means?

We’ve already covered what it means to kiss your friend above but if you’re making out with your friend and it is very passionate and hot then this could suggest difficulty in the relationship in the future. We need strong affection which means a great deal to and the fact that you are making out with your friend could suggest a lack of connection with this person the future.

The meaning of kissing a work colleague in a dream?  

To kiss a work colleague or someone at work in a dream can be rather worrying and peculiar. This work colleague is a symbolism of how you want to help people in some way. You should try to act somewhat sensitive and caring towards others, especially towards those at work. If this work colleague is a good listener and emotionally mature it could just mean that these are the traits you are missing in your own personality.  If you get on with the work colleague in waking life it can suggest passive-aggressive behavior.  If you do not get on with the work colleague that you kiss in a dream this symbolizes that a work colleague is perhaps trying to dominate you and that is why they appeared in your dream.

What it symbolizes kissing two or more people in a dream?

To dream of two people in a dream suggests that you are trusting too many people in life. What do these people think of you?  The dream itself also indicates that you need to validate how other people make you feel at the moment. It can signify the were busy working and doing exactly what you want. Are there people question you. This dream can also symbolize that you have your own insecurities and life. To kiss more than two people in a dream illustrates that there are many people that you want to impress.

What does kissing your wife in your dream mean?

Kissing your wife is a lovely dream, it can suggest you have loving, hidden connection with this person. Your wife is a symbol of your “love” in life. The way you feel love and romance. If the kiss was romantic and you were happy in the dream it denotes a strong connection in waking life. To dream of someone else kissing your wife, or your wife cheating by seeing her kissing someone can denote feelings of worry in waking life. It is not literal in its sense.

What does it mean to kiss your husband in your dream?

This is a wonderful dream to have. It denotes you have a real connection, especially if the kiss with your husband was passionate. The dream is connected to relationships that you have and the sensation that you will be excited about a great gift. It can suggest true and everlasting love in life. To kiss your husband on the lips suggests renewed passion, romance and happiness in the relationship. You have picked the right partner in this dream. If the kiss was unpleasant in any way it can suggest that you may not have cupid's arrow after all.

What does it mean to kiss a celebrity in a dream?

What a dream! Kissing a celebrity or someone in the media is more common that you think! But what does it mean. To kiss a  well-known celebrity who is in the media is a positive dream. It can though, denote that the dreamer is feeling somewhat lonely in waking life. But what does it mean to be lonely?  This dream symbolizes that you do not feel you’re reaching the right potential in a relationship.  If you are single and you dream of a celebrity kissing you on the cheek this can indicate changes on the horizon. Perhaps you will encounter a relationship or romance in the near future.  

If a celebrity kissed you and you withdrew that kiss this can indicate you are feeling controlled. You do not like to be in the “limelight” in this case try to think about how you interact with others - specifically around new relationships. If you are kissing others in a dream such as Justin Timberlake or Madonna then this dream can suggest somebody will approach you of the opposite sex. This person is going to provide you with an ultimatum in the future. This ultimatum could be in connection with a work or a situation that requires you to think before you speak. If you dream of kissing somebody that is an actor or actress this dream can mean a possible new start but more importantly you must not hide behind a veil. Try to be yourself in life.

A celebrity illustrates that you are ready to start afresh - the celebrities in dreams are really a symbolism of starting again. In a dream, a romantic kiss of a celebrity can suggest a new start in life.  As we have already concluded in general “celebrities” are symbolic in nature it can just illustrate your desire, needs, wants and opportunities in life, not the actual celebrity themselves!

What does kissing your hand in a dream mean?

If somebody is kissing your hand in a dream also denotes that you respect others. This is a wonderful gesture it can symbolize not only a new start in life but it can also signify the magic that you have in a romantic relationship.  Your hands are connected to grace and happiness, spiritually they are how you “create” something in life.  To see other people to kiss your hand in a dream can denote your inner desires and wants in life. Sometimes we go about life in the simplest way and we don’t tend to think about how we can rightly develop as individuals. But, the dream of kissing someone else’s hand in a dream foretells that we are going to review our life and happiness.

What does kissing your legs in a dream indicate?  

Maybe your dream was of passion somebody was kissing up your legs,  alternatively perhaps you were kissing somebody else’s legs. If the dream was passionate nature indicates that you are feeling somewhat repression in life it is important for you to guide yourself in the right direction. Our legs how personal move from one place to another.  From a spiritual context dream of kissing legs means that you want to move forward in life in the right direction but you were unsure which path to take.

What does kissing your body means in a dream?  

To dream of somebody kissing you all over your body is a positive dream. Alternatively for you to kiss somebody’s body is a very intimate, powerful and engaging dream.  It can also signify our own self-impressions and narcissistic behavior. As we have already identified the “kissing” of another person in the dream state has the symbolism of happiness, passion, and romance. To be kissed all over the body from the top to the bottom, represents you are feeling somewhat vulnerable in life. Your dream could be an indication that the softer parts of life may come to fruition.  As we have already defined in the above meaning. Kissing parts of the body, especially to see someone place their lips on you can suggest that you will succeed despite all odds against you.

What does it mean when you dream of kissing someone and it feels real?

This is a lucid dream, we need to look at lucid dreaming and kissing in the same context. Ok, lets first define lucid dreaming. Basically, a dream that is lucid in nature suggests that you can alter the dream state in some way. There are many ways in which you can “change” a dream direction through lucid dreaming. The dream could be rather like a story that is going to focus on a specific course of action. In kissing dreams the lucid dream can suggest you actually feel you are really kissing someone - vividly. The meaning of the kiss being lucid depends very much on who you kissed in the dream. For instance, to dream of kissing someone that you know may be connected to the power and control that you feel in your life. To share a passion for someone unknown in the lucid state can suggest that you will have forgiveness for someone in the future. 

Sometimes dreams do not turn out how we first hoped. They can represent a situation in waking life and involve hidden messages of yourself to decode. In this sense, kissing that did feel real in your dream is focused on your desires to achieve something “real” in waking life. This could be a message or person that you need nurturing and care in real life. Can it denote a prediction in life? Will you meet the love of your life? The answer to this is simply yes and no. Sometimes lucid dreams, especially kissing can mean that you trust in others and at times this dream can be prophetic in nature. If we look at Carl Jung and Freud and their dream theories, they believe in the dream state we focus on symbols. So what is the kissing a symbol of? In conclusion, by looking at this dream from one direction it can possibly mean that you will fulfill what you wish to do in life, with happiness. The sensation of feeling someone really kissing you in a dream denotes that you are feeling a sense of joy in life.

What does it mean when you dream of kissing someone you like?  

This is a wonderful dream to have and it can represent messages from above -  are you supposed to be with this person in real life? I bet that is the question you are asking yourself! Perhaps you are in touch with your hidden and deepest desires in the dream state? The dream of kissing somebody that you like or fancy may also expand on everything that you feel in daily life. After all, our subconscious mind is open to the situations we sometimes hide in the waking life. The intricate elements of such a dream will also enhance how important this is in your waking life. I suppose in some ways it’s looking at the relationship from a whole new level. When we are awake and also asleep we still have hidden passionate thoughts, especially around other people.  Are you wondering if this is a dream prediction is it likely that this person really feels passion towards you?  When you dream of somebody that you like in real life,  it can indicate a “spiritual connection” in waking life. Perhaps you fancy someone or you didn’t even realize you like them until you’ve had such a dream can suggest that yes, it may come true!

What does blowing a kiss mean in a dream?

Blowing kisses is traditional of romance and love. The blowing action denotes cupid will be visiting your life soon. The dream could offer an interesting perspective in waking life. It can provide an indication of how people feel about you in waking life. Blowing a kiss to somebody that you know indicates your passion and romance towards that person. If you are blowing a kiss of a “nurturing nature” such as a kiss to a child, perhaps your son and daughter in a dream then the only way to interpret this dream is to associate this with your inner desire to care and nurture this person. To see other people blowing you a kiss in a dream suggests that sometimes in life we find it difficult to understand the solution to a difficult problem. The dream itself is symbolic to let you know that whatever happens, you will succeed. If you fight hard enough you can achieve anything in life. The other aspect of this dream  is wishful thinking. The case itself could be symbolic of your own wishes and desires in life.

What do kissing and cuddling mean in a dream?

Kissing and cuddling is a dream of affection. It can suggest that others will provide you with confidence. You maybe lacking ambition and drive in waking life, which is sometimes normal. Such a dream can also predict an unresolved conflict in life. This dream can also denote a “challenge” in life and it is time to be creative and determined. Kissing and cuddling your current lover in a dream is an expression of how you feel about that relationship. It's all about settling down and if possible you are looking at how you can be more positive in the future.

What does it mean to kiss someone who is dying in a dream?  

This can be a rather disturbing dream, perhaps you are kissing somebody you know is dying that you love very much. It can also rear itself in the context that you are dreaming of the past. Did you kiss somebody that was dying in real life?  It is a given that when anybody passes away the experience can be somewhat upsetting. If you are kissing somebody who is on their deathbed in a dream whether this is someone you know or don’t it can be emotionally traumatic.  To have been many dreams that I’ve experienced where I’ve kissed somebody goodbye and felt a sense of sadness when I have awoken.  This could be why you are looking at the interpretation of this dream!  Kissing somebody that has passed on or is no longer on this earth indicate your love and passion that you feel for them.  This could not necessarily be a sexual passion but the fact that you are missing greatly.  Kissing somebody who was dining a dream can be worrying but the good news is it’s not literal in that sense it just means that there could be a transformation in your current life. Removing the old to make way for the new,  new job or alternatively a promotion that is on the horizon. Despite everything, dreaming of kissing someone that dies illustrates transformation, and hope for a new tomorrow!

What does it mean to kiss someone goodbye or hello in a dream?

Kissing someone to greet them, such as saying goodbye or hello as a greeting denotes that a new situation will present itself. The details of such a dream are important. To kiss someone goodbye is symbolic of kissing something away in real life. You love something but you are thinking of moving forward and having a new direction to focus on. 

What does it mean to kiss a dog in a dream?

From a spiritual perspective, a dog indicates a faithful friend in waking life. To kiss a dog, especially your own pet denotes, friends, intuition, loyalty, jealousy, security, and honesty. The dream suggests that you hold strong values and good intentions, especially if you were kissing the dog on the head. To kiss a dog that is dead in a dream indicates that you will allow others to provide you with advice. A dog kissing another dog can represent two friends in real life. Kissing an aggressive dog in a dream may also represent somebody in your own life who exhibits “friendly” qualities. Alternatively, to see an abandoned dog and take this into your home to care for this waggy friend signifies some internal conflict on your own.

What does kissing someone that died in a dream mean?

You poor thing! What a disturbing dream! To dream of kissing someone that has passed on is connected to your own inner desires to be with that person in real life.  It might also be connected to your own self-betrayal and worry. Also, consider common themes connected to the symbol of the person that has died in your dream. Was this someone you loved? Was it a mother or father? If you kissed someone that was dying in a dream indicates you are nurturing. It also implies that you will need to place more time and effort into fostering positive relationships in real life. If you dream that you kissed a past lover who has died implies that you are unable to forget about this love. It can also suggest you are taking someone's devotion for granted. 

What do homosexual kisses mean in a dream?  

To dream of a homosexual kiss should not be taken in its literal sense.  Kissing anybody male or female in a dream illustrates romance, power and also a passion. This is a positive dream,  If you are uncomfortable in the dream because for example you are heterosexual than this dream foretells that you just need to listen and focus on people of the same sex. Maybe a friend needs your help in life? In order to identify what the dream actually means we need to go back to the basics, the core of “kissing.” Before we do so, it is important to also note that many psychiatrists believe that we all have an element of bisexuality within us.  Therefore subconsciously, it is not uncommon for us to dream of sleeping or having sex or kissing a person of the same sex.  Ok, going back to the core of kissing. There is usually one main reason why we have a dream of kissing somebody of the same sex. We may not consider that we are actually gay or lesbian ourselves but the dream of kissing somebody creates that feeling of connection with another. In our subconscious mind kissing somebody of the same sex is just the same as kissing somebody of the opposite sex.

What happens when we change gender in a dream?  

It is an interesting dream when we actually change gender within the dream state and see ourselves kissing somebody else. In Freud’s terms, it is the opposing side of the psyche. For example, if you’re a woman you dream of being a man and you are kissing a woman then this represents the masculine side of your sexual nature. This dream interpretation is around kissing it can indicate that the only way that you are going to succeed is to try to hone in on your masculine qualities. If you are a man and dream of being kissed but you are actually a woman can be again very powerful and in some ways a surprising dream. If we turn to Freud theory,  any dream which involved kissing is connected to the power of sex. Rather than actually wanting a fling with the same-sex partner. This can just symbolize your own power and sexual images that come to light in the dream state. So don’t worry. The following dream about cats has no relationship to this meaning, which made me chuckle... but we will move onto other dreams that involve kissing!

What does it mean to kiss a cat in a dream?

Kissing a cat in a dream can suggest you are a caring individual. The cat can signify that you will not be standing on your own in life. To pet, stroke and kiss your cat specifically, is about how you show your emotion to others. Did you know the cat in real life? This provides us with more of an overview of what this dream means! Cat’s link to our inner instincts. Frequently, the cat appears in a dream is a reminder to look for instinctual elements in the waking world. This dream could be your own unconscious mind suggesting that you have hidden thoughts but also self-destructive behavior. Relationships and heterosexual love is expressed by both cats and dogs. The female is also dominated by cats. To kiss a cat in a dream relates to our imagination, receptivity, and also the capacity to nurture and deliver new expressions to the world. To kiss a kitten in a dream indicates you are focusing on relationships in life. Are you happy? Did you dream of kissing kittens because you are feeling the nurture and care of your mother? 

What does dreaming of kissing mean in different traditions?

In the Persian dream tradition, a kiss announced better relationships with others, as well as reconciliation with all those with who you have problems with. For Westerners, the dream about a kiss means that you will connect your feelings of love with someone. The Eastern tradition of dream interpretation gives more explanation of this dream. For example, the dream that you kiss a man means that you will fall in love very soon. Dreaming about a kiss can also mean that you will be lucky. It is a good omen and you will do well in life if in your dream you kiss an icon of Jesus or God. However, the kiss is a bad dream if you see that you kissed a dead person.

What does being kissed by a vampire mean in a dream?

If you are in a relationship that has lost it’s spark it is not usual to dream of being kissed by a vampire. To be kissed by a vampire can mean different things but generally: worry, pain, anxiety, and despair. Yes, sounds rather depressing right! But also the most important meaning of being either kissed or bitten by a vampire suggests you will correct things in life. If your dream features a vampire that does not kiss you, it pertains to a difficulty that you will encounter. If you are being chased by a vampire because the vampire wants to kiss you in your dream this signifies that you will overcome some financial difficulty in the future. To kiss with a vampire in a dream foretells positive relationships in the future. For a vampire to bite in a dream could be emblematic of issues or problems with other people. Have you recently been considering the actual weakness of others? To be bitten by a vampire in a dream is associated with your own vulnerability in a  friendship. To turn into a vampire, due to being given a bit in your dream signifies that you will give advice to the people close to you. 

What does kissing the opposite sex mean in a dream?

To understand this dream better we need to look at the kiss itself and what context the kiss was given. If you are kissing women that you know in the dream who is a lesbian it denotes that you'll eliminate difficult times in life. To observe two lesbians kissing in a dream might imply that you need to review a relationship that is close to your heart, this is to make sure you pick the right partner from the start. If the dream of a lesbian is not positive it can be emblematic of difficult things that may happen or has just occurred in your life. If you dream of kissing a woman (and if you are woman in real life) it indicates a new start. Have you ever been considering starting a new project?

To kiss a man in a dream (when you are a man in real life) is not homosexual in nature, it could just be emblematic of difficulties with different individuals. Have you ever been exposed to people or things you do not wish to be? Did someone actually lose their temper in real life? To kiss the same sex person in the dream state is not literal in the dream since! It is highly connected to relationship issues. Dreams may result from any problems or doubts with relationships in waking life. To not enjoy the kiss can point to hidden vulnerability. A kiss with someone of the same sex could symbolize a true moment of weakness and fear of life itself!

What does it mean to dream of kissing someone crazy?

Are you currently involved with individuals who frequently behave in crazy ways? This is normally the interpretation of the dream in that you feel that life has just become too crazy. Perhaps you are living in a mess things are cluttered and not organized in life. This could be for a range of reasons such as job, not having enough time for yourself alternatively worrying about how you are going to overcome everything you’re going to aim for! To dream of somebody who is crazy can signify many different meanings but above all, it means that you need to stop thinking life and try to take some time for yourself in order to relax and distress!  In life, we sometimes try to do too much and dream crazy things like kissing someone who is a bit nuts. This is an indicator it’s time to take a break before you go crazy yourself.

What does kissing earlobes mean in dreams?

Kissing an earlobe in a dream can be your own hidden sexual desire in life. As ears are generally associated with communication it can mean a sexual encounter through communication. Maybe text message. To dream of seeing yourself kissing an earlobe indicates that you are tender in life. Are you moving towards a new relationship? If so, this is a positive dream to have. The kissing of the earlobe in a dream denotes the expression of love that we yearn for though communication. In all kissing dreams, we have to look at what is really being kissed. Additionally, this dream may simply be an indication or sexual communication, happiness, tenderness or a focus toward unity.

Wait...finally what is the conclusion of a dream of kissing? 

Well, folks...we have covered as I would say most of the dreams you may have experienced in relation to kissing. Just to recap kissing is connected to our passion, honesty and also our drive and inner desires.  The individual dream meaning is very specific to what occurred in your dream. Being intimate with another person in a dream can be quite a powerful experience, it is equally significant if the person that you kissed on the dream somebody has actually known waking life. As we have expressed within this dream interpretation to kiss somebody that you love or have a crush on can just be a reflection of your own inner desires in waking life. Kissing is one considered an “intimate act” if we look at most countries in the world the kissing itself is more of a connection than actually having sex. Freud believed that kissing can simply be a reflection of a hidden desire for more sex in waking life. It could also simply mean that in life you are reviewing your own romantic affairs, which is occurring when you snooze. If the romance in your life is not right in any way, or your relationship has a dead bedroom then occasionally seeing ex-partners in the dream state happens. Sometimes the act of kissing can also be simply an act of affection for someone close to you. 

In your dream, you may have

  • Dreamed that you are kissing someone you should not be kissing.
  • Kissed a man, woman or child in your dream.
  • Been intimidate with another and kiss them.
  • Kissed a domestic pet.
  • Kissed a friend goodbye.
  • Kissed someone you fancy or your crush.

Positive changes are afoot if 

The kiss was good, and the dream was a pleasant experience. The feelings of the dream were positive in nature, especially when you woke up in the morning. The dream resulted in peace and harmony. You were in love during the dream. 

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream 

The kiss is negative in nature. Someone forced you to kiss another. 

Areas of your life that dreaming of kissing is connected to

You have a fear of facing a tough decision you need to make soon, and you have to live with the consequences that this may bring to you. You may love someone. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of kissing

Romance. Pleasure. Happy. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Positive energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Used by another. Closeness in companionship. Willing to please. Suffering. Allowing others to take control. Expression of love and spirituality. A desire for someone else. Contentment.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012