Acid Trip

Acid Trip

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams on acid have been known to be amazing and also terrifying.

My name is Flo, I am Psychic and live in Britain, even though I have never taken acid I wanted to spend some time with you detailing what acid could mean from a spiritual sense in regards to your dreams. I must admit I have never taken acid, I had the chance when I was a young teenager twenty five years ago but I was too scared to take it. Yes, I have heard about the fact that if you take acid in real life the dreams can feel vivid and real. Now, in order to understand this dream I spoke to my friend who happens to be a successful CEO of a large company, in his youth he took acid. He said that this gave him flashbacks for years. So this lead me into wondering what does effect does acid have on our dream state?

What is the difference between LSD and acid?

The difference between LSD and acid is the name. Acid is a street name for LSD.

Additionally, I also spoke to quite a few psychotherapists in order to uncover why dreams on drugs such as acid/LSD are so profound. The friends I have who have taken this drug often complain that the dreams they suffered still had an effect on them many months after taking the drug. Now, the shamans often took hallucinogenic drugs in order to induce astral travel. So I bet you’re wondering if you did happen to have a dream while on LSD/acid was it a spiritual dream?

So let’s quickly look at your dreams after taking LSD and why the are so strange. These dreams might be crazy, weird or even creepy. The LSD does have an effect on our brains, to the point that they create dreams that seem real and vivid. Yes, it makes the dream seem clearer than anything - in fact crystal clear! Let’s turn to science in order to decode this dream. When we sleep we go into a state of REM, this is part of the brain that can release histamine and neurotransmitters. So, everything seems somewhat vivid and this is known as lucid dreaming. Now, LSD or acid causes our sensory process and awareness to be somewhat animated. This obviously depends on how much Acid/LSD you take but normally if you sleep your brain is still active and more importantly the history behind dreams and LSD is very fascinating as in the past the drug was freely available.

What do dreams on LSD or acid mean from a spiritual perspective?

Okay in order to answer this we need to look at a number psychologist theories. I bet you’re wondering if you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening during an LSD or acid induced dream? So let’s try to answer that first. If we look at the famous dream psychologist Freud, he believed that our dreams are basically a collective consciousness and that any substance such as LSD and acid will transform it into a hallucinatory state. It was believed that this state in the 1960s would allow us to travel to different dimensions and possibly even cure some addictions in life. Now, LSD and acid became illegal in 1966 and during this time the drug undertook many different scientific studies and experiments. LSD was also connected to schizophrenia. This is a reason why it was made illegal. There was even some awful murders and cult killings under the influence of LSD. Sometimes on acid people experience a bad dream, possibly even frightening vivid night-time experience. This would leave people feeling vulnerable and upset upon awakening. There are many different popular songs such as “ I had a dream last night” this song was associated with LSD and the fact that it enabled dreams to become like vivid reality. If we look further into the psychology behind dreaming and the drug of acid and LSD, the famous Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary had made many different claims regarding the study into the spiritual use of LSD and acid. Surprisingly, Timothy encouraged to use of this drug and believed that it would open doors of the mind.

As we’ve already mentioned the dream itself could be somewhat vivid rendered life-like frightening surroundings and also can affect our own judgements. Now, the relationship between these hallucinogenic drugs have a significant relationship to our dream state.

What is the connection to acid / LSD and lucid dreaming?

LSD affects the way that we dream. When one takes such a drug the dream effect seems crystal clear. This is very similar to a lucid dream. So what is a lucid dream? Lucid is an adjective in Latin meaning “ dreaming true.” It may be that when you take LSD/acid that your dreams months afterwards become more profound. Lucid dreaming allows us to dream in a clear manner. The psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in 1860 researched lucid dreaming and concluded that when we are in this state we are in perfect harmony with our surroundings. So if we now turn to lucid dreaming and LSD / acid, we know that this drug creates vivid hallucinations and also visions. It distorts our sensory processes and sometimes our dreams appear real. Basically a lucid dream means that you are conscious even though you are in the sleeping state.

This generally occurs when someone is under the influence of acid and LSD. Many people don’t experience lucid dreams naturally. And at times this dream only occurs when on such hallucinogenic drugs. There are many things that people tend to do in order to induce lucid dream, such as looking at your hands in the dream state to allow you to understand that actually you are in a dream.

There are various triggers that you can use to “wake yourself up” in a dream. However when you are under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug we often slip into a lucid dream without our knowledge. Dreams are often pronounced ...when somebody first starts taking LSD/acid. If we look back to 1903 D.W Lead beater believed that lucid dreaming was connected to our emotional state and this allowed us to translate who we are in control of our dreams. Often, people use lucid dreaming to travel or go on psychic journeys. This is quite interesting because lucid dreaming is somewhat superior to an acid or LSD trip. The reason being is that you can control the dream, slow it down or gain knowledge from the dream. Whereby, under the influence of acid / LSD your mind is not in control. Both dreams appear crystal clear.

In the lucid dream state one is able to control the information and appearance of the different dimensions, it could be that you can control the weather in your dream. However an LSD/acid dream things are not controlled and you gain the same type of dream experience but you have to run with whatever happens in the dream. Therefore my recommendation is if you do divulge in these drugs then try to think about ways that you can control the dream, this is especially true if you had a frightening or terrifying experience. Yes, I have given you a lot to think about here, and I hope you take this away and potentially prevent any negative dreams going forward. Let’s move onto other connections of LSD / acid in the dream state.

What is the research behind dreams on acid / LSD?

There will be many sleep laboratory studies on the changes within neurochemical makeup during dreams. Especially when one is under the influence of drugs. So if you have had a strange, weird and vivid dream while taking acid then it is generally connected to a spiritual perspective of a higher state of awareness.

Are the dreams real on acid / LSD?

You must appreciate that the dream itself may not be literal in its sense. It can indicate suppressed feelings within, the intensity of the effects on our mind can have a profound effect in the morning. Now, the other thing I’m going to mention is that many people in life dream many times during the night but because they wake up a number of times they only remember a few dreams. However, when you are under the influence of acid the dream itself can become a reality and you remember a lot more than what you do normally. You may be feeling extreme anxiety or even panic at the vivid dream occurred during the trip.

What does it mean to have a nightmare on acid / LSD?

It was interesting that some of the studies I did read about people who have taken the drug frequently complain of terrifying dreams normally impending death that is severe enough to warrant panic. There is even been cases where people have had dreams under the influence of these drugs and ended up in the emergency room because of panic attacks or chest pains.

So folks, my advice is don’t worry too much from a spiritual sense when you had a tearful or disturbing dream under the influence of these drugs. The intensity might feel like the dream itself is real. You may be feeling somewhat emotional, however be rest assured that it is only a dream!

Could your acid / LSD dream allow you to move into a different spiritual dimension?

Now, lets address this question. If you traveled to other places or universes within the dream state, we need to look at this in a different perspective. As I already mentioned in the opening this article shamans use hallucinogenic drugs in order to move in the astral world. It is quite possible that you had a dream of connecting to a different dimension. You will know if this is the case, if you took something important from the dream itself.

What does a dream of taking acid mean?

So we have covered what dreams mean while taking acid / LSD. The question now is what does it mean in your dream you are taking this drug. In order to understand and uncover this meaning I read a number of different ancient dream books about hallucinogenic drugs. As acid was quite a modern drug most dream dictionaries did not cover the interpretation. We can then turn to the interpretation of opium and apply this to acid. Opium was very popular during the Victorian times. Without further ado let’s uncover the actual meaning of taking this drug in a dream dream. Taking acid in a dream means that you are experiencing some feelings of rage, hatred or revenge that you need to deal with. You may be feeling very unhappy because of a given situation or something wrong that happened to you in the past.

This kind of dream can also imply that you may be having a compromising integrity that is very questionable. Your integrity can be questionable because something wrong you did or because you were dishonored in some given occasions. Yes, I bet you are reading this thinking the meaning is rather old-fashioned. I believe the modern interpretation of taking acid in the dream is connected to the desire to escape from something in reality. Having a dream about acid trip can also mean that you have something that you wish to have more positive feelings in life. In ancient dream books to dream of somebody you know taking a hallucinogenic drug signifies that you may have negative feelings towards your surroundings and maybe towards yourself. The feelings are due to fears, criticism and cynicism.

To dream of buying hallucinogenic drugs in ancient dream dictionaries is connected to criticism. Several people around you maybe fond of criticizing others to the extent that one becomes annoyed and angry. Are you giving the criticism? Try not to give negative criticism that creates quarrels and disagreements among people. Try to give positive criticism.

I will cover all areas of this dream, but firstly let's just look at a few here.

In your dream you may have

Seen an acid trip in your dream. This type of dream means that you are being manipulated by someone or by a given situation in your life. May be some people you know are benefiting from your hard work yet they don’t contribute anything to your life. You feel that they are using you for their own good without having a second thought about you. If you just see an acid / LSD pill in your dream which symbolizes some bad influence that you are having in your life. You must have joined a very bad group that is influencing your character and your way of life. You not be able to realize it at the moment but several other people can easily see it and tell you what is going on.

Detailed dream interpretation of taking acid / LSD

A dream about acid trip can mean that there are some things that you really want to do but you are restricting yourself and suppressing your feelings. Having a dream about any form of acid / LSD can mean that you feel some negativity and revenge because someone did something negative and annoyed you. It shows that you are feeling anger because of a given issue that really annoyed you! It could just be a comment someone said but don’t fret things will work out in the end. This dream can also mean that a given situation or some people are manipulating your life so much and you are very tired and weary of it all. To dream of acid trip at a party can also mean that you will have much anxiety concerning a given issue in your life. You will not be able to wait because this kind of dream can also bring anxiety into somebody’s life.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You have a dream that you are drinking acid.
  • This dream is a kind of a warning to you that you will emotionally grow so it is positive - and you really need to learn how you can actually express yourself in front of a large crowd.

What is LSD dream emulator?

You’re probably wondering what on earth this game is? It is a Japanese game that was created by dreams and ideas of a dream journal by Hiroko Nishikawa. I thought I would cover this particular video game because the actual game itself was based on the creator’s experiences - maybe with LSD. Now, this could suggest that the creator of the game had a connection spiritually with the dreams cape! Unfortunately the creator who is almost anonymous. There is nothing about his age, real name or even gender. A real mystery!

The avatar of the player cannot leave a single room in an apartment when they are awake. But the character can venture into strange landscapes within the dream world. There is no other game like it! The game is created so that the character can walk through various worlds and explore a number of different sensory elements. The environment is somewhat peculiar and the character can come across animals, weird magical objects and also come across various people. The game itself saves the progress of the player but surprisingly allows this amazing interaction with the dreamworld.

Each dream within the game lasts for 10 minutes and then after this time the character will wake up! I have played the game and found it most interesting, I won’t give it away because I encourage you to play it - but at one point I fell off a cliff! The game itself is supposed to stimulate our dreams. The mechanisms and development of the game could perhaps have been created under the influence of LSD. The video game itself was sold by Sony PlayStation back in 1998.

The amazing thing about this video game, from a spiritual perspective is that it is based upon different dimension - a true dream world. It mimics how we are connected into the dream world itself. Basically, the player moves through the game into different worlds like we do when we sleep. And the player has one goal. They bump into many different worlds and objects during the play. It allows the player to explore various planes of existence. As if it is dreamlike. It is quite interesting that this game allows one to explore a huge array of different room dimensions through various doors. So if you decide to play this game, it might lead you to dream of different dimensions.

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of acid trip

Anxious, sad, unhappy, irritated, hopeless but above all remember that this is only a dream!

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013