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Dreaming of the throat is connected with communication.

The throat is commonly associated with the status of the inner self. Interpretation of body parts varies depending on the area of the body. To cut ones throat means that the dream is associated with spiritual richness and the abilities that a dreamer may have.

When you dream of clearing your throat, you are being made aware of focusing on yourself. It is a reminder to check one's health for concerns that requires immediate attention.

 In your dream you may have…

  • Seen your own throat.
  • Had an injured throat.
  • You saw or had a cut or slit throat.
  • Seen a beautiful throat.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You are able to see your throat in your dream with no cuts or slits.
  • The dream was positive.


Detailed dream interpretation…

In human anatomy, the throat connects the body to the brain. The throat is associated with communication in life. It gives us the notion of having an important human body part. The throat chakra is associated with one's ability to communicate and express ourselves - which is the whole basis of this dream.

This dream also means that in waking life feelings and thoughts are linked and interconnected. To see a throat bleeding is connected to emotions and intellect. It can suggest that one's emotions are sometimes confused. It will be difficult in waking life to create balance if your own throat is bleeding. One is likely to suffer from a difficult situation if they see an animal's throat slit or bleeding.

As we have learned in the opening paragraph, throat dreams symbolize an ability to communicate. This line of communication with others maybe blocked. This dream can also mean trying to accept oneself. To see a women's throat, according to ancient dream dictionaries means that one will fails to express themselves. This dream can indicate the need to develop better skill's in order to communicate better with others. 

Seeing your own throat in a dream suggests the ability to communicate matters concerning your ideas and feelings. It is also important to note that a throat is a sensitive area of the body, this means that one needs to be sensitive to others in communication. In addition, without immediate treatment a problem with the throat can give you a great deal of health problems. To dream of your own throat, (especially if it is a beautiful one) without injuries foretells prosperity in your career.

A male throat featured in one's dream indicates the need to maintain and sustain one's endeavours in business. Someone is likely to be engaged in conflict, but for the dreamer this may provide promotion or success.

On the other hand, dreaming of throat problems (such as throat cancer) means that one is unable to establish themselves. This can mean that one is having difficulty expressing ideas and feelings for fear or disapproval from the society. It is not a crime to commit mistakes or to possess weaknesses, after all, you are only human. If you dream of your throat being slit by another or hanged this is a warning dream: do not be engulfed too much in other people's affairs. Think of your own life, and people that care for you. The injury to your throat is a metaphor to take care of oneself.

If you dream of people without heads (just their throat) beware for you might be caught off guard. Look at yourself from an outsiders perspective, are you being true to yourself or others?        

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of throat...

Self-fulfillment, communicative, eager, high propensity to adapt changes, welcoming, hopeful, fearful of criticism, fear of failure, honest.

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