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If you dream about socks, it represents personal qualities, untidiness or cleanliness of a person.

Socks are the garment for the lower part of the leg, they are usually made of nylon, wool or cotton. In dreams, they are associated with the general outlook of the person. Socks are associated with judgment. People will be judging you. When you see socks in your dream, they denote the kind of person you are in general. They can depict protection or warmth from a difficult situation.

Socks in the dream are a sign of warmth and comfort. It could indicate that you are comfortable with who you are, where you live, who you associate with, or where you work. It could be that the current lifestyle you are living is bringing you a lot of good feelings. On the other hand, you could be craving for more warmth and comfort from friends and relatives.

Socks in your dream could be indicative of your personality; you always do things to please others. You could be flexible as a person, thus considerate and understanding when you think about other people and things rather than being too quick to judge.

Finding a pair of socks in your dream could mean that, there are people in your life who are working against you, and you will have to struggle to make them understand who you and what you stand for.

Seeing white sock that is dirty in your dream, foretells of problems at home or work which will gradually fade as long as you are patient enough. Dreaming of socks could show how much you protect yourself through the journey of life. You might be too careful, too cautious and as a result, you might be missing out on some opportunities in your life.

If you happen to dream of receiving socks from someone else, it means that you will be worried. Socks being given to others foretells of making new friends. Seeing baby socks foretells of being careful about spending money during a journey.

Seeing yourself knitting socks in your dream is an indicator that, you will be lucky as far as your job and other issues are concerned.

Seeing that you are putting on socks with difficulty in your dream could mean that, you are going to disagree with your spouse over a serious issue, but at the end of the day, you will come up with a compromised solution.

If you sell socks in your dream, it foretells some major change in your life and that you might be engaged soon.

In your dream

  • Putting on socks.
  • Washing socks.
  • Smelly socks.
  • Buying socks.
  • Seeing socks.
  • Wet socks.
  • Naked apart from your socks.
  • Looking at socks.
  • Losing socks.

Detailed dream interpretation

A single sock in your dream suggests that you will possibly hit someone, this is rather strange but this is the ancient dream dictionary interpretation. Dreaming that you are putting on socks can suggest a possible new start. If you are a woman and you dream that you are putting on socks, it denotes that, you are going to be loved by your lover or husband. If you see that you are wearing old socks in your dream, it could suggest that you are going to be possessed by a minor sickness. If you are traveling and you dream that you are wearing socks, it foretells a nice trip ahead. If you are a shop owner and you dream that you are wearing socks, it indicates that you are going to obtain benefits from your business. Wearing white socks is a negative symbol which foretells of health issues or great disappointments for yourself or for whoever you see in your dream which is wearing them.

To wash socks in your dream signifies a meal out or that you will visit a beautiful place with friends and relatives - whom you haven’t met for a long time. In the case you dream of washing your socks then they become smaller indicates that you need to watch your health.

To dream of smelly socks denotes that you have feelings of warning and guilt that is caused by a moral or physical danger which is threatening you. If it is another person wearing smelly socks, then the person could be in danger of losing money. If the person with smelly socks is a stranger, then it indicates that there is a minor problem with money. Alternatively, wearing smelly socks could be an indication that you are going to encounter someone with an illness or disease. It could also mean that there is something undesirable which is affecting you. If you buy socks in your dream, it implies that you will be traveling very soon. This trip will bring benefit to you. It will be a time to relax as well as a time to set goals.

If you see two socks in your dream, it symbolizes ordinariness, confidence, comfort, or something you have become used to as a person. If you see black or red socks, it shows that you are overconfident, arrogant or if you are in power. Try not to abuse your power.

Wet socks in your dream suggest that you will encounter some friendly people who will help you in achieving your goals in life. So whoever comes your way, accept life as it is. New acquaintances are also predicted.

If you are naked apart from your socks, it foretells your warmth and flexibility of the understanding. You are easy to yielding to other people’s wishes. If you are wearing only one sock, it could denote that, you are hitting on someone else or other people are hitting on you - sexually.

A situation where you are seeing socks means that you are judgmental or impressive of other people. It could also link to someone else whom you could see wearing socks.

If you loose socks in your dream it indicates that your property will be safe. It could also suggest that there are people who are against you and you are going to cause you to struggle.

Feelings associated with the dream

Anxious. Happy. Expectant. Dependent. Warm. Confident. Judgmental. Impressive. Blessed. Infected. Dignity

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017