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Being arrested in a dream can often be quite disturbing.

If you dream of being arrested then this indicates that changes going to be forced in life. It can indicate that other people’s behavior will impact you. Try to look at different ways that you are approaching problems. The arrest can also occur in the dream state when there are negative people around you. Being arrested is essentially being “caught” for a crime. Arrested is an act which will deprive you of your liberty and it normally happens to allow for the prevention of crime or an investigation to take place.

If you dream of being arrested, it could reflect your sense of injustice or feelings that, there is something which is not fair in your life. If you dream that the police are arresting you, it can reflect the different feelings that you have, which are making it difficult for you to change and you feel that you are being forced to do something that you don’t want to. If you see a friend being arrested in your dream, it denotes that, there is some help which you will get from your friend which you urgently need at the moment.

The idea of being arrested has something to do with control. It could be self-control or control of other entities or from yourself-depending on how the dream appeared.

If you have a negative feeling toward law enforcers or police, the dream could point out feelings you are harboring. These types of dreams are normally experienced by people who have gone through harsh political regimes and survived, and they know what it means to be arrested.

In this dream

  • You are arrested.
  • Other people are arrested.
  • You are the police, and you arrest someone.
  • A criminal is arrested.
  • Mass murder is arrested.
  • You run from being arrested.
  • A police hunt and finally ends in an arrest.
  • You see a police station after being arrested.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you are arrested could denote that you have a feeling that, you are boxed in. Apart from no one listening to you or accepting what you have to say about a particular decision or event, you are also feeling that your protests are not having any impact on those around you.

This dream often occurs when you are working on a group project, and nobody seems to take you seriously or even what you suggest new ideas to them. It could be the right to stamp your leadership authority and ensure that, everyone is listening to you.

To see other people arrested in your dream is an indication that, you are taking for granted those around you and it is very hard for you to take their suggestions into consideration. You consider yourself to know everything and you don't value any opinion that is coming from others. It is a bad way of handling colleagues at work as they may just decide to leave you alone to handle something, especially if you are working on a group project. Even if you are the leader of the project, try to consider the opinions of your colleagues to work in harmony.

If you are the police who is arresting someone in your dream, it denotes that you feel useless and low and you are forcing others to carry out tasks for you. To be handcuffed suggests someone is controlling and trying to make others feel their leadership.

Even if a relationship in waking life is not working at the moment this dream often occurs. After this dream, try to evaluate yourself and find out what is it that is valuable to you; interpersonal relationship, your business or both? Change for the better as this dream is a warning. A dream of arresting someone else could also denote that, you are trying to hold some part of you that you feel you must control.

A criminal being arrested in your dream foretells that, you need to evaluate your life and how you live it and rethink how you treat people who mean a lot to you. Because, if you don’t treat them well, they might just remove themselves from your life and you will remain in a dilemma as to what to do.

A dream of seeing a mass murderer arrested can denote that, you are resisting change which is being forced on you. There is a focus on certain behavior or habits which you are finding hard to abandon. Running from being arrested is a dream foretells good fortunes. It means that you are going to be successful in whatever endeavors you are participating in and now is the time to double your efforts. It could also be a sign that, you are trying to resolve conflicts or issues. Whatever internal conflicts you have had inside you will finally be put to rest, and you will be able to find peace which you have been yearning for.

A police hunt that ends up in an arrest is a dream indicates your headed for happiness and contentment which you rightly deserve. It could be possible that the hunt is a reflection of how you would face struggles in waking life. You have a belief that people are good and kind - this might not always be the case. Seeing a police station after you have been arrested can denote that you are in need of discipline intervention. The feelings you have about the changes in life which are being forced on you or others is concerning you. You need sanity, justice, and rationality to be restored to a situation in your life. You need to order, fairness or rules to be followed and respected, especially at your place of work. It could also reflect that; you need the power to be used to restore changes on people who are misbehaving around you.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Fairness. The rule of law. Disciplined. Devoted. Strong. Successful. Intervened. Protests. Weak

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017