AIDS Dream

AIDS dream meanings

What does AIDS mean in a dream?

Aids featured in dreams is no different than a dream of death in so many contexts.

Our dreams can sometimes mess with our heads. Now, in our modern world the advancement of drugs that control aids have meant that it is not such a frightening disease to get as it once was in the 80s. So, did you dream of Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and you have come here to learn what it means?

Well,  around 30 million people have aids world-wide (data from 2009) and yes it is very rare. It could be that you dreamed of this because you slept with someone or it is just an anxiety dream. To dream of having a blood test to identify aids suggests you will fight something in life. It is completely unrelated to the dream itself. To be HIV positive in the dream indicates that you will overcome difficulties. To see someone spreading AIDS in the dream can indicate problems around you. Spreading AIDS can be due to blood or semen. To have sex with someone with HIV or AIDS in the dream is just a fear dream, the fear of change. To be told you have AIDS and be worried about this in the dream state signifies a new start in life - so don’t worry! 

In ancient dream dictionaries, AIDS was not mentioned as it is a “new” illness. Dreaming of dying from AIDS is a strong warning. Someone is trying to ruin your reputation and everything you’ve built so far. People who dream of having AIDS also fear possible difficulties in life. They also fear death and to see someone you know have AIDS can suggest you are obsessed with your health. However, dreaming of AIDS has several meanings, depending on your dream state. So let’s address each one!

Wait… let’s decode the above! 

If you had AIDS in your dream it indicates you fear death and diseases. What you think – you attract? It’s better to focus on what makes you happy than fear something that maybe will never happen. However, your dream is also a warning for someone who works hard to destroy your reputation and your life. You know who that person is. The key message is to “let karma do its thing.”

Don’t react because the truth is always stronger than lies. Everything will reveal them in the future. The one who tries to harm you will end up harming themselves. Yes, keep remembering that. To see children with AIDS or HIV can be somewhat distressing in a dream, it means a fresh start though spiritually.

To see other people have AIDS in your dream state foretells you are going to help someone in trouble. Someone will ask for your help and if you help them, you will gain a friend for life. However, your dream is also an indicator of your subconscious fears. You fear that someone close will get sick or pass away. Don’t let negativity take over your mind. Negative thoughts won’t help you build a good and positive life.

If your partner had AIDS in your dream, it implies your doubt in your partner’s loyalty. You often find yourself wondering whether your partner is cheating you with someone. In order to ensure your thoughts are valid try to talk to your partner and ask them straight. Your dream also reveals your doubt whether you’ve chosen the right person as a partner or not.

To be worried about AIDS in your dream state it foreshadows your real fears, in reality, You may feel worried about getting sick or surviving an incurable disease. Don’t let your fears take over your mind. Instead of being focused on the fact this is a turning point type of dream. In the dream state diseases, focus on leading a healthier lifestyle. If you eat healthy, exercise and reduce stress by finding inner peace, no disease will enter your body or mind.

If you contracted AIDS in your dream, it denotes you will soon face someone who wants to do you harm without any reason. Don’t worry. People like that will never try to hurt you more than they will hurt themselves with their negativity. Ignore them and don’t let them notice you’re frustrated nor affected by their words/actions. They will eventually stop with time. Imagine trying to affect someone constantly and the person ignores you. You will eventually get tired and move on once you realize you’re wasting time and energy.

To take care of someone who had AIDS or nursing them - it foretells your need to take constant care of the people you love. Be careful you are not under the watchful eye of someone. It’s okay to show you care, however, do it in a subtle manner. If you were HIV positive in your dream, it implies you will soon receive bad news, however, don’t let “bad news” affect you. Try being positive and you will overcome everything.

AIDS dream meaning: You were aware that you have sex with someone who has AIDS in your dream:

It implies your wish to live more dangerously and to feel alive again. Travel. Move to another town or state. Try bungee jumping or flying with a parachute. Follow your dreams. There isn’t a bigger adventure than the choice of living your dream life. 

You confessed that you have AIDS in your dream state:

It denotes your fear to confess your feelings to people. You are scared you will face rejection. Guess what? It’s okay to face rejection. That way you will lose unimportant people and make room for someone who will actually care for you. Allow yourself to open up.  

You died due to AIDS in your dream state:

It reveals your fear of getting sick. However, your dream is also a sign that tells you that you will live a long and happy life.

In your dream: 

You had sex with someone with AIDS in your dream. Other people had AIDS in the dream. Your partner got AIDS in the dream. You were worried about AIDS in the dream. You contracted AIDS in your dream. You looked after someone with AIDS in the dream. You were HIV positive in the dream. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of AIDS: 

Terrified. Scared. Fear. Miserable. Depressed. Sadness. Loneliness. Lost. Confused. Anger. Madness. Out of control.

By Florance Saul
Oct 22, 2017