Two Lovers

Two Lovers

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A dream that involves two lovers suggests that “love will be yours” in the future.

To dream of seeing two lovers having sex suggests that you need to accept yourself and realize your worth. It can also indicate that you will soon feel complete and fulfilled in life. You will learn how to appreciate the time spent on your own and you will start enjoying your solitude. In other words, you will become a more independent person. To see two lovers walking suggests you will finally realize that you need to rely on your own needs in life. You will start creating your own values and beliefs in life.

If you dream of an unknown couple, it can mean that you are looking for a new love and you will soon find him or her. Take off your focus from love relationships and when you don’t expect love, someone special will cross your path. Stop wasting your time trying to impress people! Remember that the person who will fall in love with you will be impressed by the way you are and by the way you present yourself. This is what your dream is trying to tell you.

However, dreaming of an unknown couple could also mean that you have fallen for someone but you’re not completely sure about the other person’s feelings because of the confusing signals they have been sending recently. Take time to observe the person’s actions and remember that actions are always more important than words. Make sure your lover has a kind soul and good intentions. Although you might feel lonely while observing two lovers in your dream it means that it’s better to be alone than staying with the wrong person.

An unknown lover in your dream could also indicate that you might miss someone from your past who’s been very close to you. If that person has passed away in your dream try to think that they’re in a better place and you should move on with your life. However, if someone left you for unknown reasons, be aware that everything is temporary in life and you should try to spend time with the right people.

If the two lovers in your dream are kissing, this could mean that you yearn for love and affection, and soon you will have a conflict with a friend of the opposite gender. However, after time, both of you will realize that you will remain friends.

In your dream

  • You could see two lovers in your dream kissing.
  • You were taken by two lovers who were in love.
  • Two lovers were together in your dream.
  • You did not know the two lovers in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of two lovers

If you dream that you are taken to some beautiful place like restaurant or party by two lovers who were in love it could mean that you’re feeling lonely. However, it could also suggest that soon you will start a relationship with someone you once hated.

If you dream that you were kidnapped by two lovers then you’re probably scared of growing old alone. Start accepting the fact that you can survive any obstacle alone. And that’s what your dream is trying to tell you.

If you dream of yourself as a lover and a person from your past as another lover, don’t think that someone you loved from your past will come back to ask you to get back together. What your dream actually means, is that you will meet someone new who will respect you and love you the way you deserve it. What your dream is trying to convey is that you should trust your instincts.

You were kissing in your dream with an unknown lover: It could mean that you will break up your current relationship and realize that you should get to know yourself better before starting a relationship with someone new. You will soon learn how to love yourself first before you fall in love with someone new, which is good because not many people love themselves. And when you don’t love yourself, why do you expect other people to love you?

You saw two lovers having sex

It could mean that you probably haven’t had sex for a long time and you’re constantly thinking about doing it with someone unknown and new. It could also suggest that you will soon cheat on your current lover or suggest some crazy idea that includes a third person during intercourse. However, be careful, you shouldn’t risk losing your lover, in order to experience a no-lasting satisfaction.

You were having sex with someone unknown

if you dream of having sex with someone you do not know indicates that you are likely to take on a new project that will result in love for that project. It can also suggest that you maybe heartbroken in life but that you will get over it in the future.

If you do not know the lovers in your dream then someone will provide good news to you in the future.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of two lovers

Upset. Heartbroken. Happy. Sad. Angry. Frustrated. Scared. Loved. Lovely. Insecure. Guilt.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017