Dream of Dead Fish

dead fish dream meaning

Biblical and normal meaning of dead fish in dream

Dreaming of a dead fish is quite a powerful dream symbol. In order to properly understand this dream, we need to look at not only the fish symbol, which I have covered in this dream meaning by clicking here but also the intricate aspects of the dream of fish and why the dread fish dream occurred. 

In spiritual terms fish are representative of divinity, they are scared and dominated by the glory of the divine in the free-flowing oceans and waters. In dreams fish, dying can indicate that life is suspended or even rediscovered in some ways. There are many meanings that surround fish but they are mostly seen as a spiritual abundance. 

The finest distillations of this dream are equally important to analyze and I will attempt to cover the wide variety of dream meanings of dead fish. In most dream dictionaries seeing dead fish can be affirmed of a hidden passion and the dreamer is likely to have many blessings.

There are many different types of dreams which can be classified under the following:

  • Adjustment dreams: to dream of dead fish is brought about by something in the physical world. It could be that you witnessed dead fish or fish in general.
  • Premonitory dreams: these types of dreams are associated with dreaming of something of the future. It could be that you will be eating fish alternatively seeing dead fish these types of dreams can sometimes occur and leave his feeling slightly perplexed.
  • Dreams of satisfaction: In these streams, we find real-life once fulfilled. These are the type of dreams that make up the general theories of the psychology behind dreams. Seeing dead fish in the stream could indicate that you need potassium for example.

The dream content will vary greatly depending upon the details of the dream and the dreamer's own imagination, there is an important component that satisfaction or needs always take place during the dream of dead fish. While we are dreaming there is an unconscious relaxation of our own expressions which can often result in the dreamer of being more aware of the richness of his or her life. In times of difficulty in life seeing dead fish in a dream can often appear to ensure the dreamer will gain happiness in the end. We often assume that each dream provides us with meaning, and it actually confirms our own emotions. 

In dream psychology, the "fish" is the archetypal figure, and upon understanding the illusions and distortions that we create which can help us adapt to our life for success. Success is very much focused on adjusting ourselves and changing environments in our own life. The dead fish is a spirit of harmony imposed in your unconscious mind. The “dead fish” archetype represented in the dream is based upon the understanding of the forces that constitute life, therefore after having such a dream it is important to understand what makes up the environmental forces of your life. The most successful person on earth will still have to correct various points in their personalities before success can take place such as greed, suspicion, revenge, jealousy, intolerance, and a habit of depression. 

The other aspect of seeing fish in the dream is to ask yourself what you are trying to understand that will stimulate your mind, seek and conceive new ideas and develop new plans which will help you in attaining your true desires. The dream is trying to show you how to create new ideas out of the old, how to put old ideas to use, and have enthusiasm for life which is the foundation for success. 

In order to understand the dream both the detailed perspective of the process of what happened in the dream of dead fish needs to be organized, classified, and gathered. I have laid the foundation within this article with important hypotheses rated from various dream sources and psychology. Most of the useful aspects of the dream's meaning are that even though we may face terrific struggles if we dream of dead fish I believe success is likely to be yours. Our minds are generally made with fluid energy which constitutes and fills the universe. It is quite probable that the effect of this dream will mean that you will feel you feel utopia and will not hold yourself back in life.

Is the dream of dead fish good or bad?

In dream dictionaries, the dream of fish, in general, is generally a good positive omen. The remembered dream is much like flapping fish. We are happy to have remembered it. In terms of the dream, we have to consider this or throw it back to the sea. My belief is that seeing dead fish is a mechanism for emotional healing. To see only a few dead fish in the dream can indicate that you are swimming with emotions at the moment but in time these shall pass. 

Mentally we go through many challenges in life, and dead fish in the dream often intrudes on our sleep when we are confronted with a dramatic emotional situation in life. In this sense, the dream could expose connections between our past, present, and future. In dream psychology, there is a link to healing by virtue of the shapes of the fish, the quality, and the relevance of the information they are supposed to contain. There is a healing power of the dream as dead fish often connect to our inner happiness.

Dreaming of dead fish in water

If the dead fish presented themselves in water then this is a relation to your own internal feelings and emotions. In very spiritual terms it can indicate that the water is a solid foundation, fish and water blend harmoniously, after all, water is their natural environment. We need to look at the water as our own emotions. 

The water consistency should be observed. Surface water such as streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands that yield dead fish in a dream can indicate that our emotions are settled and we can possibly develop a harmonious blending of our minds and emotions. If the water was murky, stormy, or contained pollutants like engine oil can suggest that understanding our emotions will be critical going forward. Seeing dead fish in the ocean is a positive dream that can mean you need to ensure that through your success (which you are bound to have) you can see the benefit of sharing with others. 

Freud and the dream of dead fish

If the dream was lucid in nature or extremely vivid and you can clearly remember the details then the dream meaning should be interpreted. The Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Refus believed fish was a symbol in dreams and represented the depth of our psyche. In his book, the interpretation of dreams written in 1901 he studied patients to explain their dreams. Many of the dreams he believed would be sexual in nature and be associated with manifesting content in the dream which is our ideal fantasy. The fish is a symbol for us to accept our emotions in a conscious way, and our psyche lives out of the desire to do so.

Biblical dream meaning of dead fish

In the bible, the famous symbol of ichthys follows the story of Jesus's multiplication of when he gave out fish and loaves to the people. Spiritually speaking, this dream is a symbolic symbolism of not only manifestation but also blessings. Also, note that when Jesus gave out the fish to eat they were dead.

Fish themselves have been connected to grace throughout history. Jesus repeatedly spoke about fishnets, fish, fish gate, and fish environments. Dreams can help us pick up a few areas of wisdom in our lives. Think even dead fish can still be drifted with the tide. Dead fish and dreams can also be symbolism that you're trying to break away from an area in your life you can't express your feelings to someone. 

It's always possible for us to take a break or make a change, and it could be an indication that you are trying to escape from corporate life. Big corporations are structured in the higher article, autocratic and self-aggrandizing cultures. It is quite possible you dream of dead fish because you are trying to escape from some sort of stiffening community. The dream of dead fish may mean that you expand and narrow your ethics in order to fulfill your own curious life. 

The essential question to ask is this: what do you feel is blocking you at the moment. From a psychic perspective, fish provide us with a relationship between the sea, and the fish symbolism is quite sacred. There are some Asian rites and some priests are forbidden to eat fish. Whereby they embrace fish worship and have been forbidden to eat fish. Fish incorporates a variety of spiritual meanings, reflecting many different facets of nature. In dream psychology, the fish symbolism has a phallic meaning, whereby it is connected to our survival. 

What is a dead fish means, from a dream psychology point of view

To understand the psychological interpretation of dreams important to go for a more scientific approach to understanding why you dreamt of the fish. If we turn to Sigmund Freud who wrote the famous book called the interpretation of in the 1900s. In his theory he believes the dreams of current wishes and that every dream is a connection to our unconscious conflicts which is predominantly caused by our own internal wishes. The wishes that we have at the very early stages of our childhood shine through in our dreams while we get older. 

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of dead fish?

In biblical terms, fish are presented in many ways in the bible. Dreaming about dead fish is symbolically rich, the bible itself mentions fish at least 68 times and in scripture, fish is symbolic of our soul and of those people around us. There are many references to fish in the bible. Firstly, the multiplication of the fish and loves by Jesus was considered a miracle. Secondly, Jesus says that the disciples should cast the net on the boat in John 21:5-6 and finally a coin in Matthew 17:27.

In the bible, the famous symbol of ichthys follows the story of Jesus's multiplication of when he gave fish and loaves. Spiritually speaking, this dream is a symbolic symbolism of not only manifestation but also blessings. 

This was known as the Miraculous catch of fish and was considered a miracle. The number of fish caught was 153, which has been argued as a spiritual number to be important.

How many dead fish are presented in your dream?

The amount of dead fish should also be taking into account. The more dead fish in a dream the more positive the meaning. Also, consider the type of fish you saw, if they are beautiful exotic fish on the surface of the water it can indicate more happiness you will have. 

Swimming in dead fish can indicate that you are trying to control your emotions, depending on the water consistency. When we sleep we separate ourselves from the outside world and various images of fish could represent the metaphorical expressions of daily life. 

Types of dead fish in your dream

Dreams of dead koi fish can indicate that there are reverberations of the past that have not been dealt with. If the fish are exotic then this can suggest happiness. To dream of normal fish (that you find in a river) can mean something is challenging or unfamiliar in some way. Dreaming of dead fish which is a nightmare is a representation of anxiety centered around work or career. Dreaming of schools of fish can indicate good luck and happiness. The more fish, the more abundance in life. 

Dream of eating dead fish

If you're trying to move careers or take on new business projects then the dream of eating dead fish is supposed to be positive. Other times, the dream of dead fish can signify that there will be a new beginning. Think of eating the dead fish as feeding your inner creativity. If you enjoy eating the dead fish then this is even more positive. This dream can help you realize what areas of life in you can intermingle your own resources with others. Realistically this is a positive dream but if you did not enjoy eating the dead fish it can mean that you might not feel that you can accept a new pathway at the moment due to feeling worried and fear.

Conclusion of dead fish dream

Seeing dead fish in dreams is quite common, it can indicate your internal anxieties if you killed the fish itself. However, there has been much work on this archetype from dream psychologists. It simply means that success will likely be yours in time. Please also see my dream meaning of fish by clicking here. 

By Florance Saul
May 12, 2021