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When somebody is said to be as “cold like a statue”, they may be emotionally cold or lack sufficient animation.

Traveling to a statue within your dream suggests that you might be given the particular less competent side of man's instinct. This dream may signify areas of yourself or it may refer to some people around you.

In your dream you may have

  • You travel to a statue.
  • You see a statue.
  • You see a famous statue.
  • A damaged statue.
  • A fallen statue.
  • A marble statue.
  • A big statue.
  • A statue that moves.

Advice from your dream

  • You were able to enjoy the presence of the statue.
  • You followed a clear path of action and got the expected results.
  • This dream made you feel good, maybe even happy.

Detailed dream interpretation

A statue that is a perfect reproduction of you (for example, Michelangelo's David) in a dream is probably trying to tell you that no human being is best, and no one should be put on a pedestal. If a number is “shaped” and “chiseled”, this indicates you will be influenced by somebody, for instance, a parent or other authority figure. If the statue is altered or damaged for some reason, then it may mean that your own ethics, ideals, or idealized people do not meet your faultless picture. If a person you know looks like a statue, particularly if the statue is gilded, that may imply that their image is a façade, and you are just a projector screen. This person may be purposely trying to mask their particular flaws and should not be trusted.

A statue is a sign of mind disturbances, stiffness, and coldness. You should become more mellow, open to other people, and accept new and more feelings in your life. This dream could portend a possible depression. Seeing a statue in a dream could be a warning for a possible embarrassment ahead. If the statue in your dream is fallen, this indicates that something prevents you from bringing your endeavor to a good end. There are some obstacles and hindrances in your way.

If you see a statue, this may mean that your mind is not in order. A statue is associated with a perfect representation or image. The statue symbolizes the cold, distant side of your nature and character, indifference, and even arrogance, features that you must work on and even reduce. If you see a statue in your dream, this means that you admire, maybe even revere a person that is not interested in your love display.

Sometimes a statue symbolizes your ideas and thoughts and not necessarily a person. You could assign special qualities to a state of mind that you think is appropriate for you. It could be about an aspect that is dormant in you. If you see a statue that awakens to life in your dream, this suggests that the dormant aspect will come forth and impress even yourself.

For one to dream of a statue, it could mean that he or she has a cold heart. A marble statue portends lots of love from your partner or someone you care for a lot. A big statue suggests that your arrogance will overwhelm people in your circle, and this will make you unbearable and intolerable to some of them. A statue could mean that you could be a bit too distant to those in your family.

Admiring a statue in a dream is an omen for honor and trust in your life. Seeing a statue means that your perseverance will bring you prosperity. If a statue moves in your dream, this foretells big wealth ahead. Seeing yourself as being a statue indicates that you are too stiff with other people and you should work on becoming a bit more accessible and flexible.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of statue

Admiring. Feeling good. Surprised. Happy. Content. Scared. Amazed. Curious. Insecure. Enjoying. Afraid.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012