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Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle.

To see an assault rifle in your dream is connected with inner aggression and a frustrated mind. This omen is both a negative and positive sign, it is associated to a& decision that needs to be made.

A dream associated with a rifle that has been loaded with a bullet by the dreamer represent to make a decision in waking lifes preparation. To kill someone with an assault rifle means that a close friend or a loved one requires advice. To see someone else loading a rifle in your dream is associated with a person being resistant in a situation and this person is not allowing you to communicate with others.


In your dream you may have...

  • A rifle loaded by you.
  • Someone is loading a rifle.
  • A rifle in the hand of good person.
  • A rifle in the hand of bad person.
  • A rifle fired by you but the bullet is jammed within the rifle.
  • A rifle pointing towards you.
  • A rifle pointed by you towards someone.
  • A rifle fired by you.

Negative changes are going to happen if...

  • In your dream you are emotional and frustrated.
  • In your dream you are aggressive it will lead to restless mind.
  • You were running away from someone with an assault rifle.

Positive changes are going to happen if...

  • In your dream you are confident.

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An assault rifle in a dream is connected to one's emotions. This dream shows that your mind is frustrated and it is restless due to a personal problem or situation. It symbolize that you are in trouble and you are trying to find a solution in life, to make better decision's. An assault rifle in your dream is a symbol of decision.

If someone is pointing an assault rifle towards you, this reflects a situation in your waking life. This can be where you have held a heated debate with someone and the situation explodes with anger - on both parts. Thus, an assault rifle is associated with the decision to explode with anger that held up with your superior power over you.

If you are firing a rifle towards a person in a dream, this means in your real life you may be embarrassed by a person or a situation. To hold a rifle in your dream means that you are confident about a task. It also means that you carry a strong belief in your performance in a task in waking life.

To fire a shot at a person means you are surrendering to negative thoughts. It reflects that your actions in life are positive. If someone is firing a rifle at you represents a decision that has embarrassed you. A bad choice you made that has turned on the bad situation towards you. It is associated with your feeling in life where someone else's decision has caused a lot of pain. If you are shooting a criminal with an assault rifle suggests the need to get rid of negative thinking by means of believing in your inner voice, and making the right decision for a situation. To dream of an assault rifle that jams up when you fire it means that a decision needs to be made. It symbolizes a lack of potential to make a decision, lack of courage and confidence.


Feelings that you may have faced during a dream of an assault rifle is...

Worry about the assault rifle, having an adventurous time, restless mind, Fear about that situation and facing that person. Confident in making a right decision if your dream is in positive phase. Developing a feeling of frustration.

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