Computer Bag

Computer Bag

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Computers are programmed in such a way that, they can do things over and over again without being tired or taking a break.

The computer bag represents the tasks and responsibilities in your life. Dreaming of a computer bag means that, you are recycling what happened to you in the past to your present and it is making your life to move at a slow pace. The past has so many things both good and bad; if you try to keep on referring to the past, it will be very hard for you to achieve anything meaningful in your present life. Your dreams denote that, you are so much into your past that, you seem not to think of the present without bringing in the past.

In the dream:

  • Seen a bag that contains your own laptop or computer.
  • Open a bag and cannot find your computer or laptop.
  • Even though you have the bag you cannot find your computer or laptop.
  • The computer or laptop bag in your dream is stolen.
  • A computer bag that is completely lost and not recoverable.
  • By computer or laptop bag involved in the police or law enforcement

Detailed dream interpretation

A situation where you see a bag that contains your own laptop or computer means that you have limited ambition and this dream suggests that you have been limiting yourself (like encasing yourself into a bag) away from others. This is slowing you down in terms of your career or love life - because you take a long time to make decisions. This dream can also mean that you fear taking risks which you need to expand your own mind. Do you fear that, what happened to you in the past, a loss of income due to a risk that was taken, will again happen in your present state? I do feel this dream indicates that you have to liberate yourself completely from the past. To break the zip on the computer bag suggests someone else will give you good news.

Cannot find the computer or laptop in a dream meaning

When you open the bag in your dream and you cannot find your computer or laptop, it means that you could be feeling that you are not thinking straight at the moment. Try to think why! Is there something that has happened in your past? Has someone upset you? To not find your laptop or computer is a dream (but you have the bag) there are so many issues which you need to review and sort out.

Type of laptop in a dream

To see a MacBook in your dream suggests the very best you can achieve will be yours. To see an iPad case or bag indicates problems that you have never been exposed to before. You are not a risk taker and you don't consider yourself to venture into something which seems to be new in the market; you would rather let problems be handled by others.

Stolen laptop in a dream

If you find out that the computer or laptop in your dream is stolen, it suggests that you are having issues in your life again. If you have encountered problems in your past but you cannot find a solution to them one often dreams about "things" stolen. I don't like dreams where we are trying to find something. I always feel this is because we are "looking" for something important in life. A dream where a computer or laptop bag is seen and the dream involves police or law enforcement means that there are people who are not happy due to the way you make your decision. It is believed this decision is made in a sluggish way.

Buying a laptop in a dream

When you happen to buy a computer bag it means a hidden talent. To see a computer bag that gets completely lost and not recoverable, it means that the responsibilities which you are being handed tough and you are finding it impossible to finish them. It will be best if you can delegate these problems to someone else because, however hard you try, you will not be able to get a solution to them.

To drop a computer bag suggests you are impatient. Stop over dependence of the past and concentrate on handling things as they present themselves to you. In conclusion, a dream of a computer bag in spiritual terms can mean many interesting facts and I hope this has given you some peace.

Feelings associated with your dream of a computer bag

Slow, overdependent, concerned, concentrated, frustrated and decisions need to be made.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017