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A block in a dream has a similar meaning to the interpretation of a barrier, in that you need to make sure you can overcome obstacles. This dream can also symbolize cherished ideas which you believe will set you apart from others in life.

The block in this context is a positive omen encouraging you to pursue your special ideas and follow your intuition.

In your dream you may have

  • You encounter a mental block.
  • Butcher’s block.
  • A block of text.
  • A block of wood.
  • A barrier or a block.
  • A financial block.
  • Looking at a block.
  • Broken block.
  • A sport’s block.
  • A hat block.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Be more malleable.
  • Stop hiding behind others.
  • Try to listen to others’ opinion.
  • Be ready for quick changes in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you encounter a mental block, for example not being able to communicate with others or you cannot remember who you are, this is an indication that you are not conforming to others. The dream can refer to the fact that it is important to consider other people, as there is a feeling that your personality is somewhat out of control.

A block featured in your dream may mean many things dependent upon the meaning of the block. To dream of a butcher’s block means that times are going to change quickly, and things need to move on fast in order to progress in your life. Dreaming of printing or reading a large block of text indicates that things in life are going to seem fast. Did you read the text in your dream? If so, this may provide an indication as to what spirit is trying to communicate with you.

A sport’s block indicates times are hard at the moment. To see a hat block in your dream means that you need to stop hiding behind others in the waking life, and be more confident in your possibilities and abilities. To see a block of wood in your dream, whether you are in the process of engraving the wood, or it is ready to be cut for a fire means it is important for you to realize that you make your own choices in life.

Being blocked by a wall in your dream means you will encounter obstacles in your life that you might not be able to overcome easily. A financial block means that you are sure of yourself financially. To dream that you are in a region that is blocked means that you have money problems. If you block the road for an enemy it is possible that some people do not give you credit for the intelligence you possess.

If you dream you are prevented to go somewhere because of a blocked door or any barriers, this is a sign that you have difficulty to fulfill your plans. A block or a barrier foretells daily losses in business. If the block appears several times in your dream, this is the sign of having the impossibility of getting whatever you want in life. A cross-shaped barrier means obstacles, troubles and illness. If you cannot cross this block, it is usually not a good omen and it can refer to a big problem in your family life. Looking at a block suggests that your daily hardiness will multiply, especially if you cannot deal with the block in the dream. A broken block means you will receive help that will allow you to overcome some obstacles. Sitting on a barrier or a block suggests getting rid of obstacles. If a block collapses in your dream, this means great danger.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of block

Scared. Anxious. Angry. Upset. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012