Snakes Entangled

Snakes Entangled

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Seeing snakes entangled is quite an uncommon dream.

One could see snakes entangled in a tree or alternatively snakes everywhere tangled. Snakes entangled in a dream can have many different meanings. If you see a ball which contains snakes and this is a suggestion that there will be disruptive actions in the future. If you could see snakes entangled together then this indicates that you have an enemy in life. It's venom is also connected to wealth.

In your dream

  • Entangled snakes in a ball.
  • Entangled snakes in a room.
  • Entangled snakes on the floor.
  • Entangled snakes on the ground.
  • To see large snakes in the shape of a ball.
  • Snakes are on a statue.
  • Snakes come to life.
  • Snakes are tangled up in the dream.
  • You see a person with snakes from their heads in a dream.
  • You see a snake tangled on another person in the dream.

Detailed dream meaning

If you kill the snakes in your dream then this can indicate that you will overcome an enemy in waking life. To see a small stake entangled in your dream is a representation of your childhood dreams and wishes. If you are untangling the snakes in your dream then this can indicate trickery or deception of one's enemy. If the snakes were black and entangled then this is representative of a very strong enemy life. If the snakes were entangled and you are unable to untangle them then this will reflect your struggles in life. The advice suggests that you will be affected by changes in the future. You may pay a high price for going against the grain and it is important you don't put your life on hold to force other people to do what you wish. It can also suggest you may walk away from an abusive relationship if the snakes are dangerous in any way.

If the snakes you see are sleeping and entangled and this can be a suggestion that there is a difficulty in waking life but this generally will not affect you too much. To dream of entangled snakes on the floor is a representation of depression and possible abuse from somebody for a number of years. As we have already concluded the snake itself is representative of an enemy especially when entangled. The entanglement represented in the dream may be your spiritual energy which is connected to your enemy waking life. It can also suggest that you will feel remorse or guilt about somebody else's actions going forward.

To see black entangled snakes in your dream is a suggestion that you will gain money in the future. To see water snakes entangled in a dream represents that somebody is going to come to a conclusion. If the snakes are pets and you see them entangled in your dream then this can indicate that you will gain power over your enemies in life. If the entangled snakes bite you in the dream state this can suggest that you will be harmed by an enemy close to you. If the entangled snakes aims to kill you in a dream then it is likely you will not overcome an enemy.

To see or eat entangled snakes in your dream, or to see entangled snakes on a plate in a dream can indicate that you are going to go through a phase of life where you are walking on eggshells. Make sure that you distance yourself from people that you find difficult to deal with.

To fight a snake which is entangled in your dream indicates you are going to feel overpowered by situation in life. If an internal snake is in your house or apartment in your dream then this represents that your family is going to have a rift or conflict in the future. It is a warning to be wary of getting involved in some family conflict. There will be people who will be out of control and horribly abusive to either yourself or somebody else. It is possible that this person believes they do no wrong. Simply that they are always right. There are many people in the world that believe this.

The snake “tangled” is a representation of family enemies and conflicts when found in a home or house in your dream. If you are bitten by entangled snake in your dream then this is a suggestion that you need to accept rules and standards at work.

To see a snake on a statue in a dream indicates that may encounter some problems in the future. Remember to not have such high expectations in life. Try to relax and enjoy your life. To see snakes entangled to another person is a suggestion that you always right - try to follow your own instincts and life.

If the slate curls up on your dream or crawls to be entangled with another snake this is representative of a problem which exists in your social circle. There may be a capacity for you to try to understand other people’s points of view. Another interpretation of the snake curling is focused on problems that will be solved very soon. The snake is also associated with sexual desires and can be connected to people around you. To catch tangled snakes indicates you are powerful and able to overcome any difficulties in life. Being tangled in a dream state is a suggestion that your life is becoming more complex. The fact that there is a snake which is tangled means that it is becoming complex due to conflict. You need to try to choose the right way forward.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of snakes entangled

Acknowledgement, relationships with others, difficulty with relationships around you, understanding your role in life, hidden conflict.

By Florance Saul
Jul 3, 2017