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Dreaming of a jackpot can be a prophetic dream indicating riches coming your way but usually, in older dream dictionaries it is a warning of a loss of money and not to gamble or to take risks with your finances.

You will often hear people say that they were lucky but luck is really just a replenishment of your own energy in life. This is similar to karma. When people send out vibes, eventually they get good back to them and winning a jackpot is an example of this. In a dream though - sometimes the jackpot is simply wishful thinking about the need of money or maybe you require a stroke of luck. The good news is that this dream denotes that something good to happen. One thing I will say is that you need to be careful not to bet on a dream because while some dreams can be prophetic it can also be a warning to work harder or not to bet on something good happening without you making it happen. Positive changes are afoot if: you won a jackpot as part of a group – such as playing the lottery with co-workers. Lost a jackpot in a game of chance.

Detailed dream meaning

Actually losing money in a dream is usually a good sign for finances coming your way and so the dream you win is associated with good times ahead. If you dream that you almost win this can be a symbolic problem in life that will be resolved. To actually lose a jackpot indicates tough times ahead. Winning money is usually a sign of good luck but also being lost in life - and is indicative of needing to save or hold on to the money that you get. When you lose money in a dream then this is a sign of a possible windfall coming your way. Another positive symbol in dreams is collectively winning money but this is not regarding a windfall of finances. To dream of winning the lottery indicates that you will work together with others for a common goal and winning is a sign of teamwork, working together, and being as one.

When you dream of a jackpot such as going to Vegas or gambling then you are likely to have an opportunity coming your way that you will want to take advantage of. When the dream is about the possibility of a jackpot consider areas of your life that you want growth and opportunity in. Usually dreams about financial jackpots will refer to money, so keep your eye out for a financial opportunity for gain in the near future!

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Being wise with money or finances. Losing money. Working together for a collective goal Possibilities for money in the future – Opportunities knocking.

In this dream, you may have

Won a jackpot. Played the lottery or gambled. Needed cash. Received a lot of money. Saw someone else win a jackpot off of a card table or slot machine that you just left. Talked about winning a jackpot. Cheated in order to win. Got really good news. Been very lucky.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a jackpot

Rich. Happy. Thrilled. Lucky. Excited. Fun. Nice. Unlucky. Loser. Loss. Triumph. Sad. Depressed. Disappointed. Scared. Worried. Nervous. Unlucky.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012