Mining dream

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Many cultures place importance on a gathering of some sort and mining is no different.

While mining is often thought of an Americanized dream, reflective of the gold rush or the hills of West Virginia, many cultures have important dream meanings behind mining. Because you are taking something out of the earth and placing value in it, and because often mining is important to a community, mining in a dream has strong connotations for the psyche to the waking world. Dreaming of mining can be either positive or negative – depending on what is being mined in the dream.

Dreaming of being a miner may represent being something that is the complete opposite of what you do in your day to day life. Especially if you are one that doesn’t like to do manual labor or to get dirty, mining represents strain and being pushed beyond your normal limits. If you are a successful miner then this is a positive inclination of working hard and having a just reward. Whether it is gold or diamonds or any other precious material, it shows that exerting effort in your waking world is going to pay off for you. There are some schools of thought that state that specific minerals and metals have their own meaning, so you may want to look those up if they were prominent in your dream.

Mining is still a strong profession, but sometimes dreams of mining will be about old-timey mines such as during the wild west of other mining booms. When you have a dream where you are transported to the past, the first thought is that this could be a dream about a past life. Past life dreams contain true historical content that you otherwise would not have known. It is important to weigh the details of your dream to decipher whether it is a past life dream or something else. ‘

When dreaming about the past and viewing a miner as a hard worker but one that is not paid well for work, gets trapped in a mine, or that is sick from working in the mines, you are seeing your own life as being too difficult. It will usually represent mining as an aspect of your life, such as work or day to day activities. In your own world, consider where you are putting forth too much effort or not being truly rewarded for your efforts. It can also represent being taken advantage of.

Explosive dreams are representative of moving obstacles or getting rid of huge things in your life that are not working for you. When you dream of blowing up a mine, for the sake of mining, then you are likely going all out in your waking world. Sometimes bigger is not better and blowing up a mountain with dynamite is not the best way to mine for anything. In your own world consider how you are using too much effort. Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mining: Fired up. Excited. Determined. Careless. Lazy. Strong. Curious. Thrilled. Deflated. Let down. Scared. Worried.

Your dream:

  • Gone into a mine.
  • Been a miner for gold, silver, or other precious metals.
  • Made a failed attempt at mining.
  • Witnessed mining atrocities.
  • Were stuck in a mine or knew/saw other people who were stuck.
  • Saw a mine collapse.
  • Blew up a mine.
  • Rode in a mine cart.
  • Used a pickaxe.


  • Collect prosperous gems or metals from mining.
  • Strike it rich from mining.
  • Rescue people from a mine.
  • Over-exerting yourself.
  • Being rewarded.
  • Past life regression.

By Florance Saul
Jan 8, 2013