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If you happen to dream about balancing something, it implies that, you are fighting for fairness and impartiality in real life.

To see yourself finding it difficult to balance in your dream indicates a struggle in life. If you are walking on a tightrope or beam, it suggests that a struggle with others is on the cards. Balancing is to make sure that something is put in the right position so that it doesn't fall, if you fall it can suggest that you need to balance things in life.

You might be searching to be stable in life so that everything you do is for your own good and for the good of those who are around you.

In the dream

  • You might see yourself in a balanced situation.
  • You might see yourself in an unbalanced situation.
  • You might see someone you know in a balanced situation.
  • You might see someone you know in an unbalanced situation.
  • You might see a strange person in a balanced situation.
  • You might see a strange person in an unbalanced situation.
  • Balancing accountancy books.
  • Balancing weights.
  • Balancing a maths problem.
  • Balancing on a set of stairs.
  • Balancing another person.
  • People are balancing on top of each other.
  • Balancing in a circus.
  • A ballet dancer balancing.
  • Losing your balance.
  • Balancing a conflict.
  • Balancing on a boat.
  • Balancing or weighing ingredients.
  • Balancing scales like in the constellation of Libra.
  • Balancing a chemical equation.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

To see a balanced object indicates that there are situations in life where you need to form opinions. The balance itself is connected with debate; it is all matter of choice in life. Traditionally a dream focused on balance represents a solution to a problem and emotions that need to be balanced.

To find yourself in a balanced situation in a dream suggests that you need to look for more enthusiasm in life. If you are unbalanced in your dream and fall over this can symbolize difficult times ahead. If you see another person lose their balance, this can indicate that it's time to believe in yourself and trust your own abilities. Seeing a strange person "balance" items in your dream associated with creativity. As you do not know this person in your dream, it indicates that you need to look to others for advice.

To be in the circus (in your dream) and you see somebody walking on a tightrope reflects your ability to get a job done properly. If you see someone falling over losing their balance that indicates that another will have the knowledge to control you.

Balancing accountancy books is connected to materialistic energy. This is an omen that encourages you to aim to get success through working hard. Balancing weights is a suggestion that you need to feel more secure in your life. The advice here is that you need to balance situations to get the best outcome. Balancing a maths problem or an equation suggests that you may encounter some complexities in life. The good news is that this dream represents and enterprising time ahead.

Balancing on a set of chairs or alternatively seeing objects that are balancing indicates that you may be compelled to find a new career goal. Your personal pathway needs to be defined. To see balancing objects in a circus, such as balancing balls or plates indicates that you have the correct energy that reflects your current situation. Traditionally, you need to ensure that you maintain a balanced approach to a work situation. It is likely that you are able to face the truth in a difficult situation.

To see people or animals balancing on top of each other suggests that you are highly ambitious. You are looking to grow and reach the top in your career. Giving and receiving are normally one of the same things, and they are not mutually exclusive. In terms of the "balancing" of people or objects in your dream indicates that you are ready to give and receive.

To see a ballet dancer who is balancing on their feet is associated with complex situations. To see any objects balancing, such as pencils balancing in mid-air is a suggestion that needs to think about the lessons that you have learned in the past.

Review these and balance your goals accordingly. To balance a conflict, a mediator of any sort, such as a judge or a referee indicates that you need to feel more important in life. The key message here is that it is time to widen your perspective on the world and life in general. Perhaps it is a message to take up a new skill and learn something different?

To balance on a boat is associated with feeling disillusioned in life. It is important for you to define your own goals and not carry out tasks alone. Look to others for advice.

To balance away ingredients in a dream is a suggestion that you need to take a more objective look at yourself and your ambitions in life. If the ingredients cannot be balanced, then this indicates that you are of the belief that you have achieved everything that you have intended. There is a question at what is left to achieve? Try to make way for new beginnings and start in life.

To see the balancing scales of Libra in your dream, which is identical to the scales found on many courts suggests that you must preserve at all costs your own material work. There may be a competitor or a problem in the near future that may cause some emotional for financial upheaval. To see mechanical scales indicates that you have some kind of burden which you seem to be carrying with you. If the scales in your dream are commercial, it suggests a new career is on the horizon. To feel the opposing force of gravity within your dream suggests an important lesson is soon to be learned. Stick to your own beliefs. To see digital scales in a dream indicates you will be tested by another. To see the old-fashioned balancing scales with weights (like Libra above) is an indication of the protection of assets.

Finally balancing a chemical equation is associated with your own fears in life. If you successfully balance the equation, it indicates that you are blissfully involved in a situation, and you will receive great rewards. If however, the equation is not balanced in a dream suggests that you have a fear of being honest about what you want out of life.

To find yourself in a balanced situation suggests that your life is moving in the right direction and you are able to achieve your goals at set times without delays. You need to utilize your goals to make sure that you have a stable life.

To see broken scales which you cannot “balance” indicates you will help others who might find themselves in difficult circumstances. When you dream about finding yourself off balance, it means that there is something in your life that is not working well for you. Take time to turn a situation around. You have the energy and power to change your destiny! Work hard to change fate in your life.

When you see a friend in your dream performing a balancing act, it means that your friends and relatives are stable and this has made it possible to be happy and enjoy life as it comes. If you are not happy or stable in your life try to find ways that will make your life more fulfilling.

If you see someone you know in your dream performing a balancing act, and they lose it, it means that they are having problems in their life which need to be sorted as soon as possible so that they don't become ruined in the process. If you have the will and zeal to help others then why not help? To lose your balance and fall into the water suggests maintaining a good relationship with others.

If you happen to see a strange person (or animal) struggling to gain balance, it implies that your life is stable and it will take a long time before it can be destabilized. Continue working hard so that you can focus on the good things in your life. In a case whereby a strange person is performing a balancing act and succeeding in doing so, it means that you are feeling unstable and you need the intervention of others to help you grasp the stability which is enjoyed by other people.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Stable, happy, strong, off-balance, balanced, worried about the future, struggling with problems in life and balancing many problems and emotions.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017