Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Damage of any kind in a dream usually represents aggression, anger, and resentment. You may have damaged a part of your bodies such as a leg, arm or head, but it can also be moral damage.

Damage can be produced through different means, and the means and context have an impact on the dream’s meaning as well. Dreaming of damage is not necessarily a bad omen or a bad occurrence like in the waking life. It depends a lot on the level and kind of damage.

There are lots of consequences that may involve damage in some way, including a car crash, a fire, or a fight. The key to any dream that involves damage is anger and resentment in your waking life. This is the underlying cause. Physical damage, in particular, refers to anger towards yourself. You may be unhappy with your own personal issues, and this feeling is completely unjustified. Dreaming of your body being damaged suggests that you should probably examine the causes for feeling such anger.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a car accident resulting in body damage.
  • Seen damage that was caused by water.
  • Seen damage caused by fire.
  • Encountered moral or psychic damage.
  • Seen rotten, damaged food.
  • Seen an object that was damaged.

What this means to your life

  • You are angry at somebody.
  • There is some resentment in your life.
  • You have to deal with issues alone.
  • You are undergoing a chaotic phase in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation:

If you dream of rotten, damaged food of any kind, this means you are dealing with some sensitive issues in your daily life and you will have to solve them by yourself. If the damaged food affects you in any way in the dream, such as making you sick, it probably means that you will encounter an obstacle in your endeavor to solve the issue.

Damage due to any type of accident can refer to a situation that will not have a happy ending. If you cannot see the damage in the dream, but you experience the accident and expect to have been some damage involved, this can mean some type of danger is coming your way. Damage caused by water can refer to some health issues that could come your way. If the water has covered something, like your house or a place you are familiar with, this is a good sign. However if you are yourself in the water that caused the damage, this can be a sign of some serious health issues in the near future.

Dreaming of any damage caused by fire means that you have skipped an important step in your spirituality, and your purity and openness have been affected by ordinary issues. Your consciousness has suffered tremendously and you are probably not fully aware of it. Damage by fire also means displeasure. Burned stuff, or any kind of objects damaged by fire in your dream can mean some benefits, earnings or advantages in your waking life. However, if the stuff was completely burned and only ashes were left, this can foretell that something unpleasant will occur in the near future. A dream depicting damage can also foretell that you will be upset by complications in your daily affairs with individuals of the opposite sex. If the dream belongs to a woman, some suffering will strongly cast a shadow over any kind of pleasure you could enjoy. Dreaming of any large scale damage suggests that your life is in chaos. Things do not always go as you may wish. This also could mean that your own choices are self-destructive.

You could also dream about moral and physical damage. In your dream something could have depressed you strongly and you are under the waters. This also refers to some type of aggression in your waking life that strongly affects your psyche without you being completely aware of it. Whatever the aggression is, the dream is trying to capture your attention because the damage to your soul can be serious and can last a long time. You should probably examine your waking life for small details that affect your soul deeply and make some changes on the matter.

Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream:

Worry. Uncomfortable. Reserved. Quiet. Bored. Tired. Reclusive. Uninterested.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012