Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

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Pubic hair is the hair that grows under your armpits as well as around your genitals.

Having a dream about pubic hair is a sign that you are holding back. Most of the time, anything that is taboo or unspeakable, in a dream, is a sign that you are holding yourself to a certain standard in your waking world which is likely to be unachievable. Pubic hair can also indicate sexual feelings in general or towards a specific person. Hair in a dream usually will represent the way you see yourself. In the case of pubic hair, being that not a lot of people are going to see this hair can indicate how you internally perceive yourself or how you feel deep down. It doesn’t have to always correspond with how you put yourself out in the world. Often there will be a conflict internally about how you feel you are presenting yourself and how others perceive you. I have put down lots different scenarios of pubic hair - that can be played out in your dream state. I'm Flo, welcome to my website and please scroll down in order to find your dream interpretation.

What is the general dream meaning of pubic hair? 

When you have a dream about your own pubic hair there can be many different meanings. In the case where you have a lot of pubic hair and it is showing outside of your clothing, this indicates holding back secrets and that you are likely going to get caught. These dreams can indicate cheating (sexually or otherwise) or being untruthful in some regard. Most of the time excess of pubic hair will indicate doing something distrusting in a relationship and indicates that you need to be more honest in your dealings where relationships are involved. Having little or no pubic hair is indicative of feeling like you are not being trusted or protected. These kinds of dreams essentially are indications from your psyche about being unprotected to the point where you feel vulnerable. This isn’t always a bad thing, especially in relationships. This can indicate that you are feeling open in a relationship that is lacking boundaries and it is likely a good time to declare yourself to your partner. Oh, and I must not forget! If you see yourself plucking out the pubic hair of any kind then this can mean freedom but there will be a completely new start.

What does pubic hair removal mean in a dream?

Removing pubic hair from the body in a dream indicates you are excessively worried about a problem in waking life. Perhaps you have been fearful of a situation or circumstance that you are currently experiencing? Remember, hair on the body is an association with your own inner protection. Removing your pubic hair indicates that you are being made to feel vulnerable and exposed. If you are waxing away your pubic hair then you need to stop worrying too much about long-term problems. They will sort themselves out in the end, if you dream of applying hair cream on your pubic hair then this can indicate you are being given a second chance in life, the cream itself indicates a soothing nature that we feel inside. If you dream that you visit a beauty salon - in order to have your pubic hair removed. Then this dream can imply that no matter what happens things will work out in the end!

What does waxing pubic hair mean in a dream?

Vagina Waxing such as a Brazilian wax, bikini wax Implies that you are going to change the decision in life. The wax itself is associated with removing a problem. If the wax, razor or shaving cream causes you damage during the dream then this can be a reflection of how you are perceiving other people with life. To see male genital waxing featured in a dream can indicate adapting,  Giving to others, transformation and also suggestibility. There will be a period of time where you need to sit back and relax and just watch things play out. If you are a man and you dream of shaving or removing a woman’s pubic hair generally this can indicate good health in waking life.

What does underarm pubic hair dream?

This is a very interesting dream. Underarm hair in a dream is a representation of hiding away your thoughts, lust, love, change and finally transformation. Underarm public hair is often hidden under the arms so you don’t see it! Therefore there is a situation that you are hiding. Why are you hiding this? Underarm hair can also imply that you are protected not only by yourself but also by your spirit guides. Due to the placement of the underarm in the dream state it can indicate that you will need protection but only of a mild kind. If you dream of shaving or removing your underarm hair it can suggest that you will encounter some rather difficult times in future. The advice I give is to not worry. 

What is the spiritual meaning of removing pubic hair? 

Shaving or waxing has been extremely popular in modern times, in fact, a friend of mine worked in the gynecology department in a hospital and said that most women have removed their pubic hair. Oh... and pubic crabs have fallen significantly! I found this extremely interesting, especially when writing this dream meaning. So what is a spiritual meaning of pubic hair? Hair is considered a gift from the gods and spiritually our hair (wherever on our bodies) can create our life force. When you shave away your pubic hair this can indicate that you may not have so much energy for creativity like you did when you had hairy genitalia. Controlling the hair by grooming, cutting and trimming trying to gain social control by being submissive. Removal of pubic hair itself indicates the expression of sexual maturity and in a spiritual context is connected to control in life. The spiritual meaning of pubic hair that to dream of this being removed or shaved indicates that you are trying to control the way that you are perceived in society.

Seeing another’s pubic hair in a dream indicates distrust of others – consider ways in which you are suspicious of those around you in your life. Usually, your first instinct is the right one. If you see the pubic hair of a specific person then there is something you are missing from them and they are likely lying to you or taking advantage of you in some way. If you cleanse or trim your own pubic hair in a dream then this is a sign of confidence being directed outwards in your waking life. This is a time where growth is possible and there is a potential for a solid ground in a relationship. Discuss your feelings with your partner at this time and see benefits or rewards in your relationship. It is also a very good sign for starting a relationship.

  • Shaved or cleaned your own pubic hair = good luck will be with you.
  • Gotten your pubic hair waxed = clearing away the old to make way for new times in life.
  • Had a huge growth of pubic hair = something is holding you back in life.
  • Had your pubic grow beyond your clothing = you cannot hide behind a veil.
  • Shaved someone else’s pubic hair = you are trying to move forward.
  • Noticed another’s pubic hair = companionship.
  • Had a guttural reaction to pubic hair = removing roadblocks.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Opening up in a relationship. Allowing yourself to be closer to another person or declaring your feelings for them. Hiding from others. Someone lying to you or being dishonest. Being correct in not trusting someone. 

Positive changes are afoot if: 

Your own pubic hair is pleasing to you. Your pubic hair is neat and tidy.  

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of pubic hair: 

Ugly. Gross. Dirty. Shocked. Bare. Naked. Pretty. Cared For. Presentable. Comfortable.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012