Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb

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An atomic bomb is very dangerous and causes mass destruction.

Dreaming of an atomic bomb denotes that you are anxious about political forces. This dream occurs when you have a fear for the future. The stability of the nation and all that is in the external world may be at stake in your dream this can be rather worrying and even considered a nightmare. An atomic bomb can indicate the end of a certain area of the world in your dream. How does this translate to the waking world? You could be undertaking a new start in life. This could be finishing college, school; end of a marriage or a new job. This dream appears when there is something which is threatening your future. It is connected to how we renew our lives with different experiences.

It could be a new career. Maybe you feel you have have been valued but it is time to move forward in life? The change is destructive in you and it leaves you feeling drained of energy and helpless. In a symbolic sense, the atomic bomb dream relates to the death or end of something which you have been associated with your life. Are you dearly holding onto something that has gone? It refers to an event in your life which has challenged you. It is only natural that this dream is negative. When one has such a dream there may be a dramatic change of views, events, or feelings, which brings with it loss of control or helplessness

Detailed dream interpretation:

A dream where you see the Pacific war denotes that there is a power struggle in your life which is making it impossible for you to be organized and plan out what you want from life. Something has happened which has automatically changed your point of view in life. It could be the death of a relative, being fired from a job, a breakup with someone you love so dearly, an embarrassment. It symbolizes the potential or expectation for a dramatic change that has happened and devastated you emotionally.

When you dream about a possible atomic bomb in the future, it suggests that you might be going through a tough situation. it might be that you have learned of a relative suffering from an illness or a job loss. It is associated with something causing you to think of life in general. If you see a target for an atomic bomb in your dream, it denotes a situation where you find yourself faced with a situation which leaves hurt. To the extent that trust will be challenged, for example, a situation where you find out that, someone you have been planning to marry withdrawals at the last minute.

When you see world war three start in your dream it represents your own inner worries in life. If you see an atomic bomb explode, and it gives out radioactivity this is an indication of sickness which will be brought about through not being able to deal with negative and destructive feelings that you have hidden deep inside you.

In this dream:

You dreamed of the Pacific war. You dream of a possible atomic bomb in the future. You see a target for an atomic bomb. You see world war three. An atomic bomb exploded.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Anger. Good. Hurt. Distressed. Heartbroken.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2017