Dreams About Apes


Dreams About Apes

Llet me start by saying that we still don’t really know that much about apes. Of course, there has been so many studies on the mental capacities of animals, especially in Africa and how we as “humans” are quite similar. Charles Darwin wrote a fantastic book called “The expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.” this book examined how our thinking is similar to animals, but this was normally just based on the outputs such as the animals food or environment. Consider your dream for a moment, what you see in your sleep can mirror your neutrons and nerve sells of animals but even the human brain.

Is the dream of apes good or bad?

It is my view that we can turn to the symbol of the ape in order to understand and process our own social standing, mapping the characteristics of the ape to those around us. In order to understand if the dream is good or bad let me first consider some of the scientific studies. I recall reading about a study conducted by Drs. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey who both studied chimpanzees and gorillas in their natural habitats in the 1960s. According to the study, chimpanzees use tools for food acquisition, display complex social behavior, and are able to adapt to their environment, much like us really.

An extensive study was also conducted by Drs. Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal who both looked at the behavioral responses of primates when awarded or rewarded. It was found, from the results that in certain circumstances, apes display empathy, compassion, and generosity similar to those in humans. As well as having a primitive form of culture and language, apes can communicate among themselves. It is possible for apes to recognize themselves in mirrors and to perform mental tasks such as sorting and counting objects.

As a result of all of this research, we have gained a better understanding of ape behavior and how it differs from human behavior. It is now known that apes are capable of complex emotions, empathy, learning, and problem-solving. Thus, society has increasingly accepted them as intelligent animals worthy of respect, and are like us. The reason I mention these scientific studies is that I think that ape dreams are good: they represent courage, wisdom, and resilience.

It is also possible that you dream of an ape as a metaphor for a situation or person in your life. Someone around you may feel powerful, intimidating, and this person is difficult to control. Taking care of children and running to the store are just some of the things that can make up our days. Seeing an ape in the wild in your dream can suggest that you could be exposed to outdated paradigms --  struggling with the boring bits of life. This dream could also be about running your own business --- that you need more people to help you. Remember, we are not meant to be solo creatures. We want to be loved and seen by someone who understands and can support us, just like Apes do.

What is the spiritual message of dreaming of apes?

Love and support are what make us thrive. When we are loved and supported, we thrive. We are most happy when we are surrounded by passionate, practical, and emotional supporters of our cause. A friendly and gentle ape may also indicate kindness and compassion. In your life, they may symbolize a need to express control or confront irrational behavior. They may symbolize a struggle for power or a need to understand a certain dynamic represented by apes. The meaning of an ape in a dream depends on how you interact with it and how hostile it appears. It can also be an indication that you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Dreams can be interpreted in different ways depending on whether they are friendly, comical, or fearful.

Let me explain further, an ape in a dream could be a “symbol” of overcoming difficulties. Especially if you dreamt that you were fighting an ape. This may indicate a struggle for power or control in your own life. You might also take back your authority by standing up for yourself, rather than allowing someone else to dictate how things should be done. Perhaps you should also consider whether your behavior might be contributing to the conflict.To dream that you are an ape can I feel at times means that you need to take charge of your own life and better manage any influence or people’s dynamics could be at play.  ​

As I am sure you are aware by now I like to use metaphors.  Therefore, if you did indeed dream that you were befriending an ape, this naturally suggests feelings of empathy, kindness, and understanding. Possibly even thinking about reconnecting with your inner child and expressing more joy and being somewhat “playful” in life. It could be a sign that it's time to respect yourself and other people. Overall, the dream may be guiding you towards cultivating a healthier relationship with yourself, as well as others.  ​

What does it mean to see an ape in your dream?

Let me share with you that the meaning of an ape in a dream depends on how it appears and how you interact with the ape. Let me quickly look at the characteristics of the ape, in addition to the studies I mentioned above. There are a variety of fascinating behaviors displayed by apes, which are intelligent, social creatures. Faces, vocalizations, and body language are used to communicate between them. Also, apes exhibit empathy, problem-solving skills, and innovative behavior. Apes in the wild have taught scientists several important lessons about life that can also be applied to humans.

Among the many lessons apes can teach us is the importance of cooperation and communal living. It is common for apes to form large social groups where they depend on one another for protection, food, shelter, and companionship. In order to survive and thrive, we must work together, that is the lesson in life.

It is also worth noting that apes also demonstrate the power of learning from one another. Apes in the wild observe each other and imitate certain behaviors in order to find food or avoid danger. I also feel that the lesson is that you can learn how to navigate different situations by paying attention to those around us. Think about this: the apes behavior also teaches us about the importance of emotional regulation. It has been observed that apes are capable of expressing a wide range of emotions, including calming one another when distressed or fearful. Our emotional power can be understood by understanding self-control.

Besides physical activity, apes also exhibit an interest in exploration and physical activity. As they explore their environment and play together in the wild, apes are constantly on the move. Living a healthy and fulfilling life requires staying active and engaged.

Taking all that I've mentioned above into account, it appears that ape behavior can teach us valuable lessons about life that can be applied to our own daily lives. By understanding the characteristics of apes we can gain insight into how Based on what I have mentioned above, ape behavior can teach us valuable lessons about life that can be applied to make things better. People who dream of apes are usually great friends, good people to be around due to the social factors. It is important to keep in mind that dreaming of apes can have different meanings, depending on your dream state.

Did you dream of an ape or gorilla - how to tell the difference?

There is a primary difference between apes and gorillas in that apes are more closely related to humans, whereas gorillas are more closely related to other primates. There is also a difference in size between the two animals - gorillas are much larger than most apes. Compared to other primates, gorillas have thick fur and large hands and feet, while some apes have little or no fur. An ape is known for its social interactions and group activities, while a gorilla is more solitary. There are several species of apes throughout the world, but gorillas only live in the wild in Africa. It is hard to know which one you dreamed of, but remember that the core meaning of both are normally the same.

What does it mean to dream of a group of apes?

It is my belief that the “group” of apes in a dream represent those around you. When you see a group of apes in your dream, it represents the love you have for others --- especially your circle of friends. Choosing loyal friends is always a good choice. Your friends are strong, the center of attention, and humanitarians. It's important to you to help other people together and create a better society and environment. You dreamed of a group of apes because you are proud of your friends.

What does it mean to see apes climbing trees in your dream?

A dream about apes climbing trees can often symbolize one's personal growth and development. Your life is entering a new phase or you are embarking on an exciting journey of self-discovery. You should pay attention to your innermost thoughts and feelings so that you can better understand yourself and reach your full potential as a result of the presence of the ape. You may also be dreaming about your relationships with other people and how they are affecting your life right now. Dreaming of apes climbing trees could serve as a reminder to take time for yourself and listen to what others have to say in order to get closer.

What does it mean to be  surrounded by apes in your dream?

If apes were everywhere around you in your dream, it denotes your fear to be left alone. Being alone can be challenging. Taking care of yourself and finding activities to fill your time is one of the best ways to cope. Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, talking to a therapist if necessary, and engaging in activities that make you happy. Get to know your friends, family, and people who support and accept you. Keep busy and connected to something meaningful by taking up a hobby or interest such as painting, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, or sports. Get involved in your community by volunteering or joining a club or group.

I always like to think that we as humans feel more connected and less isolated by spending time with others. Let yourself know that loneliness is natural, and it will pass eventually. Accept your feelings and be kind to yourself. Make a conscious effort to recognize what aspects of being alone you can control, and make positive changes in those areas. The dream of the apes surrounding you --  indicates that you can take steps to create the life that you desire. With a little effort and self-compassion, you can find ways to make the most of your alone time. The lesson here, from this dream is that being alone can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable, it can also be an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. The dream is telling you to take advantage of the quiet moments in life to reflect on your emotions and listen to yourself.

What does it mean to dream of living  with apes in your dream?

Living with apes in your dream signifies your wish to enter a circle of new friends. Maybe you have been watching friends for a long time and you want to be a part of “other people’s” company.  The concept of humans living with apes is unique and fascinating. Books, movies, and even real life situations have explored this concept. Sometimes, it can be a successful endeavor, while in other cases, it may not be ideal. Historically, humans have interacted with primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas in the wild, but formal relationships between the two species are becoming more common. While some people keep apes as pets, others engage in conservation efforts or even conduct scientific studies involving captive primates.

Sometimes, humans and their ape companions form unusually close bonds, almost as if they were family. Despite being heartwarming for some, this can also be difficult and potentially dangerous to maintain. The needs of apes differ greatly from us as people --- since apes are wild animals. In the absence of these needs, a relationship can become strained or even violent.

It is possible for humans to live in harmony with apes, but it requires patience, preparation, and an understanding of the species. It is important to remember that even though apes are intelligent creatures that can form bonds with humans, they still require respect and a suitable environment to live in.  

Living with apes is a unique and rewarding experience, but it is also important to remember that the relationship between humans and primates must be carefully managed in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both species. By keeping these considerations in mind, people can form meaningful and lasting relationships with their ape companions.

What does it mean if apes could talk in your dream?

If the ape could talk in a dream this is normally about learning and listening to knowledge. It can imply that you know a lot of things associated with different topics, however, you feel like you can learn a lot more. I believe personally that people shouldn’t stop learning. 

What does it mean to kill an ape in a dream? 

According to my older dream books, a dead ape signifies victory over enemies and rivals. The people who are blocking  your way to success. I feel this is a dream to keep an eye on others -- but never compete with people --- because you need to know you have it all. Being your best self is what you want. To do that, you must compete with yourself every day, make every day matter. 

What does it mean to dream of being in Southeast Asia or Africa?

I have mentioned above that you might know you are dreaming of an ape if you see yourself in Africa. There is no doubt that Africa has a rich spiritual heritage, with many of its traditional religions centering on the belief that human beings are intimately connected to the divine. It is well known that Africans believe in spirits and supernatural forces, from animism, which holds that all natural things possess a spirit, or life-force, to ancestor and also worship. The continent also has new religious ideas introduced to it by Christianity and Islam, in addition to traditional spiritual beliefs. Seeing yourself in Africa with apes could indicate that you need to commune with the divine. Several African cultures view a single god as the source of all creation and life; others worship a pantheon of deities with unique powers. 

In some parts of Africa, traditional beliefs still play a major role but dreaming of visiting Africa can indicate you need to focus on ancient spiritual traditions that will bring meaning and purpose into your life.

What does it mean to be attacked or chased by an ape in your dream?

It signifies betrayal. You will betray your friends or they will betray you. Either way, it’s a negative thing. However, don’t worry because you will overcome the loss very fast.

Older 1930s Dream Meanings

You shook an ape’s hand in your dream: It foretells a major career success. You are going to make a deal with someone big and improve your status. It could also suggest that you will make new friends.

You were scared of an ape in your dream: It foreshadows a fear of making new friends. Instead of sticking to your old friends 24/7, give someone new a chance. You maybe surprised by the outcome.

You were an ape in your dream: It can suggest to your wish to become a better person. If you are in a group of apes older dream books state that you should not let down your friends again unless something has a negative effect on you and your life. You are your own best friend after all.

In your dream I have covered:

  • You could see a group of apes in the dream.
  • A small ape was climbing a tree in your dream.
  • Apes were everywhere around you in your dream.
  • You lived with the apes in your dream.
  • Apes could talk in your dream.
  • An ape passed away in your dream.
  • You visited Africa or Southeast Asia to look for apes in your dream.
  • You saw a big ape climbing a tree.
  • Two apes were having sex in your dream.
  • You were attacked or chased by an ape in your dream.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Apes

Warmth. Happiness. Acceptation. Loved. Joy. Trust. Anticipation. Friendship. Amazed. Surprised.

By Flo Saul
Jan 16, 2023