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When you say toothless, it’s lacking teeth or sharpness, which may mean a lot of things for different people or may not mean anything at all.

But when you start dreaming becoming toothless or teeth falling out, what does it mean? Is it negative or positive? And how do you react to it?

Dreams concerning toothless

  • Dreaming about being toothless.
  • Teeth falling out.
  • Spitting out teeth.
  • Tooth/Teeth being pulled out.
  • Seeing others toothless.

Quick interpretation of dreams concerning toothless

  • Fear of becoming ugly or unattractive.
  • Losing power.
  • Afraid of growing old.
  • Being pulled into something you don’t like.
  • Someone is trying to pull you down.

Detailed Interpretation on dreams about toothless

Dreaming of becoming toothless is commonly connected with the fear of growing old, because when you grow old you are likely to lose teeth. We sometimes dream of a feeling which is suppressed deep within us. We may seem to accept the fact that we are growing old, but deep within we fear to grow old, maybe because we fear of being alone, losing hair or even dying. And if this is the case, then try asking yourself why? And let go of that fear, face the reality of aging. Everybody grows old and there’s nothing to fear.

Dreaming of becoming toothless is also associated with the fear of becoming unattractive. They say that beauty is measure through someone’s smile. Because even if you are not physically that attractive, when you smile sincerely, you become beautiful. Losing your teeth, means you would be losing a beautiful smile. The next day when you wake up, you check your teeth because you may not be able to face the world without teeth. One smile certainly makes a difference and if you lose a tooth or two, it certainly is awkward to smile, thus, the fear of becoming unattractive. So are you afraid to become unattractive? Or are you insecure of others beauty? Always bear in mind, that beauty is not just about physical looks, what’s important is what you are inside.

Another interpretation would be losing power. When you lose a tooth, even just have a toothache, you lose the power to chew your food properly. Thus, dreaming of teeth falling out may actually mean you are losing power or is on an unstable ground, may also be unsettled on a current situation. When you wake up, try to check your situation at work or at home. Is everything okay? Can you still control the things around you? Try to focus and get hold of the things around you, that would surely solve your problem.

When dreaming of toothless, there is also a dream where you’re teeth are being pulled out. It may mean that you are being pulled or forced into doing something you don’t like. It may also mean that you are being pulled into a place or situation that you don’t like or is not ready to face. So better beware, learn to say no and access your situation.

Seeing others toothless may mean very negative as other people may be trying to pull you down or shame your name. These people may be your enemies, rivals or people who are insecure of you. So when dreaming of seeing others toothless beware and know who your real friends are.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of toothless

Fear, worry, pain, confused.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013