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Baggage Scanner dream meanings

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A baggage scanner is used for security, to check luggage for dangerous items, in dreams it is connected to identity.

Airport security has always been a hot topic. It started back in 1972 where hijackers on an airline Southern Airways planned to blow up the plane. When we travel we always have a fear that something adverse may happen. There have been many events in the news which has made us more security conscious. Airport security has now reached new levels. In essence, it is a way to protect the plane from any accidental or purposeful harm.

When we look at the airport there are all different types of scanners. There is a baggage scanner and also the millimeter wave scanner which looks at our whole body as we walk through the x-ray machine.

In your dream you may have checked in to the airport and seen the handling agent and undertaken the many different steps required in order to get onto your airplane, then this dream is connected to your hidden identity. Generally, baggage scanners normally seen as moving the belt in the dream. If there is anything dangerous items in your baggage such as a pair of scissors, knife, gun or anything else that causes issues and problems getting through security then this indicates that you will be struggling with your identity going forward

If a baggage scanner is seen in a dream, it implies that your identity as a person is under question and thus, you lack privacy in your life. You feel exposed to everyone.

In the dream

  • Your baggage is being scanned.
  • There is something found in your baggage that is not yours.
  • Drugs are found in your luggage.
  • You cannot find your luggage after it has been scanned.
  • A familiar person’s baggage is being scanned.
  • A strange person’s baggage is being scanned.

Detailed dream interpretation

The baggage scanner featured in the dream is associated with your own identity in life.

To get trapped in the baggage scanner could be quite a disturbing dream. Try not to leave any decisions to chance. As we have already concluded the baggage scanning is associated with our own identity. If you see yourself placing your items in the tub box ready to be scanned and this indicates that you feel your identity is being taken away from you. To see someone dangerous stopped by airport security suggests a possible difficulties in life.

If the baggage scanner is broken this is a suggestion that difficulties will soon arise. To see yourself presenting your baggage to be scanned, it implies that you have a feeling your friends and family have betrayed your trust in them. They have exposed the secrets you entrusted with them and now it seems like everyone knows about them. The best you can do is, approach them and ask them to give an explanation as to why they had to expose you like that. Be patient and listen to their explanations; if you are satisfied, forgive them and move on but think twice before entrusting your innermost secrets with them again. To walk-through metal detector in an airport in the dream state indicates that there is a need for new confidants whom you can entrust your secrets with.

A situation where you see a family member presenting their baggage for scanning suggests that a relative or a friend feels that, you have betrayed their trust in you and are annoyed with you. Approach them and ask for forgiveness. It will be very hard for you to win their trust.

If in your dream, you see a stranger presenting their baggage for scanning, it denotes that you are trustworthy. Friends, family, and strangers will approach you for help because they know, with you, their secrets are safe. Help without reservation and you will be blessed abundantly.

Feelings associated with your dream

Blessings, problematic, forgiving, exposed, secretive, angry

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017