decking dream meaning

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Dreaming of decking means mutual sympathy and warmth. Decking is a positive symbol in dreams.

We can find decking in our gardens, on piers or in many places around the world. The meaning from a dream perspective is associated with wood.

In terms of the interpretation, it foretells agreeable surprises, or it reflects a pleasant feeling or experience in your life. It is also a positive sign for having excellent communication attributes. A dream about cleaning decking is an even a better omen, as it foretells future happiness.

To dream of decking in your garden indicates that you are trying to remain in control of your life. It is a steady symbol of excellent skills in dealing with daily issues. It can also refer to the fact that, emotionally speaking, you want to communicate your concerns about an important relationship. However this may not be the best course of action. To paint the decking in one's dream is a symbol of change. If your dream features a garden with a decking, this indicates positive alliances in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen wooden decking
  • Seen decking in a garden.
  • Been sweeping a decking.
  • Encountered cement decking.
  • Been washing a decking.
  • Seen a patterned decking
  • Wiped the decking.
  • Seen marble decking.
  • Seen a decking with flowers.
  • Seen a decking overseeing the sea.
  • Decked something decoratively.
  • Decked a person violently.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You wiped down the decking in the dream.
  • The dream was a positive experience.
  • The dream involved decking in a garden.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you are polishing the decking you will encounter unexpected delights. Sweeping the decking suggests that you have a good and serious way of thinking, and that you are intelligent. It foretells a pleasant visit and an enjoyable trip in the future. Washing a large area of decking in your dream is a sign of a possibly insignificant disappointment. Wiping the decking suggests that you have a clear mind and you are unperturbed by problems. If you dream that you are building a decking in your garden is a prediction of excellent business results. A clean wood decking floor means that you are patiently waiting the arrival of a stranger. A dirty decking floor means you will retrieve some money. A patterned decking floor suggests that you are sensitive and susceptible to influence.

If you see in the dream wooden decking, it means that you like somebody in a romantic way. A wooden deck shows that you are a soft individual with a pleasant attitude. If the decking is made of cement, it foretells difficult times ahead, and it shows that you are a powerful person, a leader. A marble decking means that you are delicate and sensitive person. Decking on a boat suggests happy times in the future.

If you dream of laying down on a decking, then somebody close to you will help you through a tough time. If in your dream you are laying down with loved ones on decking, it means your family will enjoy harmony and peaceful times for quite a while.

A decking full of flowers represents romantic moments, fragility, sensitivity, creativity, simplicity, hope, innocence and contentment. If the flowers on the decking are fading away, this refers to your power to adapt. If the flowers are in pots placed on the deck, this means you need to take better care of yourself, especially your body and your health, because you do not appreciate yourself enough.

A decking over the sea represents a trip to a faraway destination. If the sea is calm you will gain a trustworthy friend, and your life with your partner will be a happy one. If the sea is tumultuous, it means you will receive some news soon. If in your dream you are standing on the decking and you see palm trees, it means you have hope for success in your love life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of decking

Happy. Confident. Proud. Rested. Patient. Content. Hopeful.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012