Someone's Feces

Someone's Feces

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

When you have a dream about someone’s feces, it means that you have borrowed some money from the person.

This dream also means carrying someone’s favor for a long period of time for them to come for their favor.

In most cases, the dream about feces usually symbolizes money. When you have a dream that someone is having a diarrhea in public then this can mean that the person may be ensnared with a scandal that involves a given amount of money.

This may cause him an embarrassment to the public when the scandal gets all over the place. When you have a dream that you are cleaning your own feces then this shows the earnings and the money that you will be able to make in your life. It shows that you will be rich with a lot of money.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen that you have fallen into the toilet that is full of feces and you feel very awkward and terrible as you remove the feces from your body. This dream can mean that you may find yourself in prison because of something that you did not do and you end up struggling so much to get out of that pit.
  • Seen that someone is excreting in some bushes and then he ends up covering his feces with some dust or feathers. This means that the person may be having some money that they are hiding somewhere and they do not want anyone to know about it.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You have a dream that someone is excreting and leaving their feces in an unknown place. This means that whatever they do may not be acknowledged by anyone at all and they may end up not receiving any reward for their deeds.
  • You have a dream that someone had left the feces somewhere that you are unable to see it but you can feel the bad smell of the feces. This means that you are overdoing the duty that you are expected to do. This kind of dream can also mean that the person is having a miscarriage if she is a pregnant woman.

Detailed dream interpretation

Having a dream about feces can also mean honey or something very sweet that you are enjoying in your life.

When you have a dream that you are excreting feces in bed, then this kind of dreams means that you may be contemplating about divorcing your wife and you actually want to divorce her. If someone has defecated in their pants in your dream then this means that they may be very humiliated.

It can also indicate that the person may have fallen into some deep sins and has not actually repented or changed their ways or the person is fond of having very despising expressions in their talks.

Having a dream about feces also symbolizes some hidden secrets in somebody’s life. It can also mean that you are recovering from a given kind of illness, bad thoughts or even a fight. Having such a dream can also symbolize temptations of trusts, traveling or even whispering of the mind.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of someone’s feces

Awkward, sad, irritation, tired, awful.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013