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Needle dreams are commonly warnings for your life that represent dangers or overextending yourself.

When you have needle dreams there is a caution from your psyche that changes in your life are afoot. These dreams can also indicate that you need to get motivated or a chance may pass you by. Needles are sharp objects that serve a purpose to motivate you into action. Whether you are searching for a needle or poked by a needle, both dreams will indicate a need for focus and motivation in your life. Often when you have dreams that a needle pokes you it is a sign that you are not taking care of yourself or your family and you need to be prodded into action.


In this dream you may have...

  • Been poked or pricked by a needle.
  • Found a needle.
  • Broke a needle.
  • Needed a needle.
  • Threaded a needle.
  • Sat on a needle.
  • Found a pincushion with many needles in it .
  • Searched for a needle.
  • Walked on needles.
  • Swallowed a needle.
  • Poked someone else with a needle.
  • Popped something (like a balloon) with a needle.
  • Placed a spell with a needle.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Found a needle.

Detailed dream meaning...

The needle is also often seen as a phallic item and the instrument in a dream is sometimes indicative of sexual dysfunction. You can have dreams of needles if you are not being satisfied in the bedroom or when you are wanting closeness with a partner. Dropping a needle will indicate issues within a relationship, hostility, or bickering between a couple.

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Breaking a needle, searching for a needle for the purpose of sewing, or seeing a pin cushion with many needles in it indicates needless worry. The energy put into your dream with a needle should be taken as a nudging from your psyche and is not something that you should be very worried about. Rather, there are still changes which can be made if you take action. Consider ways in which you are wasting your time with worry where you could be putting yourself in action to find a solution instead.

A needle that is stuck in the skin or coming out of a body part (such as the nose, eyes, or navel)  means that you are having burdens placed upon you. The pressures you are dealing with are too much for you to handle and they are going to cause you pain in some way. You need to work on protecting yourself better and saying no when you cannot do something otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the demands and it will be a detriment to you. If the needle is coming from your eye, it tells you to watch your friends – there is an enemy among them. It the needle is coming from your ear it indicates rumors spreading about you. And if the needle is coming from your mouth or navel it means that you have hurt someone you love and may not know it. To use a needle in a spell means that you must try to think about what you can achieve in life then focus on that goal.

Take heed from needle warnings and realize that there is something you can do about the problems in your life. Take action to overcome your problems. You have the resources and potential to be successful.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...


  • Worrying about a friend or loved one
  • Facing problems in a relationship
  • Feeling very overwhelmed
  • Having too much on your plate
  • Not taking care of your own business

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an aircraft…

Anger. Pain. Loss. Shock. Sadness. Confusion. Frustration. Shame. Fear. Agony. Discomfort. Redundant.

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