Pumpkin Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about a pumpkin is a sign that can imply that you may have some health issues. Pumpkin in Hebrew is known as “kishuin” which means difficulty. To dream of damaging or eating pumpkin can mean that difficulties will be broken and will disappear in life. From my research, the dream of pumpkins indicates your own health but you may have some difficulties that you do not expect. 

Pumpkins are also connected to the nursery tale of Cinderella in which a which turns the pumpkin into a carriage. It can mean that you will have an opportunity with a time limit.  I had a pumpkin dream the other day and it was really interesting. In my pumpkin dream, I was feeling rather ill and the fruit and plants in the dream were dying. When I reached a large mountain, I looked down to see many wonderful pumpkins. In fact, there were acres of them. 

Pumpkins in the western dream lore are associated with happiness and that you will be healthy. Pumpkins in the Asian tradition are associated with health, wealth and prosperity. The pumpkins in dreams are messages to help us in daily life and overcome any problems emotionally. 

Why did you dream of a pumpkin?

Although we all dream, no one has ever explained why. People have always been fascinated with their dreams and believe they contain meaningful messages. They are not likely to be unimportant by-day to day activities as some have suggested. People who are intentionally privy to dreaming of pumpkins may soon become irritable and have trouble concentrating according to folklore and spiritual dream meanings. Then they will start to dream more often and catch up with their dreams. The Egyptians were keen to understand the dream process - and would even write their own dreams on papyrus. People used to believe that dreams were messages from the gods. They would 'incubate their dreams' by sleeping in special to their own temples such as the one at Memphis.

This indicates that dreams are essential to our existence in some way. But why? What is it about the pumpkin? As I have already outlined above it may be because there is something about the fruits of labour. The work that you need to put into something in waking life. 

What does it mean to dream about Halloween pumpkins?

The Celtic people many thousand years ago use to worry about the evening of the 31st more than any other day. This was the day evil spirits were walking the world. This was known as Samhain which was a harvest festival and known as the day of the dead. During Halloween, we get pumpkin fever and in the pie baking season we can see who can eat the most. The orange of jack-o-lantern can appear in a dream. Freud believed that we sometimes took what was projected in the day and this moved into our dreams at night. Therefore, to have a dream about pumpkins during October could just be the fact that you are seeing many of them!

What does it mean to dream about a very large pumpkin?

This dream is interesting because as I said before pumpkins represent one’s health, it can mean that you are going to concentrate and focus on nutrition and “making yourself feel a lot healthier” In addition, the image of a large pumpkin is associated with prosperity and can suggest that you're going to think about purchasing items that will be very important to you.

What does it mean to dream about a pumpkin field?

To dream of a pumpkin field or the landscape can indicate that you were harvesting areas of your life. It could be that you are looking to grow and expand a project or goal. To see small pumpkins in a dream, relate to the fact that you are feeling somewhat unloved at the moment.

What does it mean to dream about a pumpkin that is a different colour?

A traditional orange pumpkin in a dream is a positive omen. To dream of different coloured pumpkins illustrates do you are looking for a reward just of some description. To see black pumpkins can suggest that something is hidden and that you need to uncover your own goals and objectives in life. Dreaming of a green pumpkin can indicate that you are still looking at moving the project forward but you are unable to do so due to delay. A yellow pumpkin indicates happiness and contentment will soon be yours. A red pumpkin in a dream illustrates the passion and love of somebody close to you. 

A blue pumpkin illustrates coldness and also the fact that you were withdrawing yourself from the world. A brown pumpkin in a dream is connected to the earth. Brown in dreams is indicated of grounding and the fact that we need to spiritually balance our self. Dreaming of pink pumpkins indicates a female will seek advice. To dream of a white pumpkin can suggest that you will be looking for peace in the world.

What does it mean to dream of eating a pumpkin?

Dreams about eating pumpkins are quite popular in the season of Halloween (October). We naturally make many different food dishes with pumpkins that we use after carving. If you dream of eating pumpkin soup it can indicate that you are looking to warm up your soul. This could be through some event or pursue moment of sports alternatively you are looking to expand your brain via increasing your mental knowledge. Dreaming of cooking or eating pumpkin pie indicates that you are going to have some social invitations in the near future.

Dream about a ripened pumpkin

To see a pumpkin that is ripe illustrates that you are going to succeed where others have failed. If the pumpkin is orange then this means that you are going to have prosperity and profit in the future.

What does it mean to dream about rotten pumpkins? 

To see a pumpkin that is rotten can illustrate that you are going to struggle financially. Not only that, there might be health concerns as well because as I said earlier on in the dream interpretation pumpkin can also indicate wealth and prosperity. 

What does it mean to dream about pumpkin seeds?

Seeing or using pumpkin seeds in a dream can illustrate that you have an idea about a project. It can imply “planting the seed” in life. Pumpkin seeds also show up when our thoughts begin to transform. This dream can mean that things are stable and you have devoted family and friends. 

What does Jack o lantern dream mean?

To see ghostly faces carved into the pumpkin in a dream illustrates that others are going to turn to you for advice. The face in the dream (shape) can indicate the faces of those in the waking world. Maybe they are not going to be as faithful to you.

What does it mean to cut or carve a pumpkin in a dream? 

Have you ever looked at the pumpkin field ready to pick the biggest pumpkin you can?  Each pumpkin from a spiritual perspective represents your blessings waiting to be given. Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds and to carve these out can spiritually mean your own wealth is growing. Carving or cutting a pumpkin in a dream is therefore positive and represents your dreams.

What do Pumpkin leaves or vines in a dream mean? 

Dreaming of pumpkin leaves is associated with a fresh start in life. It can mean that you need to think about the growth of the vine. The vine itself is spiritually connected to friendship and spiritual nutrients. 

Summary of the dream of a pumpkin

For thousands of years, people have been fascinated with their dreams and spiritual healing. Dreams have always been hidden and we have never really known about the true meaning. The dream of a pumpkin is overall positive. It can sometimes mean that difficulties will happen and spiritual energy will be slow but forward-moving. The pumpkin if large, can be associated with a new direction after a period of delay. In many dream books, the pumpkin is connected to Halloween and indicates the beginning of a new phase, and probably a spiritual one. A bit like rising with the fiery phoenix from the cauldron of renewal and rebirth.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2019