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Elevators in dreams

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Elevator dream meanings

Elevator or Lift Dream

Elevators usually move either upwards or downwards which is suggesting you are either on a positive (up) or negative (down) path. If the lift or elevator falls then there is a crisis in your life at the moment.

If the elevator drops suddenly or is not doing what you expected it to do and is unpredictable then this dream indicates that in your work life you are keeping your side of the bargain or contract, but the other person or company is not, and this is creating intense frustration and conflict in your life. If however, you dream of falling in your actual dream then it takes on a new meaning. The falling sensation generally indicates the fear of losing security or a relationship. If you see yourself falling but do not have the sensation then it demonstrates a fear of failure. Most people experience this dream if they are focusing on their career, with a strong indication of wanting security around what they do. If you hit the bottom of the lift or elevator following the sensation of falling in your dream then this indicates that you must believe that life still continues even after a crisis. If the dream involves a feeling of deep concern of other people in the lift or elevator then then this indicates that you are losing out on a relationship. This dream indicates that the relationship will work much better if you can express that knowledge will feelings with this person.

In your dream may be you may have

  • Felt that your stomach hurts as you fall from great heights.
  • You visualize that you are standing still in an elevator or lift which is hanging in the air.
  • You are scared of falling in your dream.
  • You feel out of control and that the elevator is not operating as it should do.
  • You see somebody else who is falling in your dream.
  • You see a glass lift or elevator.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Felt that your stomach hurts as you fall from great heights.
  • You visualize that you are standing still in an elevator or lift which is hanging in the air.
  • You are scared of falling in your dream.
  • You feel out of control and that the elevator is not operating as it should do.
  • You see somebody else who is falling in your dream.
  • You see a glass lift or elevator.You are going upwards.
  • You experience positive feelings during this dream.
  • You feel a sense of achievement by rising up in the world.
  • The elevator slowly reaches the ground or above without any problems.
  • Overall the experience within your dream is positive.
  • You are with a group of people and you enjoy the experiences of new heights.

Time of re-evaluation of life circumstances if

  • You are terrified at the whole experience in the dream.
  • You suddenly awake feeling disturbed at the dream.
  • You’re carrying the feeling of falling and the fear associated with this dream with you in your everyday life following the dream.
  • This is a terrible nightmare which keeps re-occurring.
  • This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:
  • You feel out of control in your life.
  • You are working hard and not being recognized or rewarded.
  • You have recently been promoted at work.
  • You have recently been demoted at work.
  • Are you finding that you are trying to hang on to a situation within your career. To dream of falling in this instance means that there are changes in your work life and you are not forcing these changes and feel powerless.
  • You have found it difficult to express your feelings.
  • To dream of descending may indicate that it's it is time for you to rethink your life.

Detailed meaning

The ancient meaning of this dream is that if you fall and your scared then you are going to undertake some important event which is going to be a great struggle, however it is likely to eventually lead to material possessions. Having dreams which involve being in an elevator or lift is quite common as is featured in the top 100 dreams in which we encounter. This dream is very much connected to feeling anxiety and lack of control. Commonly, these types of dreams occur in females between the ages of 30 and 40. This dream is associated with you trying to accomplish something in your life. This may be connected to your career or alternatively a relationship; in order to find the true meaning of which situation is bothering you it is important to think about what is worrying about in your waking life. A common dream is that you push the button in a lift and you'll actually find yourself on the wrong floor. The actual number of the floor is significant in your dream. If you dreamed of floor six for example then you need to think what representation the number six has in your life. Maybe you need to give a situation six months? Or you need to make a decision which involves consulting six people etc This dream is a sure sign that you are spiritually being grounded. It’s time to come back to reality in life. If the elevator or lift is not working correctly then this shows the emotions you hold have become out of control. As mentioned in the opening paragraph above this dream is popular in regards to your work or career life. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a job? If you do not know what floor you actually want to go to or are confused about how you're going to get out then this indicates that the future is not clear. It is important to step back in a situation and reconsider and evaluate your profession.

The other factor that we need to establish in this dream is that you are likely to try to achieve a new phase of life in connection with work. If you are stuck with no-where to go this shows that you cannot think clearly at the moment. The correct path is to move away from a distressing or critical situation that has presented itself. The actual movement is quite important within the dream. If you dream of moving up and down in the lift in the same dream then this indicates that there are going to be occasions in the near future where you are going approach matters positively and negatively. For example you are striving to get promoted at work that you never seem to get anywhere. It is not clear at the moment how you can change a situation in your life. If you dream that the elevator is moving side to side then this indicates that you are trying to move a situation but you are unable to change anything at the moment. A psychiatrist may interpret this dream as the fact that you have lost some type of blood pressure in your sleep or that you are stressed and tired during the day, if this is an isolated dream then this may be the case. If this is a re-occurring dream then it is important to read and digest the meaning within this interpretation.

If the elevator or lift is taken down slowly then it is generally in relation to the genital area of the body or also to the area of darkness in our lives. Some dream interpreters think that going downwards is not necessarily bad as it may equate with flying and descending towards something greater. Dependent upon the speed of the elevator, if rising up then this demonstrates how swiftly you are likely to move to the position of happiness – if rising. If the elevator goes so high that it pops out of the roof then this shows that you are going to reach great places and a high status. If you visualize a lift or elevator going down and you're not actually inside then this indicates that you are likely to escape some type of disappointment in a project in the near future. To see a lift just standing still with nobody in it and it is empty shows that you have been threatened by some type of danger. If you are trapped or cannot get out of an elevator or lift then this denotes that you are likely to encounter some type of frustration in the future.

The lift or elevator is also connected to and can symbolizes the physical body from a spiritual path. If you enter a lift or elevator then this suggests that there is a deep desire of something better in life. You may feel some difficult personal circumstances if this is connected to descending. Feeling frightened or terrified in your dream means that you are going to face some type of adversity in the future but you are likely to overcome this with ease. If you are injured or die within your dream then this indicates that you are likely to lose many friends. Promotion or alternatively a demotion is highlighted in regards to dreams involving a lift or elevator.

If the elevator is modern then this means that you are taking a much closer approach than is necessary in a project, and you need to take more traditional attitude towards life. If you find yourself on the wrong floor then this dream indicates that you are feeling that things are putting you down and you are finding that you are getting stressed out. If in your dream it is easy to stop the lift or elevator then it is clear that you want to get somewhere in your life but at the moment you are not sure where you want to go. This also suggests there are aspects of yourself which you are disconnected to your waking life. If you escape a lift then this is generally favorable dream is it signifies your rise in the world and close business affairs. If you try and escape and fail you are likely to suffer slander or gossip. To stop these dreams reoccurring it is important to make an adjustment to your long-term plan to evaluate the position in the future.

Dream theorist interpretations…

  • An additional meaning to descending in a lift or elevator is that you are willing to explore your subconscious and your spiritual mind.
  • The common meaning of this dream is that if you are descending it is related to fertility and the birth of a new child.
  • The dream is quite negative however if you are injured or die in the lift or elevator in this instance you're likely to encounter hardships and loss of friendships.
  • You have an unfulfilled sex life at the moment.
  • This dream signifies ups and downs in life.
  • You are being pushed into a situation that you do not want to do.
  • If the elevator is falling downwards then this indicates that you have no real control over your life.
  • If the elevator suddenly stops and you are not harmed and you just walk away this sounds like you are not alone in the way you feel about others.
  • The other meaning of this dream is that it's time to give yourself a break. It is your subconscious which is trying to tell you how in your daily life something has got trapped. This may be a feeling or a person who is trapping you.
  • When you dream that the actual lift is falling this shows that you have lost control over a part of your life.
  • The elevator or lift generally is associated with the problem or part of your life where you have lost control.
  • If this dream is re-occurring then this means that things are not going to be able to resolve the situation quickly and you have been blind to what is important to you in life. It is important that you work towards finding peace in your life.
  • If you are watching others falling helplessly then this dream indicates that there is nothing to do rather than let go of your old life and move forward.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an elevator or lift

Confused. Powerful. Threatened. Shocked. Angry. Concerned. Fearful. Happy. Content. The feeling that things are going to be fine. On your way to new experiences and opportunities. Your heart falls into the pit of your stomach. Worried. Scared. Unsafe. out-of-control. Falling. Troubled. Unhappy. Crazy. Chaos. Strange. Tired. You may have experienced being in a lift or elevator which is either descending or ascending from the ground, this is scary. Alternatively, you may find that the lift or elevator is moving side to side. The elevator may shoot out of the roof. Your dream may also involve somebody lifting you upwards. You may see yourself in an elevator or lift pressing a button to go to a particular floor. The dream may also involve other people with you. You die in a lift or elevator.